Having excellent SVG Loader with the combination of CSS loader is something that makes loading time bearable. To make it simple you can just say it as loading spinner. Some of the common loading spinners can be progress bar GIF also known as loading image GIF. For example if you have given your website to do some task and you want status report then you can use progress bar GIF. Loading Spinner are mostly used if your contents take little more time to load then others. You can use PNG such as Loading PNG to make your loading screen have some life to it.

Let’s face it if your contents take more time to load then no one is going to like it. But with the animation such as these it may take some edge off. Just because you have some heavy items on your website must not be the reason why your website loose viewers. Just to help you out we have some amazing SVG loader that you may like to include in your webpage.

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Material Design SVG Animated Loader Examples For Web Designer

Just imagine that you are exploring website for some content and when you find that content all you get is loading screen. Will you like the website even if it has all the content you want. The answer may be no right. So why not avoid this problem by using some of the best loading GIF in the market.

SVG Loader

As you can see in this loader you not only get one option but you get almost nine. Here you can choose what kind of loading PNG suits your website. The use of CSS can make any loading page much better than it was before. Example is before your eyes. As you see there are more than just one loader you can make them as you want it to be.

Demo | Download/GitHub

SVG LOader

SVG Loader Animation

Well if you are make some website with huge contents which may lead to loading time. So how can you make the loading time somehow bearable. Well all you have to do is use some of these loading PNG and you are set to go. Coming from the author Nikhil Krishnan you can see how the simple use of CSS have made the loader much better.

Author: Nikhil Krishnan

SVG Loader Animation

GIF, SVG, APNG Loading Animations

Losing viewers can be a major problem if you contents take too much time to load. Let’s assume if you can make loading PNG look better when they load. Then you can make the loading time much more fun. There are so many choices for you down below. Like you can choose rainbow or simply choose regular loader and add it to your website. These loader are visible when you your content is huge and take time to load. They are all in SVG file which make the work more easier.


GIF, SVG, APNG Loading Animations

Build Your Ajax Loading Icons

In this loader you don’t have to depend upon the developer. All you need to do is select what king of loader you prefer and then choose it to be just as you want it to be. For example you can choose background color, Bar count, size and many more. After you are done with your designs you can simply save it in any format as you want. Here you can save in any format as you like for example you can save your loader in gif, SVG or even PNG format.


Build Your Ajax Loading Icons

Cog Loading Animation

Created by Jamie Coulter this kind of loader is unique and more attractive. As you can see in the demo there are three wheels which are in different colors and have somewhat unique look. These kind of loaders can be used to attract your viewers and make the website look much more attractive as possible. To sum up if you use this loader you can save time and increase your viewers in no time.

Author: Jamie Coulter


CSS3 Loading Animations

Your website may need something new and exciting to keep it on the market. But if you have some contents which has more huge content and take more time to load then what will you do. You can make contents have some amazing loaders as given below. You can choose various loaders such as circle loader or line loader or just some simple line loaders. Developed by Manoz with the help of HTML and CSS this can prove to be worth your time.

Author: Manoz


Glowing Loading Bar

As you can see in the demo their is simple bar which glows as your contents load. If you have some huge content that is loading then this progress Bar GIF will glow and you will know that your content is loading. Some amazing codes which are done with the help of CSS. You can see that there are five bars and each bar glows as your content loads. To sum up this is the perfect way to make loaders in your website.

Author: Nick Pettit



Loaders may be the best way in which you can make waiting time bearable to load the contents. In the loader below you can see that there are dots which represents your loading time. You can see how uniquely the loader has been designed with simple CSS. That is to say that when you make loaders such as these you can make your loading contets much more effective.



Sliding Square Loader View

Sometimes if you are bored using same old loaders and want to try something new then why not try these out. Loader below are like the old game called blocks and have a similar feel to it. When your content is loading you will first see some block and then those blocks being arranged. You can easily arrange your loader with ease and also save time if you decide to use this loader.


Sliding Square

CSS Stairs Loader

Having something unique and amazing loader might be what you might want. For something unique you don’t have to look anywhere else. As you can see how unique its design is. First when it starts to load the bars are at your left and then bars turn towards left. Their is a small ball which climbs the ladder as your content is loading. When you can make these kind of loaders with the help of CSS then what are you waiting for.

Author: Irko Palenius

CSS Stairs

CSS Preloader

CSS is one of the best tool when it comes to creating loaders. As seen below how beautifully the loader has been designed. Firstly some line with different colors show up. Then those line are connected to each other with horizontal line and they come back to their original place. If you think you can use this elegant loader in your website then why not try it now.

Author: Paul

CSS Preloader

DC SVG Loader v.1

When you add something amazing with something simple then you get loaders as these. Firstly you can see that their are two lines which have their own color and those line circle around well circle. Then you can see the text inside the circle loading. To sum up with the help of CSS you can get loaders this amazing.

Author: Chris Kelley

DC SVG Loader v.1

Equalizes The Loader

As there are lot of loaders you can choose why not choose the best. When your contents take lot of time to load then your viewers may not want to come back anymore. But what if you can add loading spinner that keeps your viewers mind engaged. For that you can add loaders like these. On this loader you can see that there are mountain like bars which rises and descends as your content is loading. While your content are loading this bar will rise and fall which makes even the loading time more bearable. With the combination of CSS and HTML you too can make loaders like this.



Loader #1 – Running Dots

Moving towards something new and exciting for your website. As you can see that the loading PNG below have some bubbles which rotates as the content are loding. Firstly the one in the front comes to the back of the line and then it is the same for the other one. This process keeps on going until and unless your content is fully loaded. This loader is given to us by Fabrizio Bianchi with the combination of CSS and little JavaScript.

Author: Fabrizio Bianchi

Loader #1 - Running Dots

Single element Slack loader

Using modern styles in almost every parts of your website is crucial as they are responsible for the popularity of the website. As you can see in this loading PNG there is nothing but a simple hashtag that arises from nothing but simple dots. First there are nothing but dots and those dots are connected together to form a hashtag. Simple but much more effective way to represent loading time in any website. As only CSS and little HTML codes are needed to make these kind of loaders you will have no problem making them.

Author: CrocoDilon

Single element Slack loader

SVG Loading icons

Instead of having one choice if you have multiple choices then you can make the perfect decision. As you can see in the loaders there are many loading spinner you can choose from. Instead of having only one option you can have multiple choices. From circle loaders to bar loaders you can chooses any one easily. All you have to do is choose and simply copy the code in you main file. Saves time and effort.

Author: Aurer

SVG Loading icons Loading Image GIF

SVG Stopwatch Loader

When someone says loading they can only think of time that is being wasted. But what if you can make loader that looks like the representation of time. As you can see in the loader below represents stopwatch. As your content is loading your viewers can enjoy this amazing loader. This loader contains a stopwatch which rises as your content are being loaded. Thanks to the author Chris Gannon this loader is simple and easy to use in any loading scenario.

Author: Chris Gannon

SVG Stopwatch Loader Loading Image GIF

Loader by Dave McCarthy

Having simple loader may not what all of us want. So why not try this loader. As this loader has bubble which tends to move form one part of the screen to the other. First bubble move towards right and then left. With various colors to choose for those bubbles you can make the content look more radiant as possible. To sum up you can make the loader look good and save the time as you do it.

Author: Dave McCarthy

Loader by Dave McCarthy Loading Image GIF

Loader css3

Progress Bar GIF are one of the best ways to make loaders. With horizontal line and some jelly effect you can make some amazing loaders. Firstly one single line shows in your screen. Then jelly like substance moves on that line. As the line moves towards the conner loading text is reviled. This is loader can be designed with the help of simple CSS and HTML codes.

Author: Mathieu Richard

Loader css3  Loading Image GIF

Animated SVG Loader

Adding that gradient look in your loader is something that makes any loading screen hae some unique look. This loader is just something like that. First you can see that their are boxes which moves as your contents are loding. Then those boxes change color as they move from one place to another. To sum up you can have simple boxes to your loading screen that make the best impression to your viewers.

Author: Tony

Animated SVG Loader Loading Image GIF

CSS-Animated SVG Spinner/Loader (SVG Animation)

With the help of loading PNG you can make some heavy loading contents have some amazing layouts. Loading Spinner such as these have some unique ideas that will make the loading time more bearable. As you can see there are four dots that connect to each other and then move as your content are loading. They even connect to each other as the content are loading.

Author: Steven Sinatra

CSS-Animated SVG Spinner/Loader 
Loading Image GIF

SVG Loading Circle Animation

Loading Spinner used in your heavy contents can make so much difference. Simple loading spinner are used if you want something simple and gradient. For instance if you use the loading spinner below you can make it with ease and save lot of time. There is nothing so much complicated as there is only on half circle that goes round and round as your contents are loading. With simple CSS and touch of HTML you too can get loading spinner such as these.

Author: Aleksander K

SVG Loading Circle Animation Loading Image GIF

Hand animation – loading (SVG Animation)

Loading Spinner are starting to be one of the most important part of any websites. Adding some unique CSS loader like these make lot of difference. As you can see in this CSS loader there are five fingers that move one at at a time as your content is loading. It is just like how you will move you fingers when you wait for something to happen. CSS Loader like these are easy to make as there are no JavaScript involved and only CSS are used.

Author: r4ms3s

Hand animation - loading  Loading Image GIF

Newton’s Cradle Loader

Progress Bar GIF are just some fancy way of saying loading PNG. As you can see in the loaders below there are few ball in form of png which makes first and last ball hit the other balls as your content are loading. These ball’s colors are not the same as the color are different as they go higher. Loading PNG like these are simple to use and you can use them in your website by simply adding CSS in your main code.

Author: Matt Smith

Newton's Cradle Loader Loading Image GIF

Battlefield 3 Loading Indicator (SVG Animation)

Loading Spinner such as these are mainly used in games. When you read the topic many of you might know what game it is from. You can also see as the content are loading you can set the code to load the content name instead of using simple text like loading. With simple CSS and HTML you too can make loader like these.

Author: Gareth Weaver

Battlefield 3 Loading Indicator Loading Image GIF

Wavy Loading Animations

Choosing best loader is the best way to make sure that your website have more viewers. From progress bar GIF to loading PNG you have lot of choices to choose from. The loaders below have lot to choose from. You can choose lines or waves to make the loader much more waiver. To sum up you can get more loaders from one single place.

Author: Kyle Brumm

Wavy Loading Animations Loading Image GIF

Square Loader

Progress Bar GIF are not the only way to make your loading screen look good. You can use loader like these which are simple and easy to use. Firstly you can see there is on small box with white color in it. Then as your content loads up the color in the box fills and empties. Then it just goes up and down. Loaders like these can be made with ease but you dont have to worry as they are simple yet powerful.

Author: Tashfeen

Square Loader Loading Image GIF

Loading Idea

Using different shapes and sizes with the combination of different animation is the perfect way to make loaders. For instance you can see the loader below. The loader is shaped like a triangle which contains triangles inside a triangle. Above all as the contain start to load triangles inside blink and come back again and again. Loading Image GIF like these are made with the help of CSS and HTML.

Author: Chase

Loading Idea Loading Image GIF

Collection of animated loaders

From progress bar GIF to Loading PNG all kind of loaders can be found in this link. You can choose simple bar or circle loaders as per your requirement. For instance if you want to use circle type of loader over bar loaders you can do just that. You can use any of the codes for your website and make the content loader much more effective.

Author: Ana Tudor

Collection of animated loaders Loading Image GIF

Hourglass loader

Hourglass may be something that was used long time ago but with the combination of little CSS you can make some amazing loaders. For example you can see the loader below. Firstly you can see that hour glass rotates as the content is loading. Then the circle outside the hourglass rotates. As soon as the circle is finished loading the hourglass resets itself. In short you can get loader like this with the help of simple CSS code and save a lot of time.

Author: Lenka

Hourglass loader

Loading Bouncy ball (provisional)

Using animations in your loader is like a trend you will want to use. For instance when you look at the loader below you can see how much animation makes a difference in any loading screen. Firstly you can see that their is a little ball that bounces right beside the text loading. Then you will see that until and unless the content is not finished loading the ball will continue to bounce.

Author: Kota Shimura

Loading Bouncy ball (provisional)  Loading Image GIF


SVG Animation is a great way in which you can make loaders for your animations. Firstly you need to know how much these loader play vital role when it comes increasing your website viewers. Then you can think about using different loaders such as CSS Loader, Loading Spinner, Progress Bar GIF and Loading PNG. Using loaders like these will not only make the waiting time much bearable but also make the loader have amazing look. In conclusion if you have some heavy loading content and want to make that loading time more attractive than you can use loader from above.

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