A price Range slider is a slider having a price on it; instead of entering the price, the client can likewise slide the meter to the suitable price range and present the price. It can likewise be utilized for selecting min-max ranges to perform range-based activities like search, approval, and the sky is the limit. Price Range Slider is extremely regular on modern websites. They are mainly utilized in eCommerce websites.

So here in this post, I’ve gathered 10+ Bootstrap 4 Price Range Slider Examples achieved with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/JS. Also, for some Bootstrap sliders, labels are used, and input elements of type range are used to specify a numeric value.

The universe of web design is, without a doubt, moving at an incredibly quick pace, and client experience is by all accounts one of the profoundly thought-about factors for acquiring accomplishment. Fantastically, what isolates the effective internet business locales from those that are struggling is essentially client experience.

One of the tools that can comfort clients with a rich client experience is a price range slider. Various customers visit your destinations, and they, in all likelihood, have various spending plans for a particular product.

In that capacity, each client should be given the alternative of committing to their merchandise and ventures within the extent of their financial limit; this methodology gives everybody a feeling of belonging.

Collection of Bootstrap Price Range Slider Examples with Source Code

Contained in this post is a collection of Price Range Slider Templates. Stop depriving yourself of your serene night rest for creating a befitting price range slider. Investigate these free formats and find the price range slider that is generally reasonable for your business needs.


So without any further ado, let us now get into the discussion.

1. Bootstrap Custom Input Range Slider

Bootstrap Range Slider

First up in this design, the designer has given you a Bootstrap Custom Input Range Slider collection.

Colors and shadow impacts are beautifully present to distinguish the design from the background. The animation impact is smooth and clean, so the client will appreciate using this slider.

Also, this animated slider will take just a smidgen of screen space. Thus, squeezing it into any webpage will be a simple activity for the client.

To make this example of Bootstrap range slider impact smoother, the creator has utilized both CSS and Javascript.


2. Bootstrap CSS Range Slider Input Example

Bootstrap Range Slider Example

Setting ranges is one of the significant employments of Sliders. For example, if you are planning to purchase a laptop.

In any case, you have a certain price range that you can’t surpass. In any case, all you find is a workable pace of extravagant laptops. You can then utilize this kind of demonstration and indicate your price range.

This Bootstrap range slider with labels can be valuable for allowing clients to choose a particular price range when browsing items.


3. Simple Input Bootstrap 4 Price Range Slider With Labels

Simple Bootstrap Range Slider

One of the most widely recognized spots where individuals use sliders is selecting a price range. You can use this price range slider on your eCommerce website to set the item price esteem. Or on the other hand, you can utilize it on a finance website to set the credit sum worth and interest esteem. Since it is designed specifically to set price esteem, you get an unmistakable incentive at the top text box.

The text box in this Bootstrap Slider can likewise be treated as an input box with the goal that the client can input their value straightforwardly in the box. Slider capacities are upgraded consummately for daily use so that you can immediately utilize them on your website.


4. Price RangeSlider For Website

Website Bootstrap Range Slider

A favored decision for today’s prevailing range slider. Presumably loved it due to its lightweight and quick highlights. This slider is an extraordinary decision for any individual who is a herald of awesome client experience.

You simply need to drag the circle to choose a specific range. Your choice will be present just at the right of the range slider.


5. Custom Gear Range Slider UI

Custom Bootstrap Range Slider UI

Suppose you are building an online buying administration. At that point, you might need to utilize a slider to make the clients set range according to their needs.

It is basic, with a combination of CSS and JavaScript. This kind of Bootstrap range slider example is conceivable.

When you select a range, just the chosen range will be featured, and the other part will remain.


6. UI Range Slider Code Snippet

UI Range Slider

UI Range Slider is a basic and simple to-utilize range slider. You can move the slider quickly from one end to the next, and the corresponding qualities are indicated perfectly at the bottom of the slider. Although this design uses CSS, the animation impacts are extremely minimal.

The creator has imparted the code to you on the CodePen editor. Consequently, you can alter and customize the code according to your interest.

You can use this range slider design in your website or portable application by fine-tuning the design a tad.


7. Simple Range Slider Output

Simple RangeSlider Output

This is a popular-looking slider, which you can use for website and versatile application designs. The level design with a stylish shading plan makes this slider appealing.

There is no range scale in this slider; instead, the developer has utilized a bubble to show the value.

The bubble in the default design shrouds the substance behind it, so ensure you modify it to where you are using it.

The developer has used SCSS and Javascript to make this completely practical range slider design.


8. CSS Range Slider With Source Code

CSS RangeSlider

Here, the designer has given you three different range slider models. The first and the third ones are quite the same. However, the second one is a bit different. On sliding the circle, it does not move smoothly.

The developer has given you a value indicator at the rightmost corner of this design. In spite of the fact that the given slider has a slick design, it still needs barely any tuning before using it on an expert website or application.


9. Bootstrap 4 Price Range Slider Example

Bootstrap 4 RangeSlider Example

If you are into a vacation website and want your users to provide a range slider to choose the Amount and Duration, then you can use this design. As said, there is a ranger slider to choose the Amount and Duration. After you have done selecting, the total amount is calculated.

For the payment option, you can choose between different credit cards present at the base. After completing everything, you have the call to action button to proceed further.

Improve how you connect with your clients regarding prices at whatever point they visit your site by implementing this Flat jQuery Price Slider. Doing this makes your design errands completely simple.

Additionally, on the off chance that you should know it, you don’t have to pay a dime before you can implement it.


10. Color RangeSlider For Website

Color RangeSlider For Website

Perhaps the greatest preferred position of the CSS3 content is normal hues and gradient hues. If your website uses a stylish gradient shading plan, this slider will be a decent expansion to your website.

As you can see in the demo, this slider has a gradient shading plan. Besides the gradient shading plan, this is an ordinary slider you can use on any website. In the demo, you get a significant box for holding the slider.

In view of your design, you can alter it since it utilizes the most recent web design structure. Working with this design will be a simple activity.


11. Bootstrap Price Range Slider With Labels Code Snippet

Price RangeSlider

Using Bootstrap, the developer Vubon has given a practically appropriate range slider with labels. You can utilize this slider for any piece of your website.

Whether you are using the slider to set a price in an eCommerce store or a separation range in a directory website for places, this slider will be an adept decision.

A square is utilized to show the chosen range esteem to let the clients unmistakably observe the range esteem.

Since this Bootstrap 4 Price range slider uses CSS and a touch of JS content, you can utilize any modern shading or gradient shading plan for this slider.

Hardly any advancements will make this slider a solid match for proficient websites.


12. Pricing Slider Fully Touch Compatible

Pricing Slider Fully Touch Compatible

You can use a bubble to show the min and max rage esteem or a rating scale like in this design. The chosen value is present at the top.

If you are using a slider in an application, this design will be a decent decision. For example, you can utilize this slider to zoom in and out of the picture or expand the chosen territory.

The slider utilized in this design is exceptionally basic and clean, making it fit effectively in any website piece. You can even utilize some modifications in your portable application design.



You need a price range slider that interests your clients every which way, and this slider does precisely that for you. It is usually used to limit prices to a certain range by method for filtering. Most designers similarly utilize it since it improves client experience just as it advances perceivability on websites.

As a developer, it is pointless to reinvent the wheels regarding engaging your clients with profoundly evaluated sliders. There is no point pulling yourself through such a significant amount of worry of developing one when you have them all here prepared for download.

Furthermore, similar to what it has been, for the most part, focused on, these formats are for nothing. So why consume yourself? Simply get the one you like, and you are a great idea to go!

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