Barcode is a printed arrangement of parallel bars or lines of varying width that is utilized for entering information into a PC framework. The bars are typically dark on a white foundation, and their width and amount change according to application. The bars are utilized to speak to the binary digits 0 and 1, successions of which in divert can speak to numbers from 0 to 9 and be prepared by a digital PC. The nearness or nonattendance of a bar of a specific width in a specific situation in a grouping peruses by the PC as either a 0 or 1. So in this article, we will discuss the collection of top and best Barcode design examples which you can view from the barcode reader along with barcode generator achieved with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/JS. We will also use the JSbarcode library for some of the design.

Barcode information peruses by an optical (laser) scanner that is a piece of a PC framework. A handheld scanner or barcode pen moves over the code, or the code itself moves by hand over a scanner incorporated with a checkout counter or other surface. The PC at that point stores or quickly forms the information in the barcode. The barcodes printed on supermarket and other retail stock in the United States are those of the Universal Product Code, or UPC, which assigns each sort of nourishment or basic food item a one of a kind code.

JavaScript Barcode Design Examples with Source Code

A barcode is a square or rectangular picture consisting of a progression of parallel dark lines and void areas of varying widths that can be perused by a scanner. Barcodes applies to items as a methods for brisk distinguishing proof.

You can utilize these JavaScript Barcode contents in your next web based tasks.


So without any further ado, let us get into the discussion phase.

1. Animated CSS Barcode Example Using JavaScript/JS

JavaScript barcode design example

A magnificent animated JS Barcode example which follows a dark theme. The mockup ensures even the littlest subtleties become obviously unmistakable. Also a shiny impact is present for the parallel lines at a certain interval of time. Hover effect is also present in here which lets you interact with the model itself.

There are additionally shadow impact for an additional touch of inventiveness. Obviously, you can without much of a stretch make both the front and the back design of the credit card. Additionally, the editing procedure happens rapidly by means of the savvy object layers. To set up an actual existence like introduction of the credit card design you are working on, utilize a mockup and have any kind of effect.


2. JS Barcode Generator Code Snippet

JavaScript barcode generator

You may also utilize this barcode generator as a major aspect of your non-business web-application or web-webpage to make dynamic barcodes with your own information.

This JavaScript barcode generator appears to have the most barcode styles to browse and makes it simple to find the sort that fits whatever business or industry you’re looking for.


3. Bar Code Scanning HTML, CSS and JS Code

JavaScript barcode scanning design example

This is yet another example of JavaScript BarCode reader. As said, this is a simple scan animation with three states: Scanning, Capturing and Captured. The bar code is present inside the card structure and just below it, a call to action button is present to ‘Scan’ the bar code.

When you first click on the button, it captures the bar code first and afterwards a ‘Scanned’ message is seen.


4. JavaScript Ng Barcode Reader Example with Source Code

NG JavaScript barcode design example

In case you want to make a barcode design of your own, have a look at this design. At the top, there is a barcode which changes according to what you write down in the text box.

Likewise at the bottom, you can manage the color settings. A range slider is present to customize the shades. For inspiration, you can also have a look at this Awesome Range Slider with CSS and JavaScript. If you are more confident, use the toggle switch to enter the HEX format.


5. JS Barcode Awesome Design Code Snippet

JavaScript barcode design example with code

JsBarcode is a barcode generator written in JavaScript. It supports different Barcode formats and works in programs and with Vue.js. It has no conditions when it utilizes for the web yet works with jQuery on the off chance that you are into that.


6. CSS Barcode Generator with JavaScript

CSS Barcode Generator

So this one is a CSS + Javascript Barcode generator. The javascript utilizes exclusively to automate the HTML/CSS populace. The divs are made with CSS to conform to wiki UPC-A subtleties. In test, the barcodes were filtered effectively by the RedLaser App.

After you are done, you will be provided with the checksum digit. The barcode that you see above will be encoded as a particular value.


7. JsBarcode Design Scanner Example

JsBarcode Scanner Example

An animated design example of Barcode by Johan Lindell using JSBarcode Library. As seen, a beautiful animation is seen that present the series of parallel lines. It much more looks like a curtain being closed and open at a loop. The elements are created with the help of SVG inside the HTML Markup.


8. Binary Barcode Render Code Snippet

Binary Barcode Render

This is another simple example of Barcode by Ing. Jan Kaláb. A series of parallel lines is present which gives you a binary value on scanning. Only the front end structure is present to you in here, so you need to work on the functionality.


9. Simple Barcode Generator Design Example

Simple Barcode Generator

This is yet another example of Barcode generator using CSS and JavaScript. At the very first glance, you cannot find anything interesting in here as you can just see a series of parallel black and white lines. Do not miss out the text below it as that is the main element of the design.

Simply click over it and you can replace the text with your own content. The barcode structure also changes according to your text. The more letters you include, the closer the series of lines gets.


10. Jsbarcode Style Design RGB Text with Source Code

Jsbarcode Style RGB Text

This is a very wonderful and amazing looking Barcode design using JSBarcode library. On a dark background, the colorful shade is present for the barcode. As the name refers, RGB(Red, Green and Blue) uses for the series of lines. Also you can see the text fills up with the same hues.

An awesome animation is present which looks as the shade is moving from left to right smoothly. This likewise goes on loop. Also Jquery handles all the animation in here.


11. CSS3 Barcode And QR Code Merge Made Interactive

CSS3 Barcode And QR Code Merge Made Interactive

This is an investigation to make an Pure CSS3 QR code that interacts. – Interactive converge among 1D and a 2D barcode with Pure CSS. At the very first, you can see a barcode inside a box. The box also has round corners which is present with the help of Border radius property.

As you hover over it, it suddenly changes to a QR code. When you place your mouse away, an animation shows up to again change into the barcode structure. So all thanks to the Keyframes property.


12. JavaScript Web BarCode Generator Data Encryption Security

Web Bar Code Generator Data Encryption Security

The code is digitally signed by the association’s private key. The keys produces initially as a major aspect of setup.

The versatile application utilizes the association’s public key to approve the digital signature. Further, the whole code compacts specifically to make the littlest conceivable QR Code size. You can also utilize this QR Code to link any text, telephone number or notes for your own utilization.



So above were some of the example of Barcode reader using HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JS . You can either use them as an inspiration or directly implement them into your website design. Since all of the designs are beautifully working from the Front-end, so you just need to work on the functionality.

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