Over few years, the uses of Python have been increasing rapidly. Python is a simple and versatile High- Level programming language which is involved in most of sector like web development, software development and widely used in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and so on.

Python is one of the popular and fastest growing programming languages. The reason behind its growth is that it is versatile, it is easy to code and learn, the codes are short and sweet and it is high level interpreted programming language.

Why Python Programming Language is Perfect for Beginners?

The choice of programming language depends on the different factor like types of project, programmer. Being the beginner you may have dilemma while choosing the python as programming language but here are the reasons which makes you clear why Pythons is perfect programming language for Beginners.

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1. Syntax is simple and easy to read

The syntax in Python is quite simple and easy to read compared to other programming language like C, C++, Java and so on. You can directly run the python code as you don’t need to compile it because python is interpreted programming language. There are no such strict rules in python compared to other high level programming language.

2. Highly demanded in the market

It is one of the trending programming languages in the current situation. It is mostly used for Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science. According to survey Python is been able to secure its place in 2nd position among other programming language in year 2018.

3. Perfect option for AI and Data Science

Another reason for choosing Python as beginner is that it is one of widely used programming language in field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Data Science. Python are most preferred language in AI because it provides numbers of prebuilt libraries that is needed for AI project. The codes are also short and sweet which makes coding and testing easy.

4. Popular programming language

For a beginner the Python can be best programming language as it is ranked as one of the popular programming language. Python is being popular because it is being used on varieties of sector. More over the syntax of the python are easy and user-friendly.

5. Career opportunity

Python can be good career option being a programmer as uses of Python is rapidly increasing. The python are being used on almost every area like web development, software development, AI, Big Data, Machine learning and so on. You can choose your best area and build your career on it.

6. Supportive Community

Python has its own supportive community which deals with the problem faced during coding. It will be very much helpful for beginner as they come across lots for problem while coding. Python has supportive community like Python-Forum.io, Python Documentation, PyCon conferences which are always active for responding your queries.

7. Standard Library

Python provides you the huge standard library which contains the inbuilt code of frequently used programming tasks. It makes the programmer easy to code just my importing the code for required task from library instead of writing the whole code. It not only saves the time but also saves the processing time.

8. Less Code

Another interesting reason for why Python is perfect programming language it’s less code. The codes in the Python are comparatively less that other High-Level programming language. The character like “;”, “{ }” which are very much essential in other programming language like Java, C are totally not used in python.

9. Open Source and Cross platform

It is open source programming language. You can freely download the application as well as other essential files like library, frame work from the its official site and install in the computer. The python runs on the cross platform so it works on Linux, windows as well as Mac OS.


In conclusion, Python can be the best option for the beginner who is willing to learn programming. Python is such a programming language which provides you the simplicity as well as versatility in terms of programming. The feature like easy to learn, readable syntax, flexibility, usability makes it more popular among the beginners.

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