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12 Best jQuery Plugins for Mobile Websites

Mobile or hand-held devices are real popular nowadays. We use smartphones and tablets more than desktops and laptops. With this trend, mobile websites are also getting popular. Websites are getting responsive and easy to use on mobile devices. There are front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap for easily creating mobile first websites. However, there are needs when you might want to add some jQuery to your code. So, you might want to use jQuery plugins to make your task easier. jQuery is a JavaScript library for making your front-end task easier. jQuery is a collection of JavaScript codes that add...

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Top 9 Free Date Picker Plugins for Web Designers

Web designers are required to design and include various components in a webpage. When clients demand some features, web designers need to implement them into the webpage. You could build your own component if you know how to. Or you could use the easily available plugins. This list is about date picker plugins for web designers. There are many times when you require a calendar or date picker in your websites. You could use it for form filling, event logging or just for display. Either way, it is a nice plugin to have in your website. Most plugins are...

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12 Best Free jQuery Calendar Plugins for Web Designers

jQuery is a widely popular JavaScript library. jQuery is widely used because of its simplicity and functionality. Because of this, there are various plugins for jQuery developed by web developers. Among them are the free jQuery calendar plugins. Whether you want to just display a calendar or use it for further purposes such as event logging or date picking, these jQuery calendar plugins can be very helpful. They are designed beautifully and perform calendar tasks well. In today’s world of limited time, everybody needs a constant reminder of their time and events. People need to keep track of their...

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7 Best CSS Gradient Generators

Gradients are simple tools for creating wonderful backgrounds. Gradients have been in use for ages in software and web development fields. We can see gradients almost everywhere from websites to desktop applications. Gradients can be found in menus, buttons, backgrounds, tabs and anywhere where color can be applied. In web and software development, CSS is used to create the wonderful gradients. Now, we have CSS gradient generators for generating CSS gradient codes easily. CSS is the language for styling the user interface of apps and websites. With CSS3, we have new tools for spicing up the front-end. CSS have...

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Background Pattern Animation Code Snippets

The philosophy of design has changed overtime. What used to be known and popular in the early days of design are not known and popular now. In the early days of technology, most things were static, websites, designs and mostly anything. But now, everything has changed. A static background is of the past. We now have background pattern animated that are easily available to us. Everything has animation and transitions now. A few lines of JavaScript code can change the presentation of elements and animations. Backgrounds for websites are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript libraries. With HTML5, CSS3...

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