Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages used for the development of webpages along with HTML and CSS. Javascript is a lightweight, object-oriented, interpreted scripting language that runs on the client-side of the web. Also, there are various JavaScript frameworks which can run on both client and server-side besides being fast there are various benefits of Javascript like reducing server traffic by validating user input providing immediate response and don’t need to reload the webpages often. It also allows richer UI with content changes on a user action like mouse hover, drag, and drop, gestures and animations.

Javascript also comes with a wide range of frameworks which makes works ask even easier and boost up the process of a writing programs. Javascript frame are easier to learn and write compared to native Javascript codes and efficient rather than writing your code from scratch.

Most of the Javascript frameworks provide function chaining which allows you to do more with less code, saves time and increases productivity. Javascript frameworks also support unified browser API so you don’t have to think about browser compatibility.

Top and Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2022

There are a variety of JavaScript frameworks out there with large community support which beginner might feel comfortable with. The following are the list of top and best 7 javascript frameworks.

1. ANGULAR.JS –  Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

ANGULAR.JS -  Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework

Angular.js is one of the most popular Javascript framework used for building SPA(single page application) web application. With the help of Angular.js anyone can build dynamic, interactive rich and fast webpages which helps in saving time for reloading the content of web pages.

It just means that the entire content of website is directly transferred from the server to the browser and loads all the pages at a same time and speed up the loading time.

You can also build mobile and desktop applications with AnngularJs.

2. REACT – A JavaScript Library for Building User Interfaces Apps 

REACT - A JavaScript Library for Building User Interfaces Apps 

Those who are in the field of web development already know that React.js is an emerging framework, it’s not a complete framework but it’s trying to get into the list of the Javascript framework. The working process is, all the same, you can absolutely build a fully functional dynamic application by using react alone.

Some of the benefits of using React.js is that it’s extremely efficient and awesome for SEO(search engine optimization).

3. EMBER.JS – A Framework for Creating Ambitious Web Applications

EMBER.JS - A Framework for Creating Ambitious Web Applications

Ember is an opensource Javascript framework compatible for both large and small scale web application. It’s an opinionated framework which means that the implementation of the codes should be on a standard way although you can use your way but it’s a headache and little messy if not followed the guidelines.

It can generate a lot of code for you some can be ignored and some can be configured the way you want. Only bad part of ember for developer is short period of release cycle which is hard to keep up with latest modification.

4. METEOR – Build Mobile Desktop and Web Apps with JavaScript

METEOR - Build Mobile Desktop and Web Apps with JavaScript

Meteor is a free and open-source Javascript framework written using node.js which can be implemented both on client and server-side. It can also be used to build web and mobile apps in native Javascript.

It’s fast, interactive and creates real-time updated UIs that modern apps and user expects and got plenty of libraries and packages to extend it’s functionality along with tons of features for backend, frontend, database management and business logic.

5. VUE.JS – The Progressive JavaScript Framework

VUE.JS - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Vue.js is better suited for quick and cross-platform development building interactive web interfaces. It’s a progressive Javascript framework easy to learn and easy to get started for beginners too.

The integration of Javascript libraries is easy and can function as a powerful advance SPA(single page application). Vue.js is a javascript framework that mainly targets the frontend section of the web interface it also mixes some angular2 and reacts.



Backbone.js is a Javascript framework which gained popularity quickly due to it’s easy and flexible structure. It provides structure to Javascript-heavy application and API with innumerable functions.

It is based on (MVP) application design paradigm and used to sync various part of web application.

Backbone.js is easy to use and flexible with minimal data-structure which enables less effort for managing it.

7. AURELIA – Most Powerful, Flexible, JavaScript Client Framework 

AURELIA - Most Powerful, Flexible, JavaScript Client Framework 

Aurelia.js is a Javascript framework that provides modern and opensource UI for developing web and mobile applications. It allows the developer to write clean and modular javascript and focus on web standards.

Even though Aurelia.js doesn’t support virtual (DOM) implementation but can achieve the same as (DOM) by using asynchronous binding and batching changes.

Aurelia.js is quite new to the Javascript framework field but got huge flexibility. And stability that other popular Javascript framework out there.


So don’t ever get confused with Java and Javascript they are entirely different languages. If you are familiar with Javascript there are tons of Javascript framework out there and most of them are opensource which I don’t think compulsory to mention above. Before starting your Javascript framework journey consider learning some of the basic rules and structure of Javascript before getting into the world of the Javascript framework.

There are such a large number of frameworks each with its own capabilities so you should watch your steps before moving forward with it. After trying a couple of Javascript frameworks you will be able to differentiate between what you need to learn and what you don’t.

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