Hover effect is one of the best tools that web designers and developers can come up with to enhance user interactivity. It is because they respond back to user action and also give a dynamic effect. I assume you’re looking for an energetic website design to manage a number of contents. That’s what we are going to give you. Card layout to manage your amazing content and best hover animation effects possible with a number of CSS examples. At the end of this article, we believe that you will be able to achieve material card design for your bootstrap project having a cool hover effect with just CSS, HTML, and some Javascript.

The tutorial we have gathered here includes interaction between image and text details. Its because the results are simply powerful. The principle lies in delivering a beautiful image to lure the visitors and offer more details for interested one.

Here we are going to talk on how to offer those details mostly. The primary area of implementation for such hover effects is any website that requires to offer a number of contents. That could be a trip adviser site or social media. Hanging with us for a while and it’s likely that you will find an implementation for your application as well.

14 Cool CSS Card Hover Effects Design Examples Code Snippet

Before diving right into the examples I just want to say final things on what to expect in this article. The primary focus of today’s article is to help web designers improve their website layout in order to achieve enhanced user experience.

Here are handpicked examples of amazing CSS card hover effects to serve the same purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional because we have considered every level of web designers while coming with this article today.


Here’s the list of CSS card hover examples that will make an impression among the website visitors.

1. CSS Info Cards – Hover

Simple card hover effects

Here’s one of the simplest card hover effects that you can achieve with just CSS. It includes expansion effect along with a change in icon color. The one we have here changes the icon background from gradient to dark.

While doing so the icon takes the original background color. With this card hover, animation designers can maintain the theme color of the website even in dynamic situations.

Such card examples are an alternative to the navigation menu. When there’s less number of navigation option then designers can go for this one. This is because it makes the full utilization of the space while getting a beautiful layout. Alternatively, the hold the key to more options by categorization.

Demo | Code

2. Card Hover Effect

3d hover effects

Its relatively a unique addition to the examples of card hover effects. It consists full of animation so that without even any interactivity we can get the animation.

That is present in the form of a floating card which is in perspective view. Hover effect causes the view to shift from perspective to front view while standing still. There’s plenty more you can do after that just like the example that we have here.

As an implementation, this effect might suit the restaurant-related application or website very well. It’s just like picking the menu to see content coming from the hover effect. Definitely it’s not a food item but will be the main dish for those websites.

Demo | Code

3. Card Transitions

see more cards design

Both images and text play a vital role in delivering information. With this card design, your website design will attract visitors for initial impressions along with provision for further information. Having said that a layout is a number of grid cards with beautiful images.

Each image has something to offer which can be seen only after hover. The hover effect includes shifting the card downward while fading the image and showing the texts. This also gives a 3d effect on the current selection.

Needless to say but the layout is a very good component for travel site websites. Not only that if you can summarize any content into a beautiful image then this is the content management layout to consider. There’s always an option to navigate for further detail. Therefore, this serves as a beautiful frontend component with a gateway to more.

Demo | Code

4. Simple Card Hover Effect

Simple Card Hover Effect

The next bootstrap example for the card hover effect is a simple animation with the flip transition. Therefore, the layout is very similar to a greeting card. As you hover over the initial layout another component flips in from side while shifting only the contents within the border limit. The initial layout also fades to give a spotlight on a new layer.

Considering the effects that we are getting for this card it may even serve as a navigation option. I mean the CSS and HTML design and effect of the material card make a good component alternative to the toggle button.

Demo | Code

5. Card Hover Effects Example

multiple card hover effect with css

Here are 3 hover effects to consider along with material design card with only HTML and CSS. The first effect is a simple 3d card hover effect for your bootstrap site. That is you get shadow for the card to give a lifting impression while selecting.

The next one is another simple card hover animation with border rendering. That is you get a border as you hover. There’s an entire border animation article with CSS if you would like to know more.

Rendering light layers on top of the card is also a good indication of the current selection. With this card hover animation, there’s a slight change in content colors just enough to indicate selection.

Demo | Code

6. EC Card Hover with HTML and CSS

Hover with HTML and CSS

As a web designer when you play with colors it guarantees to grab attention. Here’s one of the CSS animation effects for card hover that rightly does so. What the animation does is a simple expansion but it isn’t the key player in the card hover effect.

Its the rending of color throughout the card except for the icon area. However, the icon keeps the hold of color until the hover effect. This means the initial color that the icon consists of spreads across the card.

If you’re looking for attractive animation in the content of your website then it’s one of a good example. Navigation option or content layout, this card design serves both. Not only it looks good user interface but it also improves user experience with interactive effects.

Demo | Code

7. Profile Card Hover Effect

social profile card design with css

The card design with CSS and HTML takes the material inspiration from popular social sites. Especially those sites which offer a suggestion of people you would like to connect with. So with this card users get the layout of other people’s profiles in the form of basic information only like image, name, and designation. Hover on the card and you get additional information with a link to full profile and other social media links/

If you’re looking to work on a bootstrap project such as LinkedIn then you must include card hover effects such as this. With this effect, you can include so much profile in a grid layout. I mean you wouldn’t want your website design to focus so much on unwanted components.

This layout we are talking about is uncategorized so as a designer it’s not sure how much focus should be given. Hence CSS card hover effects such as these helps to deal with the issue.

Demo | Code

8. CSS3 Cards Hover Effects No JavaScript

bootstrap card design for recepie site

If you’re a web designer looking to design a website for users to share their recipes then directly jump to the source code. Even if it is, not the exact website that you were looking then you can get the inspiration for something similar.

Basically what users are getting with this card is a beautiful cover image to attract visitors. In addition to that its the additional CSS effects on hover that showcase further details on the card.

Describing more in detail the card offers images for initial attraction, titles along with few important information. It’s the information on when it was posted and comments on the post. The hover effect slides the information container to provide more exposure to details. While doing so the cover image zooms to align perfectly with the layout.

Demo | Code

9. Card Hover Effects Using CSS

curtain card effects

Its the examples on certain effects that we get on hover of a card. Those effects are hidden at the corner as you see in the image below. They render the entire card with new colors on hover. This also involves changing the color of text contents inside. That’s all for the general principle but CSS rendering effects vary for each example on card hover.

The first example is like pulling the curtains while the second one is the lifting effect. The third one is like a mixture of both with just little darkening of the card color along with a lift-up effect.

Finally, it’s a small portion of the colored containers showing up at the side for the final effect. This one also involves rendering the border color.

Demo | Code

10. Material Card with Animated Image

card design with hover animation using css

This material card design compresses so much information for the sake of space efficiency with CSS and HTML. Its because as you hove the card it expands to give almost a complete picture. Therefore you may even call this card design as a compressor.

As said earlier it is the space efficiency that can be considered as a benefit of this card design. This layout principle has been implemented on so many popular sites even Facebook. Not in terms of hover effect but the provision of preview profile picture and full-size picture on click.

Demo | Code

11. House of Cards – HTML CSS Card Hover Effects

card design using css and html with animation

Its not the same space efficiency benefit you’re getting with the following card example but rather more of a pleasant appearance. It involves the re-positioning of image and caption as the effect on card hover for the bootstrap site. Not just that but its the shape of the image that changes as well.

The sole purpose of this card design is to improve the user experience with interactivity. It’s a playful component to consider for product cards in the e-commerce project. As said it is not much of space-efficient design but with the effect this one offers, it helps to focus more on the products.

Demo | Code

12. CSS Card Hover Effects Examples

introduction bootstrap card design with css hover effects

The examples of CSS card hover effects that we have on this list allow the visitors to get more up close with key persons. It may be president of the organization or the creative designer as well. Its a profile card that gives additional information concerning name and social media links on hover.

The animation effect on the card hover is the key here. Multiple examples show you can choose to either affect the original content or not. However, the colorful polygonal shapes that give the layout for name and social links are one kind of introduction that your team deserves on your website.

Demo | Code

13. Card Hover Effects with CSS

learn more on card hover animation design

Its one of the simplest hover effect than unveils the learn more option on hover. A good image selection is key to this card layout design to lure the visitors. However, its the hover effect which is the gateway for interested visitors to learn more. You may see this as the layout for a number of sites.

Any site that has to deal with a number of specific contents are welcome to implement this card design and hover effect. That could be an article site or blog or even an eCommerce site. Every one of these sites has a number of contents to deal with and seek for best management option. Well, this might the best solution in terms of simplicity in my views.

Demo | Code

14. Jelly Effect in Card on Hover

jelly card hover animationeffect with css

This example of the card hover displays the contents on hover in more of a flexible manner. Although the name suggests the jelly effect you can use any term which is a synonym for flexibility. It is because the border that holds the information contents gives the bouncy effect on initial render. Later on, it maintains the equilibrium state.

Its just a bootstrap prototype on card design focusing solely on rendering effect on hover. So there’s pretty much to do in terms of the final layout and initial designs. With source code available from below how about giving a try to show your creativity?

Demo | Code


Those were some of the examples of card hover effects that are open for use. So if you have been impressed with any of the examples above you can freely implement them in your project. Alternatively, they might have inspired you to work on a design of your own. If that’s the case go ahead and lets us know what are you coming up with.

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