Let us now talk about the role of animation in the graphic industry. Indeed, animation has a lot to play in digitizing the world. Designers have developed various 2d and 3d projections systems. With the paramount view to facilitating users to give them an amazing experience. HTML5 canvas element acts as the drawable region for graphics using JavaScript. JavaScript and HTML5 canvas allows you to create such dynamic graphics that make the web page interactive and functional. We call this an animated background wallpaper or moving wallpapers.

The use of the JavaScript HTML5 canvas is simple and easy. As Canvas animated background has been so much popular in recent days, it has a variety of scopes in the graphics world. We can do various work on this basis.

JavaScript HTML5 Canvas Animated Background/Moving Wallpapers Examples

We can construct various things like building graphs, animations, games and many more. They are simply amazing with beautiful effects like an explosion, fires, lasers and so on.

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Some of the examples of the JavaScript HTML5 Canvas animated wallpaper or moving wallpapers are as below:

1. Particle and Node Canvas

Particle and Node Canvas

With the combination of color, position lines and opacity this gives the best html5 animation background. This smooth animation is eye-catching with 3d animation.

The use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is clearly shown in the example. So it will be easy for the user to use this example in their project.


2. Canvas Dots

Canvas Dots

This project has lots of options to choose from. The different type of canvas-based node animation provides a different feel. We can see different animation like snow, bubble, particles, etc.

The explanation of class or elements is available too. Though it is a paid project, it is really applicable.

Download / Demo

3. Random Moving in Canvas

Random Moving in Canvas

With the adjustable height and width including color and much more, this is a flexible canvas. The animation is 3-dimension still quite simple with the concept of nodes connected by lines.

The use of HTML, CSS, and also JavaScript has made possible for the node to connect with each other.


4. Canvas Renderer Gradient Background

CanvasRenderer Gradient Background

This pen is by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson. This canvas gives the zoom effect on the mouse hover. We can see HTML CSS and also JavaScript in the HTML body.

You can integrate this example easily into your project because of clear syntax.


5. Fluid – Interactive Animated Background HTML5

Fluid - Interactive Animated Backgrounds

We have various examples of particle animation in this project. You can choose a different setting as well as update them on the live screen. The documentation of the project is well written.

The guiding line for the user is also given for use in their project.

Download / Demo

6. Particle js

Particle js

This canvas of particle animation is available on Codepen. The random nodes and their connection make it catchy. You can add your own node on a mouse click.

The mesmerizing combination of color, nodes, and connection makes this animation an attractive and smooth. Though a high number of nodes may cause slow performance.


7. FlexBackgroud – HTML5 Animated Background

FlexBackgroud - HTML5 Animated Background

This project of HTML5 canvas animation background is filled with gothic looks but it is customizable. There are 8 examples of this project.

The example consists of birds flying, snowing, raining, etc. The design for this project is based on the flat design. This canvas is all browser compatible.


8. Canvas Particle JavaScript Background Animation

Canvas Particle Animation

This example uses background image below the particles which makes it more interesting. The connection moves and joins in the background. User can add their own node by clicking the mouse.

The use of HTML, CSS and also JavaScrip has made the animation possible. This example is lightweight to integrate into your project.


9. Constellation


With the concept of using Galaxy and stars as your node animation, this animation is a bit different. We can call it as animated wallpaper or moving wallpapers. The connection lines move with the mouse pointer by connecting through nodes.

The HTML and CSS part is simple but JavaScript takes credit for its functionality.


10. Glowing Nodes Canvas

Glowing Nodes Canvas

The simple connecting lines and nodes connection giving three-dimension effect, that looks simple. The element attribute’s values like height, width, color, and sensitivity can be manipulated.

The effect is radial as the particle is seen within some radius of the mouse pointer.


11. Animated Canvas Background Animation

Animated Canvas Background

This is simplest among all. It just has few particles which address neither three dimensions nor moves with a touch. This is also an example of the customizable canvas example.

This animated canvas is only suitable if you are seeking for a simple background instead of a complex look.


12. Canvas Fireworks

Canvas Fireworks

This is the beautiful html5 canvas animation background with lots of customizable option. In this canvas, user can click on the screen and then at that point firework will happen.

The use of the dark background, as well as the colorful firework, makes this animation beautiful. The example is lightweight and smooth so it will not be a problem to use it in your project.


13.Canvas Basic Happy New Year

Canvas Basic Happy New Year

This is another example of firework but this one is automated. There is no interaction with the user still it is amazing. The particles are customizable through the JavaScript.

This example is smooth and clean without any lag in animation. The JavaScript syntax is simple so it is easy to understand.


14. Points Mesh Animation with HTML5 Canvas

Points Mesh Animation with HTML5 Canvas

It has randomly moving points and lines with three-dimensional effects. The codes are flexible also easy to merge. This are well recognized visual motifs quite frequently used by designers.

This fact may be convincing for you. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for its functionality.


15. Canvas Reindeer Experiment

Canvas Reindeer Experiment

This one has a completely different look so it can be your choice if you are bored with lines and node format of animation. It is constantly moving three-dimensional animation with dots.

It is also flexible and user interaction with the change in position on mouse movement. We can JavaScript code available in the example.

Demo/ Code

16.HTML5 Canvas and Javascript Code

HTML5 Canvas and Javascript Code

HTML5 canvas and JavaScript fireworks tutorial is the example of HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. We can see the display of firework on the mouse click over the screen.

The firework is fast and smooth as well as the background color gives an extra edge in looks. It gives you a feeling of an animated background with html5.


17. Falling Confetti

Falling Confetti

This is a beautiful looking example of the canvas. We can say it as animated wallpaper or moving wallpapers. The falling particle, as well as the color of the particle, makes it look amazing.

The particle falls towards the direction of the mouse location until the pointer is on the screen. The code in the example is simple and understandable so, users can add it into their project.


18. Gravity Points

Gravity Points

Gravity points are the canvas example with lots of physics with it. Users can add gravity points on the screen and then we can see particle being attracted to it.

When the small gravity point is near the bigger point it collapses inside the bigger point. This can be fun and interactive for the user. This canvas animation background is insightful.



The animation has helped us through a lot to make web pages more interactive and interesting. Even simple animation can help to make the user experience better. There are lots of animation of different sources as well as types. The function to draw graphics on the web page using canvas element has a big impact on animation done using canvas. We can see different types of animated wallpaper or moving wallpapers because of the canvas. Snowing, raining, particle movements, etc are some examples of HTML5 canvas JavaScript animation.

HTML5 and JavaScript have left the traditional methods of animation, changing the ways of animation that used to be like before. This gives you an additional bonus of not having flash. It is also simple because you do not need to create a complex animation in the animated wallpaper or canvas. You can just go from small elements and integrate them to form the best creations out of it. Thus because of this, you can get the best particle animation and easily lure the eyes of people.

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