So you want a tech job that don’t need coding. Coding everyday just to do some simple task can sometimes be frustrating. This is the main reason people now a days look for jobs in IT field that does not require any kind of coding. At first it seems fun to code and seems simple when you are working on college project. But really starts to kick when you have to do the same work but on much much larger scale. There are deadlines and the work has to be perfect. This is nothing like working on a school project. It creates constant pressure to code as uniquely and as per some other’s demand. This is not what you might want to do now is it. I have some friends who work so hard and also earn well but coding every single day makes them more fractured.

People in this field mostly gets involved is due to its pay. But when they realize it is not an easy pay they realize they made a mistake. Let’s say that you have a amazing amount of creative knowledge and want to invest that on the field of IT. In such cases you can always choose the field that don’t need coding. Those tech job that dont need coding are the perfect job for you. It will provide you the best opportunity to let you channel all that creativity out.

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Some IT jobs which don’t involve coding

People may not believe that all the jobs that are done while designing a software, maintaining IT resources or even project design can be done without code. It may seem a little childish first but when you start to realize how big job you have then you will really appreciate this job more seriously. Not all coders may be able to do the work as you do it because those who can code cant design and those who can’t code can design. I am not saying that it the case of all the coders but it is the case of most coders. Let’s take a small example when someone comes to your office and then says they want a website.

First your the one who will interact with the customer and takes all the ideas of their design. Now lets see some tech job that don’t need coding. Some of them are:

1. UI/UX Expert

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are some of the best examples in tech job which don’t need coding. As most of their work are done with the help of other software which are made to create prototypes and design the software. During the development of the software their must be something that will create a scenario on which coders do their coding.

When projects are being developed first UI sketch out all the client requirement and then give those sketches to the UX. Then UX creates those products. UX have to keep end user in mind. UX unlike UI have huge diversity in work. They can work only on research or be involved on the development of the prototypes.

UI/UX Expert

Some of the main jobs is to make the jobs of the coders easier and they are the one who decide have the webpage looks from the outside. But just because they get to design don’t mean they dont have to keep end users in mind. They must be able to think like the end user and design accordingly.

2. Software/ Games Testing

Other Job for non coders can be testers. The work of software and game tester is just to test them and monitor if they are feasible to go on the market or not. This is one of those tech jobs that don’t need coding. This is not so complex but very important job while developing a software. Until and unless testing is not performed on the software it not eligible to be used yet.

Software/ Games Testing

In software testing when we test if the software created is working as per the requirement or not. If software have some defects then it is informed to the developers team and then reprogrammed. When there were no testers than their can be a lot of problems for the end users. This will not only harm the end users but also harm the company good name. Without using any codes this work can be very important during the life cycle of production.

Not only software but even games need to be tested. If games have some adult contents and age is not specified on those games kid can play those games that can create some serious problem in the future. Many games have options in which gamers can buy items online. If bugs are found on them and if the money spend on that item is lost then it will create lot of problems.

3. SEO Expert

SEO (System Engine Optimization) which is the process in which the quality and quantity is increased of web traffic. This is done with the help of increasing visibility of a website directly to the end users while searching. Because of SEO experts searching content on the internet is much more efficient and only shows the most relevant answers.


Every SEO expert must be able to collaborate with developer and web designers to make the web content much better. The work that are done by the SEO can be searching the keywords, improve search engine ranking by making the pages more feasible, and all those things that makes your webpage more efficient.

SEO’s work can be tracking website problems and keeping track of the quality of the webpage. The reason why pages like wikipedia, wiki how are able to maintain top rank on the search engine is due to proper SEO control. Without SEO web pages will have some hard time maintaining top list on the search engine.

4. Data Analyst

Hey if you dont want to be a coder and just work at the field of IT then it is fine. One of the things you can do is become a Data Analyst. It dont involve coding so you are clear. This can be considered as those job that don’t need coding.All you have to do is collect data and use the same data to plan next move for the company.


If you are bad at code but strong at maths then you have found yourself a place like home. When data analyst collects data from various sources then those data are used to make decisions in the company. You first have to collect data and find out what that app is missing. Then you take the data collected and give it the others to code according to the data that has been collected.

On average a data analyst earns around $52,000 yearly. It may not seem that much compared to other’s salary but without the data analyst there can be problems like

  • Lack of data collection
  • Data Collision
  • No proper planning

5. IT tech support

In the world of front and back end developers there seems no work for non coder.Tech Job that don’t need coding also included tech support. But if you are interested in tech support then guess what you are in luck. IT tech support provides services to it clients if there is any problem on their devices that were sold by their company. This work can be done by not only staying on the desk all day at some office.

As long as you are able to do the task given to you by your company you can do it from any corner of your room or the world. All the skill you will be needing in this job is good communication skill and technical knowledge. Most people who work as tech support have one problem and that is not having to be in the office to do the work.

Let’s take an example, If you are at home but can’t make it to office but you have too many task to complete then you can just call the office and tell them you will be doing your work from home today and still get paid the same. It may look little money but once you have enough experience you can ask for a raise.

6. Growth Hacker

Hacker? Doesn’t hacking takes coding skill? You may have all these question in mind when you read this point. Trust me growth hacker are not like any other hackers. They are those people who use their skills to create low cost strategies which will help business increase their customers and maintain their customers. When i say business i dont just mean production and sales i also mean IT business.

When a growth hacker is hired they will try to make strategies which cost company as little as possible. Those hackers are responsible for mixing marketing, technology for the development of a business. Job is about just not create but they are also the one who implement the strategy in the company.

Their primary concern is know what is trending in the market and how can their company stand the competition. When people see this they think it’s not so hard they dont see all the work data hackers have to do. They have to be very careful not to create strategies that might collide with other company product. This role needs flexibility to make successful strategy.

7. System/ General IT

When system word comes up all we think about is coding because those system are made with the help of codes. Tech Job that don’t need coding is the job we look for the most. In this job you must be great in using all the equipments that are important for the company. From setting up routers to big servers is your job. They also have to backup data for the entire company. When entire days work is finished then they have to make backup for the entire system.

System/ General IT

People working in general IT often have create firewall to secure company network system. Without security problems like data loss, hacking, data traffic can create some serious problems in the company. You might need some coding knowledge but those codes are just some simple command lines. In some cases it may require coding so some coding knowledge may be required. But the most codding you have to do is not more than two or three line.

If you want to be more successful in this field than you must be acquire wide range of skills. Sometimes they have to work with some really pissed off users about no internet or not being able to send mail. They have to be more polite as possible and must be able to solve any given problem faster then ever. Some parts such as desk support can be one without any coding.

8. Project Manager

At first it sounds nothing like job on the IT field. Tech Job that don’t need coding also includes project manager. Project manager need to have a high level of understanding towards the company and its goal. Even if there is no coding involved they must have a clear knowledge about the project and the codes that involve there. They must understand what is right and what is wrong. If any problem arises they must be able to inform the coding team about their mistake.

You may think that they are permanent manager but instead they are managers of a certain project. They are responsible of managing certain project and managing the team involved who work on that specific project. They have the last say during the any project.

Project Manager must be aware of maintaining the quality of the project while keeping company goals in mind. Which includes deciding the everything during the course of development. They tend to work up close with the team to supervise them on all the steps during production life cycle.


In the end all you must know is that coding jobs may be able to earn you more money but what is the use of that money if you can spend it. All the time you are either coding or resting on home. At Least with non coders all they have to worry about is deadline because their work will end as soon as the office ends. As we have already established that not all are cut out to be coders. So if you want a job in IT field then you can simply chooses the career paths above. They are simple and most importantly they dont need coding.

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