Calendars are precarious to make by hand yet there are devices that have been designed to permit you to manufacture a calendar and alter its format. HTML layouts are utilized by web designers, software engineers, and website proprietors to build up their websites. Websites can also be altered by adding different highlights like calendars. This is one manner by which website proprietors can produce a calendar of occasions to include on their website. Building a full calendar UI is intense work. There are significant contrasts between calendars on the web and calendars for portable applications, so it’s acceptable to consider examples and see what’s out there. So today in this article, we have a top and best collection of JavaScript/JS calendar example, some using FullCalendar plugin presented along with the source code.

At the point when guests land on your website, they need to see a page that is interactive. There are numerous applications that can be included in the web pages including calendars. These calendars will keep the crowds connected once they land on your website. They can become familiar with upcoming occasions, which the organization is organizing.

Collection of JavaScript Calendar Design Examples with Source Code

These calendars run on CSS for the interface, similarly they add JavaScript usefulness to make some cool interactive highlights.


So without any further delay, let us head into the discussion phase.

1. JavaScript Parallax Flipping Calendar Example

JavaScript/JS Calendar

Flipping animation impact is utilized in this calendar. At the point when you click a date, the whole calendar flips to give you the related subtleties. The parallax flipping impact is taken care of well in this design and the client can encounter it completely.

Aside from the flipping animation, there aren’t any completely useful alternatives in this design. To give you this fluid experience, the developer has utilized CSS3 and also a couple of lines of Javascript. In light of the system you like, you can trim the given code structure.


2. JavaScript Website Calendar Design

JavaScript/JS website Calendar

This one is a basic calendar front-end design idea. The maker has given you just the front-end design, so you can’t anticipate any of the highlights or components to be in working condition. Navigation arrows are also added at the top.

In the event that you are looking for a simple calendar design that can deal with reminders and sections, you can utilize this design as an inspiration.


3. Simple Web Calendar with HTML, CSS and JS

Simple JavaScript/JS Calendar

In spite of the fact that the name recommends it is a Simple JS FullCalendar, you get a total working model with this one. The designer of this calendar has followed a round design all through the model.

Event sections and calendar are treated as a different window so you have more space and can see the substance plainly. On the event passage window, you have a call to action button to enter the most recent event.

The designer has given you pre-designed section form with this one on the off chance that you need you generally can include your own form. On the highest point of the calendar, you have navigation bolts to bounce among months and years.


4. Flex Calendar Awesome Concept

Flex JavaScript/JS Calendar

This one is a straightforward calendar design. The enormous clean design shows the date and the year obviously to the crowd. There are no different highlights in the default design, however you can take a shot at it dependent on your needs.

The calendar is utilitarian and shows the best possible date. By keeping this design as a base for your calendar gadget, you can add additional alternate ways to make work parcel simpler for your clients.


5. Calendar Flip Animation And Hover Effect

JavaScript/JS Calendar Flip

Calendar Flip Animation as the name recommends this one has flip sort animation. Instead of showing a drift window, this calendar flips to show the calendar passage.

Dates with passages are noted with a little speck. Dates are caused striking when you to drift over the number to tell you which date you are picking. The different window on the other side gives total detail of the occasion.


6. Material Design JS Calendar Code Snippet

Material Design JavaScript/JS Calendar

This example by Sam Markiewicz is an application style calendar using JS. Yet at the same time, you can utilize this calendar for different purposes also. Much the same as in the Android telephone notice framework, you have a red dab on the dates you have sections.

Subtleties are demonstrated when you drift over the dates, which spares the additional snap that the client needs to make. Since this calendar is principally designed for versatile applications you have components identified with it.

At the top of the calendar, you have the choice to include events, however it isn’t working in the demo rendition. You need to deal with the events adding choices without anyone else’s input.


7. Amazing Calendar with Date And Time Picker

Amazing JavaScript/JS Calendar

This sort of calendar design is an ideal choice for websites offering online reservation administrations. In the event that you are looking for an interactive calendar for your inn website layout or cafe website format, this calendar design will inspire you.

As the name infers, this calendar permits the client to pick the date and time with interactive web components.

Sliders are given for the choice of time; as most versatile clients currently have contact gadgets, components like this will give a superior client experience.

Fundamental navigation choices are dealt with by the developer, you should simply to integrate it with your task.


8. jQuery Datepicker Calendar Design

Jquery Datepicker

This one is yet another basic calendar designed using Jquery. This is a mini calendar which does not has much of a features. There are navigation arrows at the top. On hover, it also shows the Previous and Next arrow as a tooltip.

You can add more impacts if you want such as ‘add events’, ‘animations’ and more.


9. Flexible FullCalendar with Gradient Background

Flexible JavaScript/JS Calendar

In the event that you are making calendar application for various platforms and for gadgets with various screen measures, this JS Flexible Fullcalendar idea will dazzle you.

A vertical rundown like calendar shows up on a little screen and in the full screen, you get a legitimate full calendar. No different alternatives like adding events or reminders are given in the demo, yet you can include them in the event that you need.

Vivid gradient shading plan follows in this layout which looks cool and alluring. The Flexible Calendar is a straightforward essential calendar model, you need to construct your own calendar by using this as a base.


10. Calendar App Awesome Example with Source Code

Awesome JavaScript/JS Calendar

This is another calendar idea model using JavaScript/JS unlike the previous FullCalendar. By looking at the demo first, you will feel like it is a very simple calendar example with only dates and month in it.

Once you click on any of the date, a pop up appears which reminds you of your events. You can likewise add events for future as well. At the base it shows today’s date.

The maker has given you just the front-end design in this example. We need to work physically, to include the highlights and choices we need.


11. Calendar Widget II For Website Designer

Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget II is a colorful calendar for website and web applications. Since the calendar is for gadgets, the original design is minimal and fits in effectively on any piece of the website.

At the upper left corner, you have the alternative to pick a calendar shading. Since it is a CSS3 based design, the hues look energetic.


12. Simple Calendar UI with JSON Events Mobile

Simple Calendar UI

This is a very simple Calendar example for mobile devices. But you can utilize it for desktops as well. By keeping this design as a base for your calendar gadget, you can add additional easy routes to make work part simpler for your clients.

The whole code structure is present to you straightforwardly in the CodePen editor so you can picture the customization result, before using it on your website.


13. Minimalist Calendar Code Snippet

Minimalistic JavaScript/JS Calendar

The maker of this calendar has made it a penny plain chronicle with an exceptionally essential design. The straightforward design of the calendar makes it an ideal alternative for multipurpose utilization. This calendar is treated as a portable application with basic swipe signals.

The material design makes this calendar spotless and in vogue looking. This calendar has a lot of room for development, in light of your needs you can include your own highlights and alternatives.


14. Calendar UI Design JavaScript Example

JavaScript/JS Calendar UI Design example

This is a calendar design for only a single month. If you need, you can add navigation arrows in here to swipe between the months. At once, you can pick up to 2 days. You can likewise undo the work by clicking the ‘Clear Date Range’ button at the base.

Before and After pseudo elements utilizes for the styling purpose.


15. Simple JS Calendar with json Events

Simple JavaScript/JS Calendar with json events

As the name implies, this is simple calendar example using JavaScript/JS code. You need to do a lot of improvement in here. If you are a beginner and want to try out how the calendar design works, then you can start it right from here.

The front part is almost complete. So you need to take care of the functionality and other subtle impacts.


16. Calendar Design Web Code Snippet

JavaScript/JS Calendar design web

This is a minimalistic calendar with unobtrusive animation impacts. Light foundations and flawless texts make this calendar simple to interact and furthermore to peruse the substance.

On the top, you have the navigation bolts to hop between various months. This developer has likewise given you shading codes to arrange your event passages.

The main little bummer with this calendar is you don’t have the choice to hop between various years, other than that this calendar is an ideal one. The minimal clean design of this calendar makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of websites and versatile applications.


17. JavaScript Duotone Calendar

Duotone JavaScript/JS Calendar

Giving a customized experience will consistently get an uncommon spot in the client’s heart. A large portion of us will have a memory for a specific month and showing it as an image in a calendar will make that month extraordinary when we see the calendar each time.

In the event that you are planning to make such a calendar for your clients, this Dutone calendar will give you some smart thoughts.

As the name suggests, this calendar has duotone pictures, which is a present pattern in application and web designs. The design has a different language, so this may be something you need to change.


18. 12 Months JS Calendar with Clock

12 Months JavaScript/JS Calendar

This is a combination of calendar and an analog clock. This calendar design is an ideal choice for your calendar gadget design. Fifteen cells are utilized in this calendar, twelve cells are for the months, one is for the year, another is to show present-day date, and one is for analog clock.

As savvy home gadgets with a screen are becoming mainstream, giving gadgets and application like this will be simple for the clients to see the date and time initially.


19. Java Script Animation Calendar Design

JavaScript/JS Animation Calendar

This calendar is treated as a PC application or gadget. Two windows are given in this calendar, one is to include passages and different shows the month to month calendar.

The maker of this calendar has given both of you labels to sort out your entrances. You can also include your own labels and add hues to it to effectively compose the calendar passages.


20. Flexbox Responsive Fullcalendar JS Code

Responsive JavaScript/JS Calendar

All the calendars give various perspectives like weeks, months, and years see. In view of the necessity the client can obviously observe their whole week or year sections in a single spot.

This JS Fullcalendar design will assist you with making a perfect year see for your calendar. At the point when you click on a month, that specific month alone amplifies.

The designer doesn’t give you the alternative to include sections, which may be a little bummer. Yet at the same time, you can include your own highlights and choices by customizing the calendar.

This one is an unadulterated CSS calendar and a couple of lines of Javascript is utilized to give dynamic subtleties.


21. Amazing Circular Calendar Display

Circular JavaScript/JS Calendar

In this HTML calendar design, the maker has given you loads of difficulties. Much the same as in your Apple Watch you can include difficulties like climate, profitability examination for the entire week. The insightfully designed round dial unmistakably shows the time and the date.

The main issue in this design is the client can only with significant effort change the date and time. In case you add a different choice to effectively reset the time and to change the date and time, this round calendar will be an easy to use inventive calendar design idea.


22. React Date Range Picker Calendar

React Date Range Picker Calendars

If you run a hotel booking website, you must have a calendar somewhere on you site to interact with your clients. In case your clients want to book a room for certain days, then this design might become handy for you.

You can swipe between different months in case you have a plan to stay at the next month.


23. Simple Calendar Example in React JS

Simple Calendars in ReactJs

In the event that you are looking for a Simple calendar example using JavaScript/JS code, like the Google calendar, this one may fulfill your needs. Probably the greatest favorable position of the Google calendar is you can alter a few subtleties to an event and add hues to arrange them.

For example, you can utilize blue shading for every one of your companions birthday and can even set a reminder dependent on area and can pick when you should be informed.

Obviously, adding every one of these components into an application is a challenging task, however you can utilize this calendar to diminish your front-end work. All the choices given in this calendar are in impeccable working condition and the enhanced visualizations are additionally smooth.


24. jQuery Datepicker Summer Vibe Web

jQuery Datepicker Summer Vibe

The default design of this calendar makes it an ideal alternative for individual websites and way of life websites. In the demo, pictures are present in the foundation and in the calendar. Yet, you can include your experience or straightforward utilize just the calendar in your venture.

Texts are greater and bolder with the goal that the client to can obviously observe the date and sections. It is an impeccably working calendar with slick animation impacts. You can also include the highlights you need and can utilize it in your application or website.


25. Animated Calendar and Clock

Animated Calendars and Clock

This is a colorful and beautiful looking Simple JavaScript/JS Calendar example designed with CSS and JS code. Here, the designer has given you both the date and the time. At the very first glance, a stack of colorful boxes is only seen. The today’s date is seen in there. As you click on it, the boxes gets apart to show the current time.

This is one of the best example in this collection. Neat, Minimal and also easy to use.


26. Bootstrap Compatible Calendar

Bootstrap Compatable Calendars

This JS Fullcalendar by Bill Barry is a really propelled calendar layout that you can use on your web application. This can be utilized for scheduling.

In case you need to let your clients record events with explicit dates, you can integrate this format into your site. In any case, you may need to take a shot at this format to improve the usefulness and to change the design so it seems to be like your website’s design.

This calendar offers four perspectives, and they are ‘Year’, ‘Month’, ‘Week’, and ‘Day’. Four distinct tabs have been utilized for these perspectives. The Year tab shows all the months in a year.

The client can see the earlier year and the following year by clicking the arrow buttons.


27. Event Calendar Widget

Event Calendar Widgets

Event Calendar Widget is a dull shading straightforward calendar example using JS unlike the previous FullCalendar design. The usefulness of this calendar is basic, it shows the sections perfectly within the gadget and arranges the passages using shading labels. The navigation between each date sections is smooth and clean, so the client doesn’t need to trust that the passages will show up on the screen.

Navigation bolts are set at the highest point of the calendar gadget for simpler navigation. All things considered, you can only with significant effort bounce between various years and months using the default navigation choice.


28. Clean Javascript Calendar Source Code

Clean Calendars

Exemplary skeuomorphism may have left however there’s a lot of space for merging minimalist designs with skeuomorphic thoughts.

That is kinda what you get in this perfect organizer calendar that appears as though a customary flip-top print calendar. All the months are completely unique and controlled by JavaScript so you can push ahead using the bolts on either side of the header.


29. Calendar Javascript Library Snippet

Calendars Javascript Library Snippet

This one is a very standard JavaScript/JS Calendar example which you can surely use if you have a lot of events to go for. Two windows are used in here. The left one shows the whole dates, months and year. Also tags are neatly used in some of the dates.

If there are events on the dates you click at, then, then it gets you notified at the right window. The time is also present to make your work more easier.


30. Awesome Infinite Calendar UI Design

Awesome Infinite Calendars

The maker of the awesome Infinite Calendar has utilized the material design carefully to make a savvy looking calendar. All the navigation choices and settings are at the top of the calendar.

Shadow and profundity impacts are also utilized to insightfully separate each segment of the calendar. A la mode looking textual styles utilizes for the numbers and the texts.

This advanced text style gives a refreshing look to this contemporary style calendar. Essential capacities are appropriately working on this calendar. You should simply to alter the code to include your own highlights.


31. JS FullCalendar with Custom Agenda View

FullCalendar with Custom Agenda View

In all the past calendar design you have the alternative to see the calendar in just one view. The maker of this amazing JS Fullcalendar has likewise given you the alternative to see the calendar in the week, month, and in day see.

Calendar passages are demonstrated plainly indicated using a blue shading box. In the demo, you can’t see and interact with the calendar passages. All the navigation choices are at the top of the calendar so the client can get to it at whatever point they need.


32. JavaScript Fluent Design Calendar Concept

Fluent Design Calendar Concept

Another familiar design calendar in this calendar list unlike the previous JS FullCalendar example. Also the designer of this calendar has utilized the profundity impacts utilized in the Microsoft familiar design. You may have seen this design generally utilized in the Xbox interface.

As Microsoft is trying to make a brought together interface for all gadgets, its familiar design can be seen in huge numbers of its item. On the off chance that you need to make a calendar as well as make it interactive for your client, this calendar design will intrigue you.

Since it is an idea calendar, the calendar dates and pictures are basic and little. You can also resize it to the shape you need. The maker has shared the coding straightforwardly with you, investigate it for more subtleties.



This blog entry discussed the best free JavaScript calendars. In spite of the fact that you can without much of a stretch design such calendars on the off chance that you have the right aptitudes, you can utilize them to spare some time.

You can also use the FullCalendar JS plugin to connect with the database and make the above models fully functional.

So implement the calendar layout that you preferred the most, roll out certain improvements in the code if fundamental, and integrate it into your website today!

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