JavaScript animation libraries are JavaScript or jQuery plugins for animating web elements. While there are CSS and jQuery animation libraries, JavaScript animations are much more efficient and powerful. jQuery libraries are not meant for complex animations. And CSS animations are limited in functionality. But JavaScript libraries are fast and robust. They are reliable and can perform animations in which the other two are limited. The JavaScript animation libraries modify the JavaScript codes in specified intervals of time to create animations and visuals.

Animation has become an important feature in modern websites. They are used for aesthetics as well as informative purposes.

They increase the interactivity of the website, thus making it more appealing. Animations also provide visual demonstrations and guides that texts fail to provide.

Collection Of Top 7 JavaScript Animation Libraries For Designers

jQuery is mostly used to create simple animations on web pages. The functionality is very limited though.

Pure JavaScript animation libraries, on the other hand, are more complex and can outstand the performance of jQuery and CSS animations combined.


Here are the top 7 JavaScript Animation libraries that we think are worth being listed. They have certain features and functionalities that will help you get the best out of JavaScripting.

1. Velocity


Velocity.js is a feature-rich JavaScript library that provides color animations, scrolling animations, transformations, and more.

It replaces jQuery’s animation functions with its own, thus improving performance. Velocity.js a is a fast, compatible, and powerful JavaScript library.

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2. Anime


Anime.js is a feature-packed JavaScript library that targets CSS selectors, DOM nodes, JavaScript objects and arrays, and more.

It also features SVG animations with motion path, line drawing, and morphing animations.


3. GreenSock


GreenSock is an award-winning JS library for animating HTML5 elements. The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) provides industry-grade animation standards for professionals.

It is highly reliable and efficient. Even, Google recommends it for JavaScript animations.


4. Parallax


The elements designed with parallax.js reacts to the orientation of the device.

It reacts to the gyroscope and mouse cursor depending on the device, creating parallax effects on the elements.

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5. Vivus


Vivus.js allows you to animate SVGs so that they look drawn in real-time. There are different animation types, various timing functions, and a ‘Scenarize’ feature.

This feature allows you to script your own animations.


6. Particles

Particles - JavaScript Animation Libraries

Particle.js is a lightweight JS library for creating particles and particle backgrounds. The particles are highly interactive and responsive. The properties of the particles can be changed depending on your needs.


7. Bounce


Bounce.js is a JavaScript library that creates simple CSS animations. You can edit animations in the Bounce website and export the CSS files to your folder or get a URL for the generated code.



While there are many more JavaScript animation libraries available, these are the ones that stand out. These plugins are versatile; from creating simple button animations to animated backgrounds. The choice of a proper library depends on the use and necessity of a particular feature.

The above-mentioned libraries are diverse. They may be used in the same element, but their features are different.

So, choose the ones that suit your needs and explore more features that each library has to offer.

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