Dissatisfaction among users after the Threads app keeps crashing within a few days after its release. Will this problem be solved? If yes, how?

Threads gained more users in a week than any other application breaking the world record.

And it was potentially a massive achievement for Zuckerberg to outclass any of his competitors until the app started crashing continuously.

This has been a serious deal for Meta as Thread’s popularity has crashed just within a week due to this issue.

If you’re one of those users who has been facing the crashing problem, remember, every problem has its solution.

And we’re going to guide you on how to prevent Threads from crashing with effective measures!

Why Does Your Threads App Keep Crashing?

Threads had quite a good impression among users in the start.

However, there are also some bad reviews as the application is frequently crashing, freezing, and not responding.

You might have experienced the same issue, which is why you are here. So here, we’ll let you know why Threads keep crashing.

Problem With Your Device

Have you checked if your device is compatible with this app or not?

If not, you should immediately look into it. It’s because your device might be the major problem here.

This app won’t work on devices that are not compatible with it. A mobile phone needs certain specifications in order to download and use Threads.

But if you have a good smartphone and it’s still not working, you should review your storage capacity.

Having low storage capacity can also stop the app from functioning properly, Or maybe, your device is not updated.

Problem With Your Internet

No matter what platform, good internet means a good experience. And while Threads is an online platform, a good internet connection is a must.

If your internet connection is poor, it won’t respond properly.

Moreover, there will be a problem loading images if your internet is not stable, leading to instant crashes.

Problem With the Threads App Itself

Other than your device and network connection, the actual problem might be with the Threads app itself.

Due to hundreds and millions of daily active users, there might have been a problem with the app server.

Besides that, some minor glitches/bugs in the application also lead to frequent crashes and lagging.

Problem With Your Account

You might be blaming the app server or your network connection for crashing. But the actual problem might be with your own account.

You might have violated the app community guidelines unintentionally, leading to your account being disabled or banned.

If not, there may have been some technical problem with your account.

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Can You Fix the Threads App Keep Crashing?

Yes, you can fix the Threads app from keep crashing on both Android and iPhone. You just need to take measures to counter crashes, freezing, or lagging.

While there are reasons mentioned above why this app crashes, you just need to solve those problems.

And it’s not that those issues can’t be fixed. There are different ways to eliminate each of those problems.

Get rid of those problems as soon as possible and embark ahead on Threads for a peaceful and enjoyable digital journey.

How to Fix Threads Keep Crashing on iPhone and Android?

If you have been struggling to fix Threads crashing, we will guide you in the easiest way possible.

And don’t worry about the issue of having iOS or Android; we have addressed the solutions for both device users.

Check for Updates

Every complaint and issue is thoroughly solved before updating an application. Whether it’s just a minor bug or glitch, all gets fixed by the application authority to improve user experience.

Thus, you should check for updates time and again. And by updating the app from the App Store or PlayStore, you can get your problem fixed.

However, you should remember that this works only in the case when the problem is in the app itself.

Clear Cache on Androids

If you’re an Android user facing this crash problem, consider clearing the cache.

By doing so, you can erase all of the temporary files. Deletion of unnecessary files and videos can improve device performance and might actually fix your crashing issue.

So, make sure to clear it to enjoy quality time on Threads.

how to clear cache on andorids

1. Go to your mobile settings on your Android device.

2. Tap on apps and search for Threads.

3. Then, tap on Storage.

4. Lastly, tap on clear cache, and it’s simple as that.

Clear Cache on iPhone

Indeed we guided a step-by-step process to clear the cache for the Android user above, but we won’t miss the iOS users.

So, this is how you do it:

1. Open the settings on your iPhone and hop onto general settings.

2. Now, simply go to iPhone storage and search Threads.

3. Tap on the “Offload App” option. This will temporarily delete the application.

4. Lastly, reinstall Threads and enjoy a new start.

Restart your Device

You can also restart your device if you want Threads to stop crashing. Crash or hang is mostly caused due to background app running, heating, and memory problems.

But restarting your phone just a time will prevent these problems. When you do that, all the background apps will be closed, dealing with heating and memory problems.

Free Up Device Memory

If nothing, this plays a huge role in crashing apps. It’s because the major problem of crashing is mostly caused due to less capacity storage.

Have you ever seen a device crashing despite high storage capacity? Very rarely, right?

Well, device storage plays a very important role for an application to run smoothly, and it’s the same in the case of Threads.

The more device storage, the better the app’s and the device’s performance.

Therefore, make sure you have saved enough space on your mobile to prevent Threads from crashing.

Reinstall the App

If non of the above solutions work, simply uninstall the Threads. Soon after you’re done deleting the application, reinstall it.

This would be an effective measure as some bugs don’t disappear even though you clear the cache.

So, deleting and reinstalling the app will automatically give you a fresh start.

Contact Threads Support Team

If non of the above solutions come in handy, the problem is within Threads.

Try reporting to the Threads Support Team or Help Centre. You have access to a message box where you can address your problem with the application.

With that done, the support team will try to eliminate the issues as soon as possible.

Either they’ll come up with a new update or resolve the issue like it was never there.

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How Can You Check For Updates in the Threads App?

Apps are often updated to fix bugs, glitches, or any other issues. So, if the problem is within the app, it will surely get updated.

And checking app updates is a piece of cake; it’s way too simple.

But if you still don’t know how to check for new updates, we are here to help you with the simplest process for both Android and iPhone.

Check Update on Android Devices 

1. First of all, open the Play Store. 

2. Go to search Apps and Games section. 

3. Now, search for Threads.

4. Then you’ll get to see the update option right beside the name of the application.

5. Press on it if you want it updated, and you can use the newest version of it.

how to check for updates on Android

Check Updates on iPhone 

1. Go to App Store. 

2. Press on your “profile icon” at the top of the screen.

3. There, you’ll get to see the list of to-be-updated apps, including Threads.

6. Press on the “Update” button beside Threads if you want to use the enhanced version of it.

However, if you desire to update all of the apps at once, press the “Update All” button.

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When Do Threads Keep Crashing?

Threads keep on stopping to function, and it’s way too frustrating. No wonder why its popularity crumbled just within a week.

While the app has been crashing from time to time, the majority of users are facing this problem when they do some specific activities.

So, let us help you to know when Threads keeps crashing.

Threads Crashes When you Try to Post

Users who are facing this issue have commented that Threads crash most of the time when they try to post and while sharing the post on other social media.

Well, many problems regarding post-upload are caused due to poor network connection and problems with the app itself.

Therefore, to solve this problem, try to connect your device with strong internet before posting.

We also suggest you update the app if new updates are available to solve the issue.

Threads Crashes When Opening

Another problem of Threads crashing noticed by users is when they try to open the app.

Before the app even tries to start, it crashes immediately. You might have this problem if your device is running out of storage or has an outdated version.

So, if you want to get rid of this problem, free up your device space and update the app from PlayStore or AppStore.


Why is my Threads app not working?

The app might have a functioning problem due to various reasons, but some of the crucial ones are network problems, non-compatible devices, and bugs in the app itself.

Is there any problem with Threads now?

There may be a problem with the Threads app now. It depends on which country you are using the app and what type of problem you are facing. If it is a problem with the server, they will solve the problem soon, so we recommend you use the app after some hours.

Why Does Threads Keep Crashing Today?

Threads keep crashing today, possibly because there is a server problem from the app side or you haven’t updated its new version. Besides that, it might have been crashing because of the network connection problem, or there is a new version of the app available, but you are using an outdated version.


Wrapping up, Threads offers a lot of features, don’t let this single problem ruin your experience.

Even if it does, we’ve guided you on how to deal with those problems. So, we hope our information and instruction helped you with the crashing issue of Threads.

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