There are various stunts a website expert can apply to a website in order to redesign its appearance and make it all the more addressing the guests. A mindfully figured arrangement can have the impact between a fundamental guest and a potential client. Concerning website design, having an eye-getting design with momentous features has an exceptional significance. Website headers that stay set up when a customer scrolls have become an outstanding arrangement segment. They empower the customer to easily find a workable pace without the need to look up each time they have to pick a substitute page or choice. So in this article, we have a top and best collection of Sticky Nav Header Example design using JavaScript/JS provided along with the source code.

Use of sticky header won’t go to waste in any of the site or application. They can be used from a direct website to an awesome web business webpage. Like, tabs they adequately order the substance and making them even more viably open.

A customer may be in the focal point of some substance and they need to go to another point then it should in well land at phenomenal. Supervising space for this in a capable manner is what react sticky parts offer. Continue examining to find more on react sticky box and significant parts.

Collection of JavaScript Sticky Header Examples with Source Code

As a vital component of the UI and a vital piece of good client experience, Header never abstracts itself from design or good ways from inclining arrangements.


In this set, you can discover diverse uncommon and imaginative designs of JavaScript Sticky Nav Header to grandstand their inventive works and advance their brands.

Along these lines, don’t miss this rundown and pick the highlights you have to fuse into your engineering website design venture.

1. JavaScript Sticky Header Elements Example

JavaScript Sticky Header Example

Essentially the usage of JavaScript and some mix of shades play a substitute impact. We can see a header section on the top and when we look down, the header remains got together with the essential substance. Moreover, we can see a switch bar in the upper right. Tapping on it will take you to the menu portion.

As there are no contents in the design, so you need to add proper content to make it fully functional.


2. Material Smooth Mobile Touch Scroll Sticky

Material design JavaScript Sticky header example

This is one of a kind corresponding material design model to various plans. We can see a flawless establishment in the header region. Moreover, there is an essential zone. On look down, the header substance is seen nearby a segment of its photo that is consolidated to it.

We can see a hamburger icon on the upper left for some menu exercises. There is moreover a search bar for direct glancing through what we truly need to. A setting decision can be seen on the upper right.


3. Auto Hide JS Sticky Header Code Snippet

Auto hide JavaScript Sticky header example

Just a few impacts are added to a large portion of the structures generally the entirety of the plans search in every way that really matters comparative. Fundamentally this one is in like way incredibly like the investigated structures.

We can see a header area and the rule content. On look down, the header area remains related while we can at present experience the chief segment. On looking down, for brief it seems like the header fragment went off yet just in, it shows up.


4. JS Sticky Header CSS Transition

JavaScript Sticky header CSS Transition example

Consequently we can see a fundamental header portion consolidated some menu things and an establishment photo. It looks fundamental and essential in the essential look anyway when we look down, the establishment photo goes out in a breathed life into the way.

This advancement effect can look fundamentally more eye gazing to the customers. At whatever point incorporated some extension impacts, no ifs, ands or buts, this can be one of the most dumbfounding plans ever.


5. Responsive Sticky Header Navigation Design

Responsive JavaScript Sticky header example

As the name says responsive, so this one works perfectly in both Desktop and portable gadgets. Talking about the design, this one is clean and wonderful looking, Sticky Header model. You can see a logo at the left and the menus at the right of the header.

On scroll down, the header also remains fixed at the top. There also is a hover effect to let the user know which menu is being highlighted.


6. JavaScript Sticky Nav Header

JavaScript Sticky Nav header example

This is yet another example of JavaScript Sticky Header. As like the other examples, the header remains fixed on the scroll. At the top, there is a sample image which fits like a full screen. As you go down, the navigation section appears which remains fixed at the top.

There is also a space to add logo and other elements like social media icons. You can simply scroll through the contents or use the nav bar to get to your content destination.


7. Sticky Navigation Header with Source Code

Creating JavaScript Sticky header example

The maker portrays this sticky model as performant and sweeping sticky part. This is a case of the fixed header with looking over body. The sticky part works by wrapping the sticky goal. This is then in see port as customers investigate the page.

Most sticky parts handle the circumstance where the sticky goal is shorter than the viewport, anyway not the circumstance where a sticky goal is taller than the viewport. The explanation is that the typical direct and utilization is altogether progressively befuddled.


8. Sticky Navigation Menu Visible On Scroll

JavaScript Sticky header visible on scroll example

This is the accompanying sticky header structure that we will discuss. As in the demo, we can see a header region and the key substance fragment.

The background for the navigation menu is white at first. But as you scroll down, the red concealing fits in the menu bar to make it more visible.


9. JavaScript Sticky Nav bar Header On Scroll

JavaScript Sticky navbar header on scroll example

Only a couple of effects are added to most of the structures commonly all of the plans look for all intents and purposes similar. Basically this one is similarly similar to the inspected structures. We can see a header fragment and the standard substance.

On scrolling down, the header zone remains associated while we can at present experience the principal section. The header region includes a logo and certain menus which have a fine edge.


10. Fixed StickyHeader When Scrolling

Fixed sticky header when scrolling

This sticky model is a solid advancing methodology where customers approach substance and associations definitely. From the start, the arrangement takes after a static website page anyway as you look down the react sticky segments change in a fixed header. This layout the usability of web fragments using essential exercises.

In the model showed up finished, the substance in a dull square is apparently a bit of spread photo itself which it is. In any case, the square furthermore transforms into a bit of header which formally contained other couples of parts.

Additionally, this empowers the customer to investigate at any possible event in the page propelling straightforward course similarly as highlighting their point.


11. Simple Sticky Header Using HTML, CSS and JS

Awesome JavaScript Sticky header example

Yet another awesome example of JavaScript Sticky header. At the very top, you can see there is space to add an image. It can likewise work as a banner design.

Just beneath the image, navigation menus are present. As we scroll down to see the rest of the content, the image section goes away whereas the header remains fixed.

Proper hover effects are also utilized for the navigation menu to let the user know which menu is being highlighted.


12. Vanilla JS Sticky Nav Header Example

Vanilla JavaScript Sticky header example

This is the same example as the above one. Instead of texts, the designer has only utilized shadings for the design. The top blue shade indicates the image banner, green indicates navigation header bar and the dim shade indicates the content section.

As we scroll down, the green section i.e. the header remains fixed.


13. Continuous Scrolling Background Sticky Header

Continuous Scrolling Background StickyHeader

So in this design, you can just see a full-screen image at the very first glance. But as you scroll down, the image width diminishes to turn into a navbar while we can read the rest of the contents with the header stays fixed at the top.

This is such a cool design since it feels so unique.


14. JS Social Header with Source Code

JS Social Header with Source Code

As the name refers, this one is a Social Header example using JavaScript. As you scroll down, the text gets into the left side of the header and the social icons get into the right side. Also, the header remains sticky on scroll down.

There are no contents in the design. So you need to manually add them with your own contents which fit in.


15. Sticky Header With Slide Down Animation

StickyHeader With Slide Down Animation

If you are a juvenile looking for a good instructional exercise to start making astounding sticky header then this association offers correctly the equal. Its a sorry befuddled one. We can see the header that joins the menu elective in it.

While we look down, the menus have all the earmarks of being affixed to the header. This will also help the customer with sparing their time on glancing towards the in the state of mind for taking off to the menu decision.


16. Simple Sticky Nav Header JS Example

Simple StickyHeader JavaScript

As the name implies, this is a very simple example of JavaScript/JS Sticky Nav Header. With a green background, there is just a sample text on the left side. On scroll down, the header remains the same whereas you can look at the other content.

Since this is a demo version, so there are no contents in this design. With some modification, you can also add them with very small effort.


17. Simple jQuery Sticky Header For Web Designer

Simple jQuery StickyHeader For Web Designer

We have this choice to consolidate a sticky header in our site with the objective that customer reliably has a decision to investigate as indicated by their yearning. It fills the gap that customers are up ’til now feeling if something is missing.

Besides the header fragment clings to the page on look down. Getting visitors interest is a key capacity that website pros endeavour to expert and with this arrangement it point of fact will be helpful.


18. Sticky Animated Header with Mobile Menu

Animated StickyHeader with Mobile Menu

This is the only Mobile Menu example in this collection of JS/JavaScript Sticky Nav Header. You can either look at this from a mobile or desktop point of view. Simply Resize the width to see how the structure changes. You can see a logo at the top left and a hamburger menu at the top right.

On scrolling down, you can also see colorful areas to put different contents. Likewise, the header remains fixed on the scroll.


19. ScrollMagic Sticky Header

ScrollMagic Sticky Header

By and by we find a good pace territory for the sticky headers. We can see a fitting header fragment with some menu things on it in a stunning dark establishment concealing.

At whatever point we scroll downwards towards the standard fragment, the header substance can be obvious to the users.


20. Dynamic Nav Header Sticky JS Code Snippet

Dynamic Header Sticky JS Code Snippet

This an unprecedented instance of development and sticky header attached to give an incredible outcome. As in the demo, you can see diverse summary in the course territory.

Also you can clearly tap on to it to go to that individual page else you can look down to land at it. Regardless, it looks great. So this model is just a wonderful section to make your site and application amazingly better.


21. Animate Header After Scrolling

Animate Header After Scrolling

You make a webpage to make your business observable on the web and do you think simply having a static substance will attract the watchers? Maybe, yet not the most extreme limit. It’s putting the substance just as having a content game plan where they will gather most customer interest.

With this arrangement, your site will in all probability do unequivocally the proportional. Also, each site is searching for the most perfect way to deal with the present itself and we have a fragment that may assist you with the excursion of karma.


22. Sticky Headers with Navigation Menu

Sticky Header with Navigation Menu

This is yet another example where you get both the Header and Footer. The header diminishes by a little on scroll down. The logo and some elements of the navigation menu likewise change when the user looks down. At the base, you can see a normal footer design.

This one also has a proper hover effect to let the user know which one is being highlighted.


23. Sticky Header Using Jquery

Sticky Header

Another example of JavaScript/JS Sticky header Nav which is structured using Ul and Li tags. So in the very first glance, we can see bigger and bolder texts in the nav bar. As soon as you scroll down to see the content section, the width of the nav bar diminishes and the background shading also changes.

As this is a demo version, so there are no contents in it. But with some customization, you can add them easily.


24. JS Sticky Header Navigation Sample Design

Sticky Navigation Sample Design

Last yet not the least in this rundown, we have a Sticky Navigation Design using JS. In the very first glance, you can see a sample text at the top. Just beneath it, there is a navigation bar which works as a header.

As you keep scrolling down, the top most part does not stick whereas the navigation bar sticks to the top. This will be easier for the users in case they want to get something from the header part. The only thing missing in the design is the hover effects which you can also add in no time!



Here and there, we can see a designer’s energizing interpretation of the principle header that inhales new life into the segment. Sticky header is one of them. Despite the fact that they are not something shiny new, they feel reviving.

Simply slight adjustments in the sticky model showed up above can meet the essentials of any site or application. Try to fuse sticky headers in your site page so customers don’t miss anything.

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