People should move with time, not before nor after it. However, moving with time requires some ahead planning. Most of software solutions are based on this principle these days. Calendar is a must have component for any related react application. There are a number of reactjs library offering react native calendar as a gadget display or dropdown menu. We have brought content on same with best examples covering a variety of usage in today’s article.

This is the right spot if you were looking for examples and tutorial to include a calendar for your application. They will be smooth inclusion to your application allowing to track day by day and hour by hour activities. It will help the users to say ahead of their schedule by quick overview on holiday, appointments and other schedules so that you never miss anything.

14 Awesome React Calendar and Date Components For Developer

We went through a number of calendar library to get the best results for your application. Your application may be entirely an appointment and scheduling management specific or date and time may come as a core component within in. Nevertheless, below examples will serve you for most of the calendar needs of web and mobile applications.


So lets get started with 12+ examples on react js calendar component and libraries for your application.

1. React big calendar

For anyone working as a secretary or manages appointment related tasks, this is the only react calendar component that you will ever require. Web designers just need to integrate this layout with an application and database then you’re ready to go.

React native calendar monthly view

Say you require a template for plan management. Surely, you will prefer the one reflecting the real world timeline. That is, the template should be in line with calendar for date and clock for time. You get exactly the same in this react native calendar with option to set date individually or in range. Similarly, for multiple events on same day we have the details on time scale. Like 6-7 as gym time, 11-12 brunch and so on.

Download from GitHub

2. React calendar

While the previous react js library shows the calendar in a single month view, this component shows an entire year view. This makes layout ideal for planning or evaluation in annual level.

React calendar yearly view

Most of the big enterprise and organizations draw their plan on annual scale. They sit around each year and discuss on progress and actions of previous entire year and plan accordingly for next one. It will obviously be fruitful if they can have a single view to compare all the components not having to go back and forth for every month.

Download from GitHub

3. React.js Yearly Calendar Component

The yearly calendar component consists of chart where each months have a single row with each day as column. The react calendar holds the major advantage of allowing to compare plans on weekly, monthly under a single year view.

React week wise calendar view

This is the basic example of planner template for any annual planner. Wouldn’t you like it if the calendar view came with theme on highlight on each season so that plans could be set accordingly. This layout comes with even more theme options with customization option to show or hide days, date range selection. Most of the schools might plan their academic session in same layout and print it.

Download from GitHub

4. React Calendar View

The react library shows a number of different view for calendar component. Not just with view, they also differ in terms of functionality. While the default view represents the layout for common calendar app on mobile devices, other features based view vary as per requirement.

React scrollable calendar

A single month view may not be sufficient while entire calendar view might be too overwhelming. In order to solve that how about only month view in the beginning and the expand month as per necessity. Other applications such as plan manager, reminder can be developed with range date picker, linked calendar etc.

Download from GitHub

5. Ultimate Calendar for React app

Ultimate react js calendar library offers a beautifully crafted calendar view component which is light and fast. While designing layout for web the speed and loading time may completely get out of mind but they are key component in a good user experience design. UI components should be good in appearance while not consuming much time to load. So this react js calendar relies on native date formatting to maintain light weightage.

Ultimate Calendar

With the react calendar component comes a number of customizable options on the basis of application requirement. Select decades, number of weeks or other tons of options won’t be any issue. Finally, we have a number of language supported by the calendar to go local on any level.

Download from GitHub

6. React.js Calendar Component

Have you ever been to an insurance agent or sales person’s desk? If you have then there’s chance that you might have seen such template hanging over the wall. They use such template to track sales and deals done over days, weeks and months.

Calendar Component

The layout is as simple as it can be with carbon copy of an actual wall calendar. Therefore, no additional manual or tutorial is necessary to get started.

Download from GitHub

7. React date range

Consider an accounting application where you wish to see all transactions. Selecting a date and a time is of no meaning since the transaction can happen at any moment of the day and you can’t expect to check 1440 moments of a day to know more. Transaction from start of the starting day to end of the ending day are shown in the application by simply selecting the boundary dates.

React date range

Talking about the layout of the react calendar, its interactive with users to almost all context. We have the option to know present date by a different color font or track some other date in same fashion. In order to ensure that the users haven’t picked a wrong date range, the calendar highlights the range of selected date. The UI itself act as a checker due to this feature. Moreover, the react calendar library has the feature of days count till today or from today like that of a countdown thanks to react.

Download from GitHub

8. React Infinite Calendar

The react native infinite calendar represents calendar of some period of years by scrollable component. Like when filling a form you are given a scrollable date picker to specify date of birth this calendar offers something similar. Its easy to navigate through a number of years.

Infinite Calendar

With customization for this calendar, we can set the theme as we need with landscape selection, dynamic color selection, default start date and flexible size. Along this we have disable and event based action. Do check the link below for more on detail.

Download from GitHub

9. React Multiple Datepicker

We have a calendars for single instance and range of dates but what if you need a mix of both. Not completely an union of both types but a portion from each. Like you don’t need to select continuous range of dates but require multiple selections. This react multiple date picker serves the same purpose.

Multiple Datepicker

The date selection is reflected by a circular and different colored background with listing on side bar as well. Its same as marking multiple selection on actual wall calendar that we used to do. This makes the use for reminder and tracking related application very familiar.

Download from GitHub

10. Day/week/monthly calendar

The react native calendar is for each and every detail that requires mentioning up to hour level. Along with clear legends to indicate the actions set up and duration. As the name suggests we have 3 viewing options. Monthly view is what we have seen over a majority of examples. A single month view with schedules for range of dates. Week and day view are similar in function with difference being in number of days shown in layout.


With height and width being defined in percentage, the design is responsive for all platforms and devices. Moreover, retaining elements while switching allows nice animation effect.

Download from GitHub

11. React Calendar Heatmap

Heatmap is based on density of particular area. You might have seen a heatmap during analysis of players on a football pitch. That shows in which part of the pitch they covered most. In the same way heatmap on react calendar shows how much occupied you are in a calendar view.


While detail calendar view maybe useful when you want to know each and every up to hour view, this one shows a quick over view. Suppose you’re scheduling an interview for your boss then wouldn’t you prefer to know at a single glance which day is occupied and which is not. This makes it a good dashboard component for easy and quick evaluation.

Download from GitHub

12. Month-Picker Component for React

The next react calendar library is for a responsive month calendar view for both mobile and web devices. Usage range from a single month pick to a month range picker.

month wise calendar view using react

The month picker appears as a popup on clicking dropdown menu. This is a common example in forms and search queries requiring date selection for month.

Download from GitHub

13. React date time picker component

Next react calendar library brings a calendar format that may not be limited to be a part of any other application but can stand alone as a application of its own. Many screen saver and home page gadget of mobile devices consist of such view component.

reactjs date and time picker example

At first glance, you can easily check the present date and time by red indicator on calendar while clock is in usual format that we see. The view further makes any particular date and time selection easy as they are exact match of real world format that we have been using.

Download from GitHub

14. React big scheduler

Big scheduler is a react native calendar view for any appointment and scheduling related task with views on days, week, month, quarter and year level. It is made for modern browsers like IE 10+ while other requiring babel-polyfill.

React calendar component

The navigation is also possible using left right arrow key increasing the simplicity of the application. Further, legends help to get a quick overview on type and status of task scheduled with details mentioned as label.

Download from GitHub


To sum up all with calendar component intact in an application one shouldn’t have to consider on switching between a separate note and a calendar app. All to-do things, reminders and any time and date specific task come under a single roof. That’s all to get started with calendar for your application. We have covered a similar topic with title datetime picker if you wish to continue more on same.

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