JavaScript is the first choice of most of the developers and enterprises for their web development tasks. The only reason for this is the wide range of frameworks that are available for JavaScript. These JavaScript frameworks make it easier for the developers to handle web related tasks in the client machine.

The frameworks have ready made code embedded in them for special operations. This saves much time and effort of the developers. Although there are many frameworks in JavaScript which can provide variety of advantages, but, there is always a specific framework which is best for a particular utility.

Again, JavaScript frameworks are expanding at a very fast pace. Therefore, the IT industry demands your good hold on the latest and better frameworks. This is because there is more security, stability and reliability on the latest ones than the old ones. These all things make the web development project much more beneficial.

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The importance of the frameworks will depend on its adaptability in your industry. In this blog, we will discuss about the top 10 JavaScript frameworks that will dominate the web platform of 2018.


Angular JS

ANGULAR.JS -  Superheroic JavaScript MVW FrameworkThis is one of the most popular JavaScript framework that is tremendously expanding and is getting updated constantly. Angular JS is widely used in single page application projects. It widens the utility of HTML Document Object Model and makes it more responsive to user actions. It also supports two way data binding.

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Node JS

Best NodeJS Tools, Tutorials and Resources

Built on top of, Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine, it is used to develop I/O intensive web applications. It is also good to implement in single page applications as it is very lightweight. Being open-source, it costs absolutely nothing to use it. It is the choice of thousands of developers worldwide.

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Vue JS

VUE.JS - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
Vue JS is the framework that is intentionally designed to be adoptable. It is one of the open-source, progressive JS framework that is used for building user interfaces for the web. It is also a web application framework that can power advanced single-page web applications. Vue also provides two way data binding.


Meteor JS

Meteor - Node.js Frameworks
Meteor is a web application framework built on top of Node JS. It is famous for its ability of rapid prototyping and cross-platform code generation. It is the perfect framework for real time applications. Moreover, it makes it easy for a front end developer to work on the back end.

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React JS

React.js - User Interfaces Building Library
Originally developed by the Facebook and Instagram community, it is used to handle the view layer for web and mobile apps. This is because it allows us to create reusable UI elements. Though it has a steep learning curve, a simple logic within makes web development easier.


Ember JS

EMBER.JS - A Framework for Creating Ambitious Web Applications
Ember JS is a great framework that makes web application development easy. It has a wide range of features which makes it the first choice of developers. One of them is, it makes things quite simple and focus on the productivity of the developer. Furthermore, it is open source.


Polymer JS

Being an amazing JavaScript framework from Google, it is best suited for material design applications. Not to mention, material design in apps has expanded exponentially since its introduction in 2014. Another amazing fact about Polymer JS is that, it supports HTML web contents. This gives it a longer existence in the future.



AURELIA - Most Powerful, Flexible, JavaScript Client Framework 
It is the most advanced front end JavaScript framework today. Its complete framework is composed of a collection of libraries that work together using well-defined interfaces. Therefore it is completely modular and customizable. Even after all these flexibilities Aurelia has a smooth learning curve. It is best for web and mobile app development.


Spine JS

Spine JS
Also known as Backbone JS, it is an MVC (Media View Controller) library for building JavaScript web applications. Spine helps to maintain a great quality code. Surprisingly, Spine is very lightweight and contains only 700 lines of code in CoffeeScript.


Mithril JS

Mithril JS
Despite being very lightweight, it also provides a template engine with a virtual Document Object Model. Moreover, it requires very little effort to bootstrap an application written using Mithril JS. Its DOM supports nesting of virtual elements.


These were the best JavaScript frameworks you need to master in 2018. Due to the flexibility, stability, portability and user experience required in the smart year of 2018, the frameworks will gain heavy demand. Mastering a few of these would be sufficient for most of your web development tasks. Furthermore, these frameworks are developed by tech giants and are expected to have a long term community support. Thank You.