Normally, you can discover timelines on different history books and exercises more often than not when clarifying a particular occasions and why and when it occurred. In light of comparative methodologies, different parts and specialties of business and experts use it to keep things composed and successive. This not just gives a superior comprehension of the substance yet additionally helps remain on track. The best and the most well known utilization of timelines can be seen via web-based networking media like Facebook and Twitter. The majority of your posts, tweets, pictures you transfer and each datum shared or spared is displayed in a timeline directly from when you were conceived and when you joined. So in this article, we will discuss about some examples of horizontal timeline(responsive as well) with the help of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Today we have for you a rundown of astonishing timeline models that you can use on your site. Since there are such a large number of kinds of timelines to look over whether it is vivified, sliders, cards, progress bars and the sky is the limit from there, we chose to make it all the more intriguing! In this manner, here is a rundown of all the imaginative flat timelines. These models likewise incorporate the connection to the code pieces and the picture to feature the demo. Appreciate!

Collection of Horizontal Timeline Examples with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

If you are looking for a natural timetable intend to include your legacy to the present customers, these CSS timeline setup will bolster you.


We have divided the Timeline Designs into two categories. First one is using Pure CSS whereas the next one is using CSS and JavaScript.

Pure CSS Horizontal Timeline Examples

Let us start the beautiful examples of Horizontal Timeline using Pure CSS. CSS Horizontal Timeline

1. Horizontal Timeline

The developer Billie Zhang has given us a level course of events in this structure. In each part, you have some circular content box to include related substance isolated by a flat line.

The substance squares are of round structure. In the default structure, you don’t have the choice to include pictures, however you can redo the code for the picture choices.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

On the off chance that you need you can add inconspicuous activity impacts to the line and to the substance squares. Investigate our CSS Text typing effect animation examples for increasingly intuitive structure motivations.


2. Responsive Timeline

This is a static horizontal timeline example. As the name refers, this is a responsive horizontal timeline css that can be fully used for other devices as well. The contents are placed inside a round structure which looks well managed and is separated by a thin line. The colors, the pictures and the finishing looks amazing.

HTML CSS Horizontal Timeline Responsive

Since it is an idea model there may be not many issues, yet nothing is major. You can without much of a stretch fix them and utilize this plan on your site or point of arrival. This is one of the examples of horizontal timeline achieved with the help of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.


3. Horizontal Timeline with Scroll

Delineating the skimming bar or menu on locales, this is another incredible method to execute flat course of events onto any site. The entire structure depends on an essential style. This is a plan that utilizations scroll idea. The significant dates alongside the related even can be found in the plan.

scroll timeline

It is very shocking for just CSS and HTML and the general completing are amazingly smooth too. What’s more, on the grounds that the structure is so basic and clean, executing onto your site is additionally a breeze.


4. HR Timeline with HTML and CSS

This plan by Youri is a basic execution of an essential idea and cards based even timetable. Substance are set on the timetable as markers for different capacities or occasions. While the entire plan is by all accounts insignificant and straightforward, this can be a beginning to your very own custom task.

HR Timeline with HTML and CSS

Include the majority of the additional impacts and activitys that you like. You can also change the general shading plans that are utilized. So, pursue the connection beneath to get a full perspective on their code structure.


5. CSS Timeline Example

The designer Clint Brown has given a basic timeline structure. Straightforward timeline structures like this can be utilized in your online resumes and individual sites. Since it is an idea model, the maker has not included any intelligent activity impacts

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

Be that as it may, you can utilize this plan as a base and can include your very own custom activity impacts to make the structure considerably increasingly alluring.


6. Horizontal & Vertical Bootstrap Timeline

Presently this is an increasingly basic and clean horizontal timeline that is based altogether off of HTML Bootstrap and CSS styling and coding. Much the same as the past timeline we referenced, it pursues a similar example of style, anyway with an incredibly negligible shading plan and structure.

Horizontal & Vertical Bootstrap Timeline

With a pale white foundation, the material structure based cards fly out additional. Also, the trace of shading with the symbols or markers includes that bit of imagination one may search for.


7. Wedding Timeline with HTML and CSS

Structured with the wedding and some other extraordinary events as a top priority, this is one more astonishing approach to execute a timeline on your site. A basic blue and white shading plan with the moderate structure is the thing that that makes it rich.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

It sort of fills in as a timeline however a greater amount of an occasion scheduler or organizer. The occasions during the time are shown on a basic card and set apart by a blue symbol on hold.


8. Horizontal Timeline Awesome Example

Presently, this another case of a level timeline you can repeat on your site. Despite the fact that not as point by point and valuable as our past models, this can be an extraordinary beginning to your future task where you can add important subtleties to your inclination. It exhibits a basic timeline box with an angle pink shade.

Horizontal Timeline Awesome Example

To show signs of improvement understanding, the timeline highlights different pins varying on typical or included as set by the clients.


9. 4 Panel Timeline CSS

This shocking slideshow based timeline is so outwardly satisfying that it is difficult to accept that the whole structure depends just on CSS and HTML. The thought here is show printed substance concentrated increasingly innovative approaches to execute the pictures and the message to show. Four equivalent areas exhibit distinctive time speaking to a timeline.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

Beginning the segments show the dates and a translucent picture to back it up. As a result, executing a smooth and entrancing float impact on each area the maker utilizing CSS impacts has made a structure worth evaluating yourself.


CSS and JavaScript Horizontal Timeline Examples

Now let us discuss more of the examples of Horizontal Examples that uses CSS and JavaScript

10. Horizontal Timeline With JavaScript

As a matter of first importance, this is a propelled slider based level timeline model for you to give it a shot. Extraordinary for clarifying and including in data that particular occasion, event or achievement, this straightforward and viable structure merits an attempt.

A basic line is drawn crosswise over and set apart with red specks to stamp the occasion. Every one of the occasions is additionally clarified in the discourse boxes underneath or more the timeline.

Horizontal Timeline With CSS and JavaScript

There is one more intriguing component included, that is two exploring symbols underneath. Clients can also utilize this to effectively look through sending or in reverse on the timeline.


11. Responsive Horizontal Timeline JavaScript

The designer Clay Larson has given us a level timetable in this structure. Utilizing a level course of events is somewhat precarious than the vertical timetable plan. We must be exact about the space and the content length.

Be that as it may, in the event that you need to include enormous substance and pictures, it is shrewd to go for a vertical level structure. In this plan additionally you get an exceptionally fundamental responsive even structure. This is one of the examples of responsive horizontal timeline achieved with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

As the name says everything, this is a responsive horizontal timeline css that can fit in other devices as well.


12. Nested & Color Coded Interactive Timeline

Presently this is a progressively inventive and beautiful method for including flat timeline onto your site. The maker of this plan has utilized the basic material structure cards and made it into an alluring yet useful slider. Not at all like the greater part of the structures we have in line for you, this timeline is an increasingly compelling methodology as it has placeholders for each and every component.

Nested & Color Coded Interactive Timeline

You can include pictures, subtleties, dates, titles and that’s just the beginning. Indeed, even the content segments over the timeline can be utilized to include more data.


13. Horizontal Timeline with Jquery

Presently, this is an incredible method to execute occasions and dates on any site in a powerful way as the structure is totally responsive. Albeit level on the underlying stage, the entire structure changes to a vertical timeline relying upon the screen size.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

It depends on CSS, HTML and extra JS to include innovative components. You can include the subtleties and data you need on the all-inclusive sections with every one of the markers.


14. Responsive History Horizontal Timeline with JavaScript

With a plan made particularly for directing and clarifying occasions and history in a simpler and reasonable way, this flat timeline is outwardly staggering. Presently dissimilar to different plans, this is the meaning of a slider utilized as a timeline. Each segment contains picture holders just as the content positions to clarify the picture.

Responsive History Horizontal Timeline with JavaScript

Likewise with any sliders, it has navigational symbols underneath the segments for clients to look through the substance. This is also one of the examples of responsive horizontal timeline achieved with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.


15. JavaScript Horizontal Timeline Inspired by Codyhouse

Basic and negligible this is basic experimentation the maker has thought of to speak to a level timeline. The foundation and generally shading plan is basic and clean. Makers have utilized JS to include the majority of the subtleties with animation, impacts, characteristics, drift and snap impacts.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

For demo purposes, the maker has also included date again the detail segment. Be that as it may, you can undoubtedly supplant it with a substance, title or detail to indicate the time.


16. Horizontal Event Timeline Examples

In this structure, simply basic circles with no bolts are utilized for the navigational symbol to pursue the insignificant example. Another extra component here is the shrewd capacity to recognize the beginning and part of the arrangement which when drifted over changes the cursor to the not accessible sign.

Horizontal Event Timeline HTML CSS Examples

The white foundation and the dark timeline keeps the perfect and expert tasteful set up while the focal point, all things considered, stays on the innovative textual styles used to show the informations.


17. Responsive Horizontal Timeline

Made on the base of a CSS and JavaScript, this case of an even timetable is a shocker. The maker has used the structure with markers to assign a course of events. You can press the switch catch in the event that you need to uncheck your course of events works.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

Shading plans with the plain white and neon green are without a doubt straightforward and eye-getting enough. This is one of the examples of responsive horizontal timeline with the help of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.


18. Animated Circle Timeline

Presently discussing one of a kind and imaginative plans, this is an extraordinary case of a timeline. The even line over the screen denotes the different time. The one of a kind element here, in any case, is the vivified circle that holds a picture.

Animated Circle Timeline

Fundamentally, when drifted over every one of the markers, the circle shows up ideal over that exhibiting the subtleties or the picture that signifies the occasions.


19. Bureau Zuidema Generated Timeline

Another extraordinary model you can discover is this level course of events model. A straightforward line hauled over the screen to mean the time. Every marker structured with a basic roundabout symbol additionally incorporates the card above and underneath it. The card contains the majority of the data and the title and furthermore the dates.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

Likewise there is a bolt catch to slide through left and right of the page. Utilizing HTML, CSS and a touch of JS, this is a staggering even case of a course of events.


20. Vis Timeline Zoom Level Example

The next one we have is a horizontal timeline example to showcase your item products. You can scroll them left or right as well. The item box turns to yellow on click.

Vis Timeline Zoom Level Example

The general idea is also quite extraordinary and you can without much of a stretch gain admittance to the code piece underneath.


21. Animated Horizontal Timeline

Another right up the inventive and creative design is this vivified timeline with a flat structure. The timeline begins as a basic line with markers to check the occasion and the time. Yet, the distinction here is the movement utilized. Tapping on any of the specific markers shows the title and data in a smooth progress.


Indeed, even the line is energized to pursue the snap changing hues clearing the way to where the cursor is clicked. Be that as it may, the activity is raised further with the great radio catch like impact.


22. Beautiful Horizontal JS Bootstrap Timeline

Discussing an energized timeline, this is a far and away superior variant of what we have rattled off up until now. With a gradient foundation officially giving out that imaginative feel, the timeline close by the cards and even the markers are energized. Every one of the markers incorporates a data box where the clients can include any subtleties or data and even incorporate symbols and pictures.

Beautiful Horizontal JS Timeline

At the point when floated over the particular markers, the cards show the data and the markers change their underlying shading design.


23. Timeline for Website Event

Taking contrasting shading plans and executing it onto an enlivened structure, the maker of this structure has accepted class as the entire stylish. Appropriate to show more subtleties onto each marker or one occasion in turn, this structure is positively more material than a portion of the plans we have referenced on the rundown.

website event

The timeline utilizes the white line as the pointer and little markers along the line to show the time.


24. Timeline Sequence

Modern, popular and trendy, these words are the ideal definition for this model here. A slideshow incorporated with a vivified timeline, it couldn’t beat that. The foundation picture also fills in as a slideshow and changes slides with astounding page advances each time a symbol is tapped on the timeline.

Timeline Sequence

In view of JS precise module alongside smooth CSS movements, this is an unheard of level of execution.


25. Horizontal Timeline with Swiper

More current and propelled, this is an incredible method to include that pinch of inventiveness on any site. This is likewise the other models, yet with a couple of adjustments to a great extent. The maker utilizing extra parts like the Swiper Grabber Cursor and additional slide in impacts with JS and CSS, this is a basic yet captivating structure.

responsive horizontal timeline html css javascript bootstrap

Two navigational catches are additionally on the top for the clients to parchment left and right effectively.



So, we included css horizontal timeline, flat timelines, responsive and even Bootstrap-controlled timelines. Interestingly, with some fundamental learning of HTML/CSS/JS you can likewise change any dull and crude online portfolio into a perfect work of art. And you even don’t need to create it from scratch; the web offers a huge amount of accommodating things.

In the event that you need to show off your experience or potential in an outwardly engaging way, at that point you should investigate the recorded beneath straightforward yet practical answers for populating your task with a timeline. We will include more of them using HTMl5, CSS3, Jquery and Bootstrap as well.

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