The philosophy of design has changed over time. What used to be known and popular in the early days of design are not known and popular now. In the early days of technology, most things were static, websites, designs and mostly anything. But now, everything has changed. A static background is of the past. We now have a background pattern animated that is easily available to us. Everything has animation and transitions now. A few lines of JavaScript code can change the presentation of elements and animations.

Backgrounds for websites are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript libraries. With HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, it is easier to create beautiful animations and transitions.

The animations are dynamic and visually attractive. JavaScript animation libraries add more functionalities to the CSS styles and animations.

Background Pattern Animation Design Examples with Source Code

Here are a few background pattern animations that are created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We can see that JavaScript has taken the animation to a whole new level.

The animations are dynamic and can be controlled with custom code.

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1. Triangle Pattern Generator

Triangle Pattern Generator

Triangle Pattern Generator is an animation tool to create beautiful backgrounds and wallpapers. You can control the light and color of the background.

You can also control the size or slices of triangles. This generator supports exporting to PNG and SVG formats. And SVG being vector graphics, you can enlarge the pattern to any size you want.

Demo and Code

2. Flat Surface Shader Experiment

Flat Surface Shader Experiment

Flat Surface Shader experiment is another animation background. The shapes have changing dimensions and the rotating lights add effects to the animation.

You can play around with the code yourself to change the effects and transitions of the slices.

Demo and Code

3. Fork of Flat Surface Shader

Fork of Flat Surface Shader

This animation background is a fork of the previous Flat Surface Shader experiment. Like the Flat Surface Shader experiment, this animation also has slices with changing dimensions and lights.

But the lights have different movements and directions. And the shapes also have more depth.

Source Code and Demo

4. Tesselation Transition

Tesselation Transition - Background Pattern Animation

Tesselation Transition is a transition of colors and gradients over triangular shapes. This background changes lighting gradients subtly after staying idle for a few moments.

The transition looks like a slider background, but a slider of colors.

Demo and Code


The web is ever-changing with new content and technologies. We should be thankful for these technologies that help us create such a beautiful web.

Animations and transitions are the new technologies that have taken over the internet. We have animated elements, parallax backgrounds, and much new content. These help the internet be what it is today.

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