Range slider is something that most of us use for ratting most of the time. But there are more uses for it. You may want to read the entire article if you want to know more about the range sliders. It may be the key for you to know what level are you in. It is the perfect way to get feedback from the users and know what they think of your website.

Slider is mostly with the combination of JavaScript and CSS. But sometimes you can expect them to have some jQuery. Combining then two and adding jQuery will make such animations you won’t believe. You can make these kind of range slider to rate the performance of your website.

Awesome Range Slider Design Examples Using CSS And JavaScript with Source Code

But what if your website has more than one content. For example online food delivery service. As they have ton of food that may needed rating.

Not only that their delivery service may also needed to be rated. In those cases, you can use more than one range sliders.

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Range slider can be used for more than one purpose. But what are those purpose lets find out?

  1. Rating of website performance
  2. Rating the quality of the product
  3. Zooming in or out of images
  4. Setting Ranges
  5. Checking Status and many more…

1. Verly Range Slider

Verly Range Slider

With the help of Javascript, you too can make these kind sliders. Firstly we can see that there are various bars that have their own colors.

Then we can see how they react when those lines are being used. When lines are stretched they try to line up with the bar. This is mostly used for design purposes.

Demo | GitHub

2. Spicy Slider GSAP + React

Spicy Slider w GSAP + React

Imagine you are rating spicy food. But you can only rate it with numbers. This is the answer to that problem.

As you can see in this rating system you can rate the spicy taste from normal to very spicy. Mostly used on restaurant apps to rate your food.

Author: Kasper De Bruyne

3. Modern, Usable, Responsive Sliders

Modern, Usable, Responsive Sliders

Firstly you can set a range and then you can select the other sliders. As you can see there are four slider. First set the range and then select their quality.

For example if you are booking room online you first set the price range and then its comfort level and other.

Author: Simon Goellner

4. Range Slider Example

Range Slider

These kind of ranges can be used on online maps. For example when you select a particular location let’s say Kathmandu then you might want to look into the streets. For that specific purpose, you can just use the slider to zoom in or out of the streets.

Author: mario maselli

5. Gooey Slider Code Snippet

Gooey Slider

With the combination of CSS and JavaScript what can’t you build? Just take an example here. You can see there are two sides. The first one shows the stuff is not as gooey and it keeps on increasing.

As the stuff keeps on getting gooey then you can increase the slider to your right.

Author: Alex Zaworski

6. SVG Balloon Slider

SVG Balloon Slider

Just see how much interactive can combination of CSS and JavaScript make the slider. On the slider you can increase and the slider will increase with some hover effect.

In other words when the slider is increased it makes balloon effect and as the balloon effect is seen it also adds some gradient effect to it.

Author: Chris Gannon

7. SVG Bubble Slider

SVG Bubble Slider

Using some slider effect makes the content on the website be rated better. As you can see in this slider made with the combination of CSS and Javascript how the content increases.

For instance, if you are happy with the work on the website you can move the slider on the smile emoji but if you are not happy with it just move it to the unhappy slider.

Author: Chris Gannon

8. Google Material Sliders

Google Material Sliders

You may not have the same choice as another person. This may be the reason why you will find this slider much more attractive. In other words, this slider not only gives you one choice but many others.

As you can see that there are more four different sliders which can be used here. Above all, you can choose any slider you want to use on your website.

Author: Leena Lavanya

9. Gradient Range Slider


When you use the same slider over and over again without any color combination then you will not find it more attractive. Well this may be the reason why you will like this slider. To clarify the hover used here has its own kind of gradience which gets darker as you increase it.

Author: Eric Grucza

10. Rounded Range Slider


Let’s say that you are using the same kind of pole type of slider. But it may not be of interest. Then you can use this kind of circle slider. You can use this kind of slider when you are setting your room temperature from your device.

Made with the combination of CSS and JavaScript you will like this slider much more than you other usual sliders.

Author: Sabine Robart

11. Flexible And Responsive to Skin

Flexible and responsive

Setting ranges is one of the major uses of Sliders. For example, if you are planning to buy a laptop. But you have a certain price range that you can’t exceed.

But all you get to see is very expensive laptops. Then you can use this kind of hover and indicate your price range. Codes that are used in this siders are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Demo | Download | GitHub

12. Responsive HTML5/JavaScript

Responsive HTML5/JavaScript

Let us assume you may want sliders that represent rand or slider with color fill as you increase the slider or you may just want simple slider. Then you are covered with these kinds of problems as you will get all the sliders you want right down here.

In other words, with the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can get sliders that are more responsive than other sliders.

Demo | Download

13. Radial CSS, JS + Mobile Support

Radial Range  CSS, JS + Mobile Support

If you are building some picture editing website then you may want to use these kinds of sliders. If you want to rotate your images then you can simply rotate to the angle you want with the help of this slider. It shows what degree that you have rotated the image to and can make the image according to your want and desire.

Author: Max

14. Double Slider with Source Code

Double slider

Double slider is mostly used if you are setting a range on something. If you want to set a range of online prices or set ranges of any kind then this is your kind of slider.

You can easily set range in this slider as this was made to do so. As you increase your range the color of the slider increases and the color turns lighter.

Author: Gabi

15. Gear Slider Range Slider

Gear Slider

Let’s say you are building some kind of online buying service. Then you may want to use some kind of slider which can make the users set range according to their want.

Then it is simple with the combination of CSS and JavaScript this kind of sliders is possible. When you select a range then only the selected range will be highlighted and the other portion will stay as it is.

Author: Mariusz Dabrowski


The use of the slider is getting more common nowadays. Then what are you waiting for? In other words, you can use these kinds of sliders for your website according to the needs of the website. Firstly you need to know what kind of slider you want and then you make the slider according to that.

But remember just because you can use slider doesn’t mean you can use it anywhere you like. To clarify you need to use these sliders where it is necessary. To sum up, the use of these sliders can be done on almost any aspect of your website if it fits the user requirement.

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