Having some jQuery Countdown can be pretty cool and can make the website look much cooler. Mostly used to announce something that happens once. Well use of these kind of countdowns makes you website add some amazing features and increase viewers interest in the website. Lets just say you want something that has been expected for a very long time what do you do? Use one of the countdown plugins. Combination of HTML, CSS and JS can give you just what kind of countdown you want.

When you think about countdown you may only think about some numbers. But trust me they are so much more as they can make the web pages not only look good but also help you promote the reason for your countdown. When visitors visit you website and find something new is coming up and all they find is the date then it may not excite them well. But what if you add a counter for the purpose. This will for sure make the users more excited. In other words users will be informed in such a way they will never forget about the event.

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jQuery Countdown Plugin with Code Snippet

Making the best use of jquery countdown will for sure make the website look great than usual. Simple old websites are ancient history as there are so many plugins that can be used nowadays to make websites give that amazing look. In the end it is not what you use but it is what don’t you use to make the best websites. To sum up if you use any of the countdowns given below then you will get the best response.

1. FlipClock.js

Lets see now you want some cool plugin that makes your website ready for something big. Then FlipClock is the answer. Use of countdown can help a lot as it makes the viewer excited for what is coming next. Most of the online store websites tend to add such countdowns.



2. The Final Countdown

Final countdown just by listening to topic gives me chills. Final Countdown is just as the way it sounds. Used on something special countdowns they will be perfect for your website. Although it may seem cool you must know where yo use it and where not to. For instance if you use it on every element then this countdown may not have any meaning.


The Final Countdown

3. DownCount

The countdown which has all the days, hours, minutes and second to give. You can do so much with it if you can think in more creative way. Remember your imagination can make this countdown more and more creative. They use reverse time which makes it perfect but also more efficient.



4. Colorful Countdown Timer

With some extra background color and design. This countdown is just as the others but with some additional color and designs. Adding these designs will not only make the website look good but also make the countdown more epic.


Colorful Countdown Timer

5. Countdown Timer

With the help of HTML and combining CSS and JS together you to can get some exciting countdowns. Just like here you can see that there are HTML, CSS and JavaScript used to complete the countdown. In short we can say that with the help of various HTML, CSS and JavaScript code there can be some amazing countdown.

Author: Matt Smith
Source: Codepen.io


6. A jQuery Countdown Timer

Showing countdown on counter might not always be an option you choose. As you may want some more detail on the timer. Such as text below the countdown timer. In addition to the countdown you also get some more design such as contains in text.


jQuery Countdown

7. jQuery.countdown Example

Just like other countdown we have faced so far it is almost the same. But with some new features such as classical countdown feature it may be a little different. As all the people may have different choices this may be the one for you. So take your time and choose what you want.

Author: bataimx
Source: Codepen.io


8. jQuery Countdown

Let’s say that you want something that can make your viewers more excited for an event. All you need to do is make a countdown for that particular event and then see the results. For instance lets say that the website you are building has a huge sale coming soon. All you need to do for users to participate is make a suitable countdown.

Source: Keith-wood.name

Count down  examples

9. jQuery Countdown Timer

Sometimes you may need countdowns that lasts only for certain time like minutes not even hours. Then at those movements you may want to use this countdown. As you can see how simple they are and while working they are not even visible.They have a unique attribute which changes color as the time passes.

Author: Gajanan
Source: Codepen.io

Timer  code

10. Countdown jQuery plugin

Sometimes you need to save time while you are building websites and make it elegant as possible. Sometimes you may not even have time to code. So during these times all you need to do is download these plugins and see the magic.

Source: kemar.github.io

jQuery plugin

11. Coming soon page with countdown

With the combination of HTML, CSS and JS almost anything is possible to add on the website. Just look at this website there is when there is some issues in the website this page can be generated. Not only can you make a countdown but also inform the user via email when the countdown will finish.

Author: Alex Devero
Code: Codepen.io

Coming soon page

12. jQuery Time Countdown

Unlike other normal countdown this count down is simple and easy to use. There are very less animation which are involved and can be used for minor purposes. Although this countdown can be used by those users who make the countdown for how long something can be accessed in the webpage.


jQuery Time

13. CSS-Only Countdown Clock

All other contdown are inside a box and number changes as the time passes by. Unlike those countdown this countdown is displayed at the background. You can adjust colors that are displayed and make the countdown as per the requirement of your website.

Author: Yogev Ahuvia
Source: Codepen.io

CSS-Only Countdown Clock

14. Countdown plugin

At first you only see countdown menu like others but once you see the codes used inside the countdown then you can tell that there is more to it. Here you can not only set hours or days but also years. This plugin is very simple to use and make the work much more faster.

Source: rendro.github.io
Code: Zip||Github

Countdown plugin

15. jQuery Countdown Timer

If you are not a big fan of keeping numbers inside a box then you have come to the right place. In this countdown you can see that number have no box and have their own colors to represent them. Second timer is smallest amount them all.

Author: piotrswioklo
Source: Codepen.io

jQuery Countdown Timer

16. jQuery countdown360

If you want a countdown that does not hog you entire section of a webpage then this might be the answer for you. Appearing on the side of the webpage this countdown will save lot of space and looks lot better than other countdowns so far.

Author: johnschult
Source: GitHub

jQuery countdown360

17. Simple.Timer

This countdown is for those who want simple and effective counter. Although it may be simple it still gets the job done. You can use it if you are not looking for countdowns which can hog up lot of space in the webpage. In the end it is simple which can make your website look good not the one with fancy animation.

Source: csouza.me
Download: Zip||GitHub



When it comes to countdowns it really doesn’t matter what kind of animation is used. If it servers your purpose then you are good to go. But sometimes simple may not be the key and you may want to make the countdown more elegant. Then you can simply download one of the plugins and use them. There are over 15 different plugin that can be suitable for your website. In the end the real question is what do you want and what is best for your website.

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