The periodic table, otherwise called the periodic table of elements, is an unthinkable presentation of the synthetic elements, which are masterminded by nuclear number, electron setup, and repeating compound properties. The structure of the table shows periodic patterns. The seven lines of the table, called periods, for the most part, have metals on the left and non-metals on the right. The sections, called gatherings, contain elements with comparable concoction practices. Six gatherings have acknowledged names just as relegated numbers: for instance, bunch 17 elements are the incandescent lamp; and gathering 18 are the respectable gases.

The periodic table is an assortment of elements orchestrated in a strangely organized manner. However the inquiry is, would we be able to do it all alone utilizing CSS to include into our website? So in this article, we will discuss the collection of top and best design example of JavaScript/JS Periodic Table.

While planning a periodic table, make fundamental things obvious. Make a note on what are every one of the capacities the client will anticipate from your table. In the event that your field will have a lot of elements, at that point ensure whether you need a solitary modular window or a multi-modular window.

Functionalities for the lines and the sections, besides, choose whether you need a resizable segment and columns.

Collection of Periodic Table Design JavaScript Examples with Source Code

In this Periodic table rundown we have dealt with the look and the structure so you can focus more on the functionalities.


So without any further ado, let’s get into the discussion.

1. Responsive JS Flexbox Periodic Table Example

JavaScript/JS Periodic table

First one on the Periodic table rundown, we have a table using Flexbox. The display:flex property utilizes in the CSS code to view it in Flexbox. As you can see in the demo, all the elements of the periodic table are arranged properly. Also, different colors utilizes for a different group of elements.

The atomic symbol and the atomic number is only present in the design. On hover, the specific elements expands to let us have a closer look.

If you want, you can customize the design to add atomic number, groups and more.


2. JS Periodic Table of HTML Elements Code Snippet

JavaScript/JS Periodic table HTML elements

Here we have another Periodic Table design which is not fully completed. The format is arranged as that of the periodic table. But instead of the elements name, sample texts are utilized in the design. In a dim background, the gradient shading of the elements looks perfect.

Also you can see small boxes at the base that has the color tags. On hovering the tags, the elements of that specific color only lights up and the other rests in the background.


3. PeriodicTable with Hover Zoom Effect

Table with hover zoom effect

This is another Periodic Table with zoom effect on hover. Whenever you place your mouse on the elements, a zoom effect can be seen which lets you to have a closer look at the design.

Also there are different tags in the design. Each of them consist of a different shading. On hovering to them will let you know those specific elements in the table. For example, if you hover over Transition metals, the elements of that group will be highlighted in the periodic table.

The impacts are smooth and loads quicker, consequently you can give a vivid inclination without making the site pages substantial.


4. JS Interactive PeriodicTable with CSS Grid Layout

JavaScript/JS interactive Periodic table

As the name suggests, this is an Interactive Periodic Table with CSS Grid Layout. Ample amount of space is present in between the elements so that the design wont look congested. A thick border is used in the design for the elements.

Only the atomic symbols are present in the design. Also on clicking any of the elements, a short detail of that specific element shows up at the bottom.

The box shadow property is applied as well for the shadow.


5. Dynamic PeriodicTable with HTML, CSS and JS

Dynamic JavaScript/JS Periodic table

This is by far one of the best looking JavaScript Periodic table in the rundown. It has everything that a periodic table needs to have. From atomic symbol to its atomic weight, everything is included.

The groups and periods are distinguished properly. Also on hover, a shiny impact is present and a tooltip shows up to display the element.

Likewise, there is a range slider to modify the temperature and element’s state.


6. PeriodicTables HTML5 Elements Example

JavaScript/JS Periodic table example

If you remember, this is same as the periodic table design we discussed in the first of the rundown. However, there are some changes. Multiple color uses in the table to differentiate the elements and its groups.

Atomic symbol and atomic number is present. Also a tag such as <head>, <link> is used in the design. Instead of them, you can rewrite the codes and replace it with the atomic weight. That would be helpful for the visitors as well.


7. Awesome Periodic Table Web Concept

Awesome JavaScript/JS Periodic table

As the name says this is an Awesome Periodic Table Web Concept. Before talking about the functionality, you need to check out the way the table appeared in the first. A visual fading animation uses to showcase the elements.

The periods and group are distinguished properly. Atomic symbol, atomic weight and the atomic name is present which is enough.

Also, if you want to know the chemical element name, simply hover over it. On hover, the name in a blue font appears in a pleasing way.

Likewise on click, the electron shell diagram of that particular element shows up. You can simply click on the cross icon to close it.


8. Amazing Periodic CSS JS Design Code Snippet

Amazing JavaScript/JS Periodic table

Next up we have a simple and static Periodic table design example using CSS and JS/JavaScript. All the important components such as Atomic symbol, Atomic number and Atomic weight are present.

Only the missing thing here is the transition impacts. If only there was a small hover impact, the design could be far better.

But, no worries! If you are a beginner and want to try out experiement with the periodic table, this is your chance to show your magic.


9. Periodic Table Hover Preview Function

JavaScript/JS Periodic table hover preview function

This is yet another Periodic table with hover function. The elements are set with background color in it. On hover, the background color turns to white of the particular element.

Likewise, if you want to know which elements are metals and which are non-metals, simply click on the Metal section and the elements will be distinguished with an orange color. Same goes for the Non-metals as well.


10. Simple JS Periodic Table with Click Function

Simple JavaScript/JS Periodic table

This is a simple JavaScript/JS Periodic Table design example with Click Function. In the very first we can just see a basic periodic table in a proper format. You will not get any hover effect as well.

But as soon as you click on a specific element, a card like structure is present. At the top left, atomic number shows up. At the top center, the element name shows up. Likewise, at the top right, atomic symbol shows up. Also the electron shell diagram is present.


11. Periodic Table Animation on Hover

JavaScript/JS Periodic table animation on hover

So this one is an Animated Periodic table design example using JavaScript/JS and CSS. In a dark background, the electron shell diagram is present for each of the element. As soon as you hover over them, the electrons starts to spin around the ring.

Also when you place your mouse away, it returns to its specific state. Likewise, you can see the element name on hovering to the diagram.


12. Periodic Table Shadow Code Snippet

Table Shadow Code Snippet

In this design, each of the elements are present inside a box like structure. Sufficient amount of space is present which makes the format look clean. Like the others, different colors uses for different groups of element.

Box Shadow property is used in the design as well. Likewise on hover, the box gets pressed back a little that looks like we pushed a button. When we place our mouse away, it returns to its specific position.


13. Periodic Table of Elements

Table of Elements

This is yet another periodic table design with an eye appealing effect. The elements are present in the table with the same format as the other ones. You can find a small change in hover.

Also, you can see there are four buttons at the base. Clicking on any of them will present a wonderful impact. I liked the ‘Sphere’ one. Try it out yourself.

If you want to have a closer look, simply scroll your mouse up and down to zoom in and zoom out respectively.


14. 3D Periodic Table with D3.js

3D Table with D3.js

Next up we have a Periodic table accomplised with D3.js, HTML and CSS. The elements are present inside a small round structure with a pink background in it. Also on hover, the pink background turns to white and a tooltip appears to showcase the atomic symbol.

With some customization, you can also add atomic weight and element name as well.


15. Interactive Periodic Table Elements

Interactive Table Elements

This is another Interactive JavaScript Periodic Table design. Only the atomic symbol is present in each box. But that is not all. Have you tried on clicking them? So, on click, more information will be provided at the right side of the table. Symbol, Atomic number, Atomic mass, Type and also many other properties will show up.

Likewise you can find the percentage of some of the common elements like Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and some more.


16. CSS Grid Periodic Table

CSS Grid Periodic Table

This is a basic periodic table that you can paste in the wall of your home. A static design with a clean differentiation of all the element, its group, atomic symbol, atomic weight and its atomic number.

Along with that, the Lanthanide Series and the Actinide Series are distinguished properly as well. With some customization, you can also add some impacts to the design.


17. Exploding Periodic Table

Exploding Table

As the name implies, this is an Exploding Periodic table. Sample Texts uses for the design instead of the real chemical elements name. On hover, you can see which element is being highlighted.

The effect begins when you click on the element. When you click on a specific element, they explode and gets scattered into areas. After a certain interval of time, the elements also returns to its specific position.


18. Periodic Table Elements Website Code Snippet

Table Elements Website Code SNippet

This is yet another JavaScript/JS Periodic table design example which consist of Atomic symbol, element name and the atomic weight. On hover, the background color of the specific element box turns to dark. Likewise on click, all of the elements near to it turns to dark.

At the bottom, you have a list of tags that includes metals, non metals, basic metal and more. Also on clicking them will specify the particular elements in the periodic table.


19. Responsive, Accessible, Periodic Table using CSS Grid

Responsive, Accessible Table using CSS Grid

Here, the elements are present in a periodic table in a grid format. The atomic symbol, element name and the atomic mass is present. Also on hover, the particular elements zooms in to let us have a closer look.

Likewise at the top, there are different category keys to specify the particular elements in the periodic table.


20. Transparent Background Periodic Table Design

Transparent Background Periodic Table Design

This is the last JavaScript/JS Periodic Table design example in this rundown. A galaxy picture is utilized for the design. The periodic table is in a proper format. A transparent background uses in the design. Also on hovering any of the element will make it dim.

Only the atomic symbol is present in the design. But with some modification, you can add atomic mass, element name and more.

Also, on hovering any of the element will present the particular element inside a large box at the left with its chemical element name and atomic symbol.



The above periodic tables are working superbly from the front-end, we should simply to alter and make the structure fit our website design. While picking the Periodic table that you will use for your site page, everything lies on how you can exploit the pre-made plans to pull in the consideration of your clients.

Be savvy about situations and exhibiting the right data. The best table plan depends on your inventive creative mind, express your business’ vision into your structure and you’ll have a great deal of traffic streaming to your site!

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