Horizontal Lines are an approach to separate contents and should be possible utilizing the HTML HR component or CSS outskirt rules. HTML has the hr tag to announce a topical break for substance. In more seasoned HTML particulars the HR label was only a horizontal guideline and didn’t give the semantic significance it does now. As the front end part of the website design needs to look wonderful today it doesn’t give an obvious break, yet ought to be styled utilizing CSS. This also gives more control to the designer to make the HR label coordinate the site’s subject. Its simple to include horizontal lines utilizing either HTML or CSS, however it may not work as you think. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the amazing example of Bootstrap Horizontal line divider with style using Horizontal Rule(HR) tags.

Gathering of hand-picked great Dividers created utilizing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. A portion of the Dividers is having delightful activity impacts utilizing advances.

Demo and download are also accessible to users. Dividers can be utilized legitimately with no progressions and could be little changes depending on your needs. Thus the article will be useful for designers and non-coders.

Collection of Bootstrap Horizontal Line Design Examples with Code Snippet

Adding a horizontal line to your site’s menu is extremely simple to do with Bootstrap. I will show to you some unimaginable and normally used occurrences of them.


You might want to utilize the accompanying structures for yourself. Don’t hesitate to utilize them decisively.

1. Bootstrap Horizontal Line Divider HR with Centered Text

Need a Simple looking Bootstrap divider for your courses of occasions? You should take a gander at this Horizontal line if that is the circumstance. If you worship the surges of the lines, by then this will shock you.

The designer is trying to keep his markup as spotless as could be allowed, He made this little powerful HR tags that still pulls the substance from the HTML, however, gives it more style.

Bootstrap horizontal line with centered text


2. Bootstrap 18 Horizontal Line using HR

Keep your site straightforward yet amazingly stylish utilizing these Bootstrap dividers. From basic lines to ran razor lines to make the website page look perfect and dealt with; the scope of this example of the divider is essentially crazy.

Made for independent purposes, you can utilize these page separators for practically any reason possible. Basic blogging to making choice organization pages and points of arrival.

The straightforward plan decision behind this Bootstrap divider makes it extremely simple to actualize on your sites.

18 Bootstrap horizontal line

This is one of the Bootstrap Horizontal line divider example with style using Horizontal rule(HR).


3. Bootstrap Horizontal Line Stepper – Labels Below

You definitely have ordered something online. You can see this type of labeling on product websites or applications. As you can see in the demo, a straight line with the icons and contents in the equal distance is present.

This makes the page look clean and the user will not be confused about the product’s shipping and payments. In case you have enormous measures of portions to disengage without it normally feeling shocking then this CSS area dividers is perfect for your inspirations.

Horizontal stepper


4. Bootstrap Fading Horizontal Line

This basic yet very productive looking bootstrap divider does it work very well for a page separator. As the name says this is a Fading divider line that looks blurred in the left and right half of the line.

The white foundation also works very well with the plain and clean light-themed site. You could also flavor it up by utilizing differentiating color plans for that additional wow factor.

Fading horizontal line


5. Rainbowy Dashed Divider

Right off the bat, straightforwardness can be the key to different page plans and courses of action. If you need your site to look as master and lowkey as could be normal in light of the current situation, it’s a sharp intend to engage an essential Bootstrap segment dividers to allocate substance.

If that is the circumstance for your site, take a gander at this rainbow dashed divider by Simon Goellner. This incredible divider additionally has an ever-present essential yet in vogue arrangement perfect for splendid pages.

rainbowy dashed divider


6. Bootstrap Breadcrumb HR style Horizontal Rule

The rundown of astounding accumulations of Horizontal lines quite recently begun. Another to add to this colossal once-over! If you need some amazingly unconventional designs for your Bootstrap dividers, by then look no further. This is of the common example of Bootstrap line divider with Horizontal rule(HR).

Each and every one of these line separators is planned to give your page a unique want to empower you to stand out.

Colorful thick lines are available to separate the substance. Basically look at these huge numbers of Bootstrap dividers you can for your site without it consistently feeling dull or mishandled.

Breadcrumb Bootstrap horizontal line


7. Section Divider Line

This direct yet incredibly viable looking Bootstrap divider does it work very well for a page separator. The horizontal line behind the text as Section Divider works very well on the site.

A simple and elegant looking line is used for segregating the contents. You could likewise enhance it up by using separating concealing designs for that extra wonderful factor.

Bootstrap section horizontal line


8. Bootstrap Horizontal Line Icon on The Center

In case you need a dynamically retro or wistfulness driven for your site, by then you need all of your segments to duplicate that retro vibe. Notwithstanding whether you’re running a retro-themed site this divider line with symbol is a superb way to have in your grip.

The fundamental yet separating arrangement choice of high differentiation in like manner perfectly rouses whole structure. You can also use this to separate the contents if you are writing a blog for your loved ones.

Bootstrap horizontal line with icon


9. Headings with Horizontal Lines

The rundown continues for astonishing area dividers with this expansion. This Bootstrap divider gives you a chance to make horizontal dividers for your site while holding its innovative plan because of its differentiating styles. A twofold level line is used for separating the contents.

The segment divider accompanies recognized territories for Headings. You can likewise utilize colorful lines which include greater lucidity and visual spectacularity to it.

Headings with horizontal lines


9. Bootstrap Gradient Horizontal Line Divider

The following one to our rundown of stunning Bootstrap dividers is a basic yet charming one. This straightforward inclination divider summons a warm feeling to your page. Its basic thick line configuration makes it an entirely agreeable page separator to utilize.

Additional bonus incorporate being generally excellent looking on spotless and white foundation sites. In the event that you have huge amounts of segments to isolate without it consistently feeling shaking then this Bootstrap divider is ideal for your motivations.

Bootstrap gradient horizontal line


10. Easy Divider Line with Source Code

This basic straightforward divider carries a significant factor to the table with regards to page structuring: Versatility. While the divider itself is basic and the foundation color is not an innovative disclosure, the straightforward strategy behind it makes so you can without much of a stretch execute it on any site with negligible designs and not stress over any similarity issue.

Simple to actualize, simple to fit in and simple to modify; This Bootstrap divider certainly satisfies its name.

Easy Bootstrap horizontal line


11. Divider Example

In this plan, you not just get 10 sets of the horizontal divider idea. A slender pair of the line goes about as a solitary one with lovely foundation shadings.

Additionally, a logo is incorporated into between the 2 sets of lines. Subsequently, outfit clients with choices and decisions utilizing this smooth horizontal separator.

divider examples


12. Text Based HR (Horizontal Rule)

Here the designer has presented 7 lines to show the Horizontal divider using the HR tag. Be that as it may, every single one of these page dividers is additionally intended to remain individually, giving it its very own uniqueness.

Include text about your administrations, your web journals and significantly more while remarkably recognizing your web composition utilizing this imaginative Bootstrap divider.

Text based HR


13. Page Divide – Single Element HR

Cleanliness and proper presentation are key for any blog or similar printed content. Moreover, you need each fragment of your page substance to look as successfully recognizable as could be normal in light of the current situation.

Page divide

This staggering Bootstrap divider adds to your page’s orderliness. Their incredibly moderate style moreover makes it that the thought is never brought down your online diaries as well.


14. Pure CSS Horizontal Divider Star Icon

A fundamental and clean Bootstrap divider made for an essential and clean site. This radiant page separator uses obscured lines and an inside star image to offer significance to its divider plan. The splendid feature on the lines likewise adds more flavor to this successfully wonderful Bootstrap divider.

Modify the concealing accents to help this amazing Horizontal line design to fit in more immaculately with the rest of your content.

Pure CSS divider star icon


15. Divider Experiments

Need a total bundle of various yet comparatively planned Bootstrap page dividers? At that point no look further! This accumulation of 5 distinctive page dividers are the main dividers you’ll have to make your substance look all the more spotless and rich.

The blend of fading lines with 5 unique varieties make for an insignificant page divider configuration ideal for any sort of web content.

From blogging to promotion segments, parcel your site like no other utilizing these astonishing HTML dividers.

Divider experiments


16. Divider with a Circle

This interesting Bootstrap divider uses two fitting concealed divider structures with a cunning float in the middle for its extra creative mind. The little divider perceiving circle with an image adds more intrigue to this clear divider.

In the event that you’re running a site with tons of mixed unique shades, this CSS divider is sure to oblige your inspirations magnificently.

Divider with a circle


17. Fish Logo in Line

We just talked about the Bootstrap horizontal divider line with a star symbol. Keep in mind? This is additionally a comparative structure like the over one. The thing that matters is rather than a solitary line here we get two meager lines to make the segment look increasingly appropriate and flawless. Likewise, the star symbol is supplanted by the fish logo.

Fish logo in line

You can likewise redo the plan by including some of more liveliness or shadow impacts or anything that can look great in this structure.


18. CSS Section Breaks

Tidiness and legitimate introduction are key for any blog or comparable textual substance. Besides, you need each segment of your page substance to look as effectively discernable as could be expected under the circumstances.

This stunning Bootstrap horizontal line adds to your page’s tidiness and even furnishes with enough variety so even huge online journals can more than once utilize the dividers without feeling abused. Look over 5 changed area breaks with their very own individual and oversimplified plan.

Their extremely moderate style likewise makes it that the consideration is never detracted from your online journals also.

CSS section breaks


19. Simple Bootstrap Horizontal Line Divider

Another incredible colorful page divider to add to the rundown! This phenomenal Bootstrap divider utilizes a clever bolt based plan to make your page look significantly progressively proficient. Segment your substance with style utilizing this cool page separator.

Regardless of whether you construct standards or segment off promotions, web journals or administration postings; your site segments will look very tasteful utilizing this great concept.

Simple divider with style


20. CSS Line Behind Title Text

In the final one, we have a line behind title text design. A total of 5 horizontal lines are used for the title. In the first one, the lines strike through the text. In the second one, the lines are behind the titles. Thick lines are used behind the title in the third one and so one.

So you can choose any of them and use it for your projects/website.

CSS line behind title text



Therefore, keeping your page muddled probably won’t be a splendid thought. So the horizontal line makes the page looks immaculate and clean. This can look extraordinary on each site since the contents are seen significantly more these days. Also, a touch of shades and direct activity can offer life to this horizontal dividers.

So this was the instances of for the most part utilized horizontal divider plans everything considered. Meanwhile, we have to fuse a progressively unmistakable proportion of them soon. Furthermore, in the coming days we will mix JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and different structures, by then you not only will have a better-looking site yet snappier and lucidly strong one too. So, keep updated with us.

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