So you are wondering about what data tables are and where they are used. Today we will be covering some amazing data table libraries for you. If you are looking for data table you must have some basic knowledge about them. But for those who are beginners lets learn more about what they are and where they can be used. So lets get started.

Let’s say you have a collection of data that may be tables, relationships or constraints in your system. You might need some place to store those data. This is where Data table comes to help. In short we can say that data tables are those tables which stores all the collection of your data. Then those data are represented in a form of tables. These tables are later on used by the users to learn more about the data they have stored.

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Best React Data Table Libraries and Component Code Snippet

Data Table are also one the members of Creating with data table is much more easier as you keep learning about them. Data tables are very powerful as it is one of the jQuery plugin. In addition of being jQuery plugin it is used to create table listing and adding interactions to them.

Firstly you must know that data tables are nothing but storage of you data. They store your data in such a way that you will be able to sort and use them as you like. With the help of index the data are much more easier to find the data.

1. React super responsive table

When we use data tables we want them to store all kind of data from our personal information to our professional information. In the table below we can see their are sections in which different data are stored. This kind of tables are mostly used by event handlers. In short you can store all the data about the event, date of the event, where it was held to even who was the agent to organize the event.

Demo | GitHub

React super responsive table

2. React Table

Sometimes all you will be needing are some simple table information as seen below. The table given below can be used to store such data that are used for simple format. For example if all you want is information about some people and their age then you can use this table.

Demo | GitHub

React Table

3. ag-Grid

When you are running a huge company and all you want is to manage you employees efficiency then you must try ths table out. On this table not only will you find their basic information but you will also find what they are working on and their efficiency level.

Demo | GitHub


4. GigaTables ReactJS plug-in

Storing data is much more difficult then you can imagine. You have to know what are the your employees doing and keep them in check. With this table you work will be made a little simple. As you can see there are more than just some contact information. But instead their are information about the work they are doing and on which field.

Demo | GitHub

GigaTables ReactJS plug-in

5. Griddle Data Table

Let’s say that you are having a conversation that reveals about the information about certain some person. With Griddle you can do just that. You can easily customize the data in the table and you can make the data more interactive.

Demo | GitHub


6. React Data Grid

Sometimes you may want to make your data table as responsive as possible. With this data table will you not only get fast rendering but you will also get full package of excel features. These kind of data tables are easy to customize as well as easy to configure. Using JavaScript and CSS this might just be the perfect table for you.

Demo | Code

React Data Grid

7. MUI-Datatables Data Table

Having some additional features like filtering, searching, hiding and viewing columns are something most of us want in table. In addition to that you can also add more feature such as printing, downloading, shorting the data and much more. Their are even options for you to customize the tables for you mobile phones.

Demo | GitHub


8. Reactable Data Table

Fast and easy to locate information reactable allow you to represent data in tabular form. Further more it also allows you to sort, filter and paginate the data over other data. But as the project is being developed you may find some problems with it. But those problems will be sorted out in the near future.

Demo | GitHub


9. Crud React DataTable

Adding data in old and conventional way is getting much harder. But their are some Datatables which can make the work much more simple for you. As you can see in the table below. Firstly you insert data in the insert form. Then you all you have to do is submit the data. It is easy and saves much more time.

Author: ryan pagaduan
Demo | Code

Crud React DataTable

10. Reactabular Data Table

Like many tables seen so far reactabular is a little different. Firstly it doesn’t add functions to its core file but it gives you the option of extension points. Even through composition you can you can implement features such as search, sort, paginate and inner editing. If you are not happy with its library then you can simply add some third party components on it.

Demo | GitHub


11. Sematable Data Table

Storing on only one databases is not something you may wan. But with sematable you can store your data on any server you like with few coding. You can simply enable the server and the data will be stored. It is much more simple and will save you a lot of time.

Demo | GitHub


12. React table cell renderers

Knowing about your employee or your customers is very important. As you can see in the demo this table keeps all the information about that. From name to profile progress all can be customized. To sum up with the help of CSS and JavaScript you too can make the table as interactive as possible.


React table cell renderers

13. React bootstrap table

React bootstrap table are very easy and dependable to use. As they have delerative and composite components for development is makes the work much more simple. In addition you can manipulate data inside table store. So you can see how much easier you job gets.

Source/Download | GitHub

React bootstrap table

14. React base table

Their can be more than hundred of data in a company. You may be able to store all the data but how will you make it load faster. With React base table you can do just that. It is much more flexible. In addition to that it can display large data with high performance.

Source | GitHub

React data components

15. React data components

Storing data in some table is not always enough. You have to make sure it is easy to access and it make the data look much simple. With react data component you can make all that happen. As this component is best for sorting, filtering and paginating the data.

Demo | GitHub

React data components

16. Dynamic Data Table in ReactJS

Editing the data you stored from the codes are not an easy task. It takes lot of you time and effort. But the use to this data tool make editing much more simple. For instance you can edit the data from the actual display table which makes the work much more simple.

Author: Rohan

Dynamic Data Table in ReactJS

17. React Table with simple sort

You may not only want to sort the data from one part. Their can be various components you may want to sort the data from. Same can be seen here. To clarify if you want to sort according to title or completeness of work you can do just that with simple JavaScript on your device.

Author: Austin Lyons

React Table with simple sort


To sum up all you need to know about data tables is that the use of them make the daily work of data entry much more simple. You can store load of data but yet do it with ease and save lot of time. Firstly you store data in your system and then make table for those data and represent them in much more systematic manner. During the article we hope you may have learnt more about data tables. But if you have some confusion we hope you will leave us comment down below. To sum up Data tables are just storage unit of your data.

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