Online payment system have been with us for a while now. With credit card system digitized and brought online there’s no denying that life has become easy. Internet was here to deliver information to navigate among different choices. While you could only navigate through system before, credit cards payment inclusion allows to acquire those easily and react javascript library is the component to allow so. This makes the difference between ability to check movie show time and booking a show for same. Imagine missing a movie you have been waiting for a long time just because due to unavailability of credit card payment system in the react application.

The list of credit card or online payment option providers and users are growing day by day. Firstly, its necessary to include these options if you haven’t and if you already have then you need to select a layout that’s comfortable with users. Think of it yourself, its some one’s money that you’re going to be dealing with and you need to win their trust with both layout and functionality.

Modern Credit Card Payment System Component For React JS

We have brought a series for examples on card layout for primarily banking and finance sector to all business companies or even donation based organizations. They are here to boost your sales option adding extra functionality to your amazing application.


Check out these examples to see if you can find a payment tool to add in you application.

1. React Credit Cards

With this react credit card payment design and animation you can take your application’s layout to next stage. The images and actions depict the real life credit card design with card holder name, card number and validation date. Moreover, these details are not just present over the card layout. Styling of the card is done in accordance to real ones with font weight distributed accordingly.

React credit card form

Whether it be an online payment system or a cards printing application either way the react javascript library is useful for both scenario. With printing application its easy to see final preview while online payment application gives a good impression on users.

Download from GitHub

2. React health card component

Wouldn’t you like to boos your chances of getting a new member for your business? Instead of giving a plain membership fill up form how about a dynamic visualization form. This form will take data from user and display it in the a membership card format. Hence, to be members know what to expect next.

React membership custom layout

For any business or organizations offering membership, this layout inclusion will give a premium look to the web. Give an additional professional image at a single instance by the card animation for your valuable members.

Download from GitHub

3. Credit card validation with card.js

The next example of online credit card payment with javascript is for a quick application form. We all know how much effort a bank gives to sell their credit card. For this they must ensure they reach right audience first and then quickly gather their attention. While we may not cover marketing strategy right now we have the solution to second phase in the form of react credit card payment form below.

popup react credit card and payment system

The layout can be used as a pop up form or advertising content of online payment system. Either way its a visually appealing content designed to market your credit card service.

Demo | Code

4. React Component Credit Card

While we have just focused on real world credit card layout in previous examples of react online payment system, here we bring a must have common and necessary feature. That is validation. So you have done everything right from marketing campaign to an amazing layout. But what if knowingly or unknowingly user doesn’t fill entire detail. Maybe they missed their contact number now how will you reach them? Better include validation so only complete data are submitted.

Multiple credit card library

This example of cards payment system has passed all modern browsers compatibility test such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc. In this context we can consider it to be a universal cards layout.

Download from GitHub

5. React Native Credit Card

Mobile banking is in rise these days. Since there are more mobiles than people these days it offers easy accessibility and reach. So is it even a question to ask if any bank or online payment service provider has this facility? No, its not but what the real question is that do they have a good layout for the transactions, credit card form fill up or payment procedure.

React Native Credit

With the javascript library we can get a mobile friendly and responsive credit card payment layout. If you are looking for more then don’t worry the future enhancement plans include more animation and more variations of card type.

Download from GitHub

6. Credit Card React JS

Don’t want a separate page or pop up for you credit card form? Or you don’t want the credit card layout to take an entire screen place hiding rest of the contents? If that’s the case check out the react credit card layout that we have here for quick payment option.

Credit Card ReactJS

With minimum space occupancy, the cards payment system can be kept anywhere in the site or application. This also lets other contents to go hand by hand promoting the card registration or payment together.

Demo | Code

7. React Payment Card Component

Custom credit card are one of the trends. If your business has the option to provide a custom card according to their needs why take burden of asking their requirements, show preview and then only finalize? Just let them choose one for themselves. You can get this online cards payment customization option with javascript library that we have here.

React Payment components

As you see in the example above users have the option to customize either side of the cars. There are a number of options available suiting different needs.

Download from GitHub

8. React Credit Card Input

While we have seen a majority of react examples dealing with credit card fill up form, finally we have a common payment system layout. Like drop down examples are for accepting input from users, here we have an interface which verifies the card. Verification is in terms of card number, date and pin number.

JavaScript validation for credit card payment system

The container style can be as per the business theme whether you choose to have a predefined place holders, larger width or every key up validation. Majority of business accepting card payment has this layout. So if in confusion you can go for this layout to enable online payment system in your application.

Download from GitHub

9. React components for online payments

Looks like we were saving the best one for the last. While you may like other amazing layout this library is best in terms of number of cards payment and form it provides. Simply get this javascript payment library on you application and majority of your form and user interface requirement for credit cards are fulfilled.

React javascript credit card payment library

Another thing before getting this library is that due use of Material-UI components, you will require necessary theme. Alternatively, show your creativity in the style sheet to get amazing results.

Download from GitHub


We went through a number of examples for card payment related forms and user interface. However, it might not be sufficient to keep hold of your clients. When it comes to money its the security that matters the most rather than just layout. Apply some security measures on top of layouts that we have discussed and make sure that pins and other important credit card information don’t get stolen easily. Also make sure to hide the CVC while asking user input which is a basic need. Apply all these things and let your application do the rest.

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