While opening most of the website or application, the first thing users do is login. Which means it is the first thing users ever see while they enter to your application. And the first impression is always the most important. Then there is no point being careless and compromising in designing best login forms using free material design HTML5 and CSS3 login form, is there? HTML CSS bootstrap login form or template is simple to advance login form on the internet.

Login forms help to create or access users own profile in that site. It is also a way to secure the site from fake ids it demands verification of the email of the user and also uses a password. These forms act as a user management system.

Responsive Free Material Design Login Forms: HTML5 and CSS3 

HTML is the basic block of the website while bootstrap and CSS gives an attractive look for login form. But coding a registration form is not a clever idea. It requires knowledge consumes time and creativity. Therefore many developers use signup a template that is available over the internet. As well as they are free and easy to use. All you have to do is to find the site download the form and then see it.


The best ones obviously need to make things fast and easy for you. They should be flexible, user-friendly and interactive along with a beautiful look. Among thousands of such free material design login form using bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 we have chosen a few best ones and listed them.

1. Sign Up/Login Form

If you want clean, attractive also secure input form for your project then this can be your good option. In this form, we have an option for signup and option for login. There is JavaScript animation on the input field. The input validation is done using HTML validation. So the required input is compulsory. Also, email is required to be in email format otherwise it will not accept the given input. Both the signup and login have a complete input field.

Sign Up/Login Form

In this example, both of the signup and login is available so it will be easy for the user to take action. The color combination of the form is well suited because of the dark background. You can easily use this example in your project.


2. Flat HTML5/ CSS3 Login Form

This is the simple login form design with HTML5 and CSS3. The plain background with light input field makes this example appealing. We can see the link for creating an account if the user is not registered. The form will toggle if the input is empty. This HTML CSS login form or template is easy to use inside the project.

Flat HTML5/ CSS3 Login Form

The simple input form uses HTML5, CSS3 as well as JavaScript to make it toggle. We can add HTML5 validation in the form for secure input.


3. Dark Material Design Login Forms Animated Background

Are you looking for the login form template in HTML CSS with a bit of animation? then this is the right example. This dark login form consists of a sliding background. The form is transparent with HTML validation. This will suit nicely on the website with a dark theme.

CSS login template

The JavaScript makes the animation functional in this form. The use of HTML and CSS is quite simple and understandable so it easy to use. The button will catch the eye of the user.


4. Sign Up Form UI

If you want a beautiful input form with best possible function then this can be your option. The color gradient in the background gives the extra edge. The input form is secure with input validation. There is a clickable button on the top of the login form which opens another form. The next tab brings the option for the password, support also there is create account option.

Sign Up Form UI

This HTML CSS template brings a really attractive form with the best functional layout. Though the JavaScript is complex still you easily integrate into your project.

Demo/ Code

5. Animated Login Form

This is another login form with animation as well as a functional factor in it. The input field has its own animation of the icon. When the user clicks login then the input data is check for validation. We can see the animation of validation. Also after validation, we can see the welcome message on the screen.

Animated Login Form

This type of form is useful because it makes validation process interesting and attractive. This HTML CSS login template is easy to use in your project.


6. Pure CSS3 Login Form

If you are looking for a typical HTML CSS login form or template with the clean design then this example might come handy. The background color and the minimal use of the elements makes this attractive. The form has a tab for sign in and signup. The appearance of the line when hover or click on the input field makes it more attractive.

Pure CSS3 Login Form

This example uses pure CSS there is no JavaScript. This really makes it easy to understand and apply in the project.


7. Material Login Form

The clean design with animation gives the best outcome like this login form. This is the example in Codepen by Andy Tran. The color combination gives extra looks to this example. We have login form in the opening window but when we click pen icon on the right side we will have a registration form. The transition animation is really beautiful and smooth. This form uses HTML validation for input.

Material Login Form

The use of animation in a proper way has made this example stand out among the rest. The color has made the design beautiful. There is a link to reset user password at the bottom.


8. Login Form

This is a normal login form for websites. The theme of the form is dark. The use of HTML validation makes it secure. This is simple as there is no animation or complex design to confuse the user. This is useful if you are searching for simple HTML CSS login template for your project.

Login Form

This example uses HTML and CSS only so it will be easy to understand. You can easily integrate login system easily in this project.


9. Day 001 Login Form

This is the login form with transparent background with an image as a background. We can see two tabs on the form. The signin have regular login input field whereas signup has an input field to register an account. This two tab can be toggle between.

CSS login template

This form uses HTML and CSS only so it’s easy to understand. The toggle option makes ease for user to move around the signin and signup.


10. Bootstrap Snippet: Login Form

If you are looking for simple and clean login form then this is what you want. This bootstrap login form has HTML validation. It has remembered the option for email and password. The minimal use of the design makes it simple to use.

Bootstrap Snippet: Login Form

This is made on CSS and HTML. So it is easy to understand and use inside the project. The use of bootstrap login form has made it easy to use forms in projects.


11. Paper Login Form

This is the simple design but its attractive design. The form looks like it is pasted on the wall. The effect is possible because of the tape and the shadow of the form. We can see a simple input field and button to sign in. The background color gives the feel of the wall. This type of login form is applicable when the user visits the website.

Paper Login Form

This can be useful for the user very much because of its use of HTML and pure CSS.


12. Red Login Form

This is a vibrant looking login form with the simple use of the elements. We can see the required input field marked with the asterisk sign. The requirement of input is shown below the input field. The light red color with red header and button makes form design beautiful.

CSS login template

This example uses HTML and CSS which is basic and easy to understand. The customization is easy in this example. It is simple to use inside the project.

Demo/ Code

13. Panda Login Form

This is really a work of art. The animation, theme, as well as the function, is amazing. There is two login field with HTML validation. If the validation is the wrong panda will give you the error message. You can see when you click on the password field panda will lift the form up. Also, the panda will move its eye in respect to your mouse pointer. The sliding in the login button gives the proper effect.

Panda  Form

This can be a very attractive login form for your project as it holds the simplicity, attractiveness as well as effectiveness. The use of the color makes it even better and the panda takes the credit for awesomeness.


14. Clean Login Form

This is a clean bootstrap login form. This example is by Peter Tóth on Codepen. The login is simple without any fancy animation and decoration. The only animation is on button hover.

CSS login template

The minimum use of elements makes it easy and simple. If you do not want any fancy form then this might be your option.


15. CSS3 HTML5 Login Panel

Among most of the login form, this form has social media buttons. The design is simple and smooth. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 gives more user benefits. We can see the register link for a new user. Also the social media buttons for connecting with the clients. The hover effect on the input field, button, social media, etc makes it more usable for the project.

CSS3 HTML5  Form

All the development of this template uses CSS and HTML. Background and green theme gives effective looks to the form.


16. Material Design Login Forms

Material Design Login Forms is your typical login form with smooth design. The animation is simple also elements are minimum in use. The click effect on the input field as well as on the button makes a significant difference. The use of JavaScript for animation is effective.

Material Design  Forms

Though it lacks validation, it can be easily added to the form. If you want short and sweet login form then this might be a good option.


17. App Login Concept

This login form is smooth with simple animation in use. When the form loads it, the football image rotates as well as the icon for username and password begins to construct. This form has validation on the password. There is an option for the sign up if the user is not registered.

CSS login template

This login form uses JavaScript, HTML and also CSS so it is easy to understand and use in your project. As well as this login form suits for the website or application with a dark theme.


18. Responsive Login Form

If you are looking for normal but attractive login form then this example can help you. This HTML CSS login form or template gives you the gradient background. The simple form without animation makes this form really beautiful. There is an option for signup if a user is not registered as well as password reset link too. It includes simple animation from JavaScript when an error occurs.

Responsive  Form

The use of simple language gives this example credit for usability. This design is perfect for the website with a flat design.


19. Random Login Form

This form is another example of HTML CSS simple and attractive login form or template. The transparent form with an image in the background makes the form attractive. Except for the hover effect, this form does not include any animation effects. This type of login form is useful for the website’s entry page. This example uses HTML and CSS only.

CSS Login Template

The use of basic frontend language makes this form example beautiful and simple. Because of this reason, it is easy to use for your project also it will be simple for clients as well.



Log in form is the first attraction to your application. The importance of login forms is high so you should be responsible while choosing one. We should look at a few of them before finalizing one. Sometime you should also choose a form that matches your website. A template with gadgets looks impressive to web tutorial site then the template with flower. The above list of free material design bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 login forms will help you for making a choice.

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