When it comes to an efficient website and web application design its the tiny details that combine to give a big result. Web designers and developers are constantly in search of unique ways to interact with users and ripple effect seems to be one way to address it with just few collaboration between css and javascript. The smoothing wave ripple on hover or as auto play css animation effect can grab some serious attention from the visitors so that you are able to deliver via a button or any bootstrap component. By default most of the css ripple effect are circle waves propagating away from their origin point however that’s just the main principle that can be twisted as per necessity.

So let’s discuss just a little more on what this topic is all about today. We are dealing with some of the coolest material design effects in the form of ripple. Its one of the most common dynamic background effect and a feature that maybe no touch supportive application won’t be leaving. Visual attraction is the main achievement however it comes with other benefits that you will discover with each example that follows. The effect is very similar to gently playing with clear water surface so if you want your users to get the same feeling let’s continue with today’s article.

Collection Of Ripple Effect CSS and JavaScript Inspiring Examples

These inspirational ripple effect will cost you no more than few lines of css and javascript. You can directly implement the code or review to understand what each line serves for the effect. A light weight addition to your web project that’s destined to get some amazing result in terms of user experience to say the least. And yeah its all free if you’re wondering about that.


The article has been categorized into two parts series with first part dealing with ripple effect using CSS only and send part with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So without any further ado let’s dive in.

Pure CSS Ripple Effect Examples with Source Code

Here are web ripper effect design examples with only HTML and CSS with source code.

1. CSS Ripple Animation Button

The inspiration for the button comes directly from the waving action in Facebook’s messenger. Without the circle ripple effect it would be just be a plain css emoji icon. It is designed to draw the attention of the users even if they aren’t paying much attention. It already adds a shadow effect from which the ripple originates, expands a little while fading and there’s another origination while previous one hasn’t faded away. This gives the continuous effect to observe.

wave ripple effect with css

Demo | Code

2. CSS Only Ripple Toggle with Dynamic Text Colour

Why bother with boring plain buttons when with just few lines of css code you can achieve ripple effect for better layout design in any bootstrap or other framework. Here’s one of the simplest example to consider. Its not just a color change effect but also serves as a selection indicator. The effect shows transition between two colors on toggle in a circle expansion and contraction pattern. The rendering is done in reverse pattern therefore it follows undo redo pattern for simple yet beautiful button design.

button toggle effect

Demo | Code

3. CSS Ripples Effect

Icons are one for the best design option in terms of message delivery within efficient space utilization. Web designers can bring these efficient navigation options to life with a simple hover effect. A light radiating wave around the multipurpose icons give a positive vibes for visitors. Now you don’t need to meditate to achieve positivity in your bootstrap website its just few css away in the form of ripple effect.

icon ripple effect with css

Demo | Code

4. Material Design Ripple Effect (HTML and CSS)

A shinny effect is something that you can decide to give for your button on either hover or click itself. Either way its the interactive feature to influence the website visitors. Its a transparent arc overlay that navigates to both direction from the middle of the button creating a ripple effect. This html and css built simple ripple effect is a universal button effect that goes well with any interactive website layout.

shinny button effect on click

Demo | Code

5. CSS Only: Water Droplet/Ripples

When it comes to ripple effect majority of the users imagine something that deals with water droplets. So here’s one of the droplet effect for cool animation. Its a simple water droplet falling into a pool of water that creates animated expanding concentric circle to achieve the ripple effect. It might be difficult to find a general implementation for this effect but you can check the source code that involves 3 divisions in html and few css attributes to achieve this effect. You can use it for animation inspiration and practice as one of the implementation.

droplet ripple effect for pool

Demo | Code

6. CSS Only Button Ripple

Does your web design assignment ask you to design a web component with html for simple structuring only, no sign of javascript and pure css only? If you have then you are in the same stage where the author of this css button ripple effect was at one time for his bootstrap project. As a result the author didn’t came up with just ripple effect but additional css animation on button hover. On hover the button renders a shadow on the bottom while just a click and its a transparent css overlay in motion for a simple ripple effect. As you see here we have the different effect to indicate hover as well as selection so it can be considered to be a complete button layout.

pure css ripple button effect

Demo | Code

7. Hover Ripple

The things to take inspiration from the following example of ripple effect are the use of gradient background colors for amazing layout and icons for a space efficient showcase. With these components it makes up a good static layout however its a dynamic effect that we are focusing on. Hover and see the magic. Its a wide range of waves originating on hover of icon. These waves propagate up to a particular radius and all of them fade away at once. Due to use of transparent waves it doesn’t seem to effect the background content to great extent.

hover ripple

Demo | Code

That makes up for the first half of the article. With JavaScript being so important part of the web site and application design let’s checkout how it goes hand in hand with css to get some animation with ripple effect as follows.

Ripple Effect Examples with CSS and JavaScript

Amazing ripper effect examples design with HTML, CSS and JavaScript with source code.

8. Ripple with CSS and JS

JavaScript brings the effect of following the mouse hover and rendering from selection point rather than doing it in the same pattern every time. This is taking the interactive feature to next level. So the ripple effect that we have here is a circle overlay rendering from any point within the main circular layout. The speed of rendering also vary on whether its a simple tap or click and hold action with later one following slow render effect.

circle ripple

Demo | Code

9. Ripple on Click

Its almost similar effect to the ripple animation we just saw using css and javascript. Although the principle is same for both, its the align difference in implementation. The previous css layout offered a circle ripple effect inside a circle but we have a rectangle here which is popular layout for images. So web designers must find a very common implementation for this interactive web component.

image hover effect

Demo | Code

10. Ripple Effect Button

Get the source code from link below and put it into the relevant javascript and css styling files of your bootstrap project and that’s all you need to get the circle ripple effect. Oh, there’s still one tiny configuration remaining and that is to encapsulate the component within ripple class for whom you wish to achieve the effect. It could be button, image, navbar any web component. Since its a transparent overlay ripple effect it simply aligns with any component the website designers choose.

login button click effect

Demo | Code

11. Button Ripple Effect

There’s only minor deviation with these button ripple effects that solely depends on what level of depth the website designer and developers are trying to achieve. Ripple effect from dynamic selection point is something all javascript ripple effects have in common till now. Its not a exception here with the difference only being propagation direction for the ripple waves. Some render all way to the the end of border while some render only up to half way.

ripple button effect

Demo | Code

12. Logo with Ripple Effect

Here’s an awesome idea to make visitors take a notice at your logo. Hover to make the logo component darker and click to get a circle ripple effect inside the component with css and javascript. For all those who felt its only button for whom we can achieve the ripple effect, this example is an eye opener. With interactive feature included inside the logo, you can achieve the best possible result for the an responsive web layout.

logo ripple effect

Demo | Code

13. Ripple Button with VueJS

If you were wondering what a css colored animation for the ripple button effect would look like then here’s what you’re getting. Its a sudden capture of user attention to reflect on their actions. The temporary rendering of the button with a color background varies in color richness from the point it was created. So we can say the ripple effect also gives a dynamic gradient color effect as a small contribution to the best frontend layout.

color ripple animation

Demo | Code

14. Circular Ripple Hover Effect on Button

Did you feel you need a third color to show the ripple effect for your bootstrap site? After going through this example it will surely change that thought of yours. The effect that this tutorial offers is inverting the button color as the css ripple animation. This not only serves the purpose of animation on selection but gives a transparent effect to the front end layout. On top of that the click action isn’t always the appropriate action and web designers need a response to handle the situation. All of these packed and ready for you in the link below.

don't hover ripple animation

Demo | Code

15. Material Design Ripple Effect using CSS and JS

This material design ripple effect is for applications and website that actually care about the needs of their visitors. Be that an early bird or night owl this layout serves both of them with light and dark website layout. It also comes with circle ripple effect that aligns with the css layout. White ripple animation for dark layout and vice versa. The clear implementation for this ripple effect comes as a touch effect for any screen touch supportive system.

light and dark ripple effect

Demo | Code

16. Circle Ripple effect using CSS Variables

Along the way we saw colored ripple effect and now taking a step forward we got an example on rainbow effect. This one comes with a different vibes than examples that we saw till now with a layer of colors rendering away from the click point. However this effect requires careful selection of color so that it can influence the visitors in the best way possible.

rainbow ripple effect

Demo | Code

17. Toggle Button with Ripple

When it comes to toggle button, the slider action is pretty much clearly visible. However the example shows an alternative approach. Its the button ripple effect that reverses the background color with button color. While doing so the button position also shifts to showcase the sliding action. We can say that the buttons were always present on both side of the container but each one is unveiled with different background color. Its a magic trick that aligns with real world coming in to an awesome website component design.

toggle button ripple effect

Demo | Code

18. Ripple-Blur Effect – jQuery Plugin

If you’re a big fan of the ripple effect then we have got a big one for your bootstrap site. We actually mean its big because click on any part of the screen renders a transparent rectangular layer expanding towards the border of screen. Talking about the use it suits for full screen image overlay effect as an effort to give it a spotlight that it deserves.

large ripple animation

Demo | Code

19. PIXIE Ripple Effect Using TweenMax

A majority of this article’s visitor might have come here in search of source code for this particular ripple effect. Its a water ripple effect added on a normal image. While any image will go well with this effect, for the best implementation its suggested to go with painting kind of images. The circle ripple animation effect uses 3 variables throughout its life cycle which is of dynamic nature. They are strength, height and width. Its clear from name what the dimensions does and by strength it means the thickness of the waves for ripple effect. Hence that’s all you need to play with for awesome result.

oil painting ripple effect

Demo | Code

20. Ripple on Image

We said on previous example of water ripple effect that it goes best with painting kind of images. We take it back for this example of ripple effect. Its a realistic effect as if the bottom layer consists of an image with a layer on top that’s filled with thin water. Play with the water as much as you like without actually effecting the background image. This is a cool example of layout for your home page or even as an interactive background component for touch supportive devices.

water ripple animation using css

Demo | Code

21. Slider with Ripple Effect

Ripple effect as a image transition effect gives a good start to begin in your website since these sliders can be seen as first components to be seen. It gives visitors no space to run away from the images that you have been trying so hard to show to them. A part of the circular layer renders the image from side which then shows the next image slide using css, html and javascript.

slider ripple animation using css

Demo | Code

22. Google Polymer project Ripple Effect in Angular JS

One of the common button ripple effect with generation of transparent circle layouts slowly rendering throughout the layout. We have seen this ripple effect example a number of times ready to be implemented on any bootstrap site. Its because it is one of the simplest effect to start with. Practicing this effect can get you going good with css and javascript with implementation that can’t be just counted. I can just say that if in confusion with button hover effect you can without any doubt go for this one.

simple button ripple effect

Demo | Code

23. Button Ripple Effects

The final example for the ripple animation brings a collection of css effect on hover as well as on click. On hover the button stretches as initial effect and for the click action the background layer just flutters a bit with ripple effect. Its not a dynamic change of the color since the ripple is of same color as the background image. Its an alternative to get the ripple effect without much deterioration while giving a glance of smooth animation.

ripple effect on border

Demo | Code


This brings us to the end of animation ripple effect using css, html and javascript. We saw that these ripple effects were light addition to the effort on web design. No doubts your website and application will work just fine without it but we were here to discuss on tiny details that will enhance the layout and in turn the user experience didn’t we? So, go ahead and let us know your thoughts on this.

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