On numerous destinations, the one page that individuals see again and again is the login page. That makes it imperative to not just make it something worth looking at over and over, yet additionally simple to use, as the designers beneath have made. Login forms are wherever on the web. Be that as it may, presently all login forms designs are wonderful and have great UI that is the reason we choose to make these logins form format designs and offer them for nothing. However, on the off chance that you delve into different login form pages, you’ll find a ton of design thoughts. So today we present you some top collection of Login Form Page example achieved with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JS.

A login uses the qualifications of a client, in request to verify their entrance. It, by and large, comprises of the regular username and secret key. In any case, you can add more to improve your site’s security. These can be in the form of a password, PIN number, or a mystery expression. Login forms are usually utilized by websites as a safety effort.

So indeed that a login form is a significant angle to your site to prevent unapproved get to, however, don’t simply lay it level out there like a plain text saying “enter your username and secret phrase here”, be inventive on how you can show your login form the most ideal way you can. A lovely login page can likewise pull in a lot of inquisitive minds out there.

Collection of JavaScript Login Form Design Examples with Source Code

This assortment offers some of the open-source login pages you can utilize and reformat for any web venture.


So without any further delay, let us start our discussion.

1. Double Slider JavaScript Desktop Sign in/up Form

JavaScript login form

As the name refers, this one is a double slider Login and Signup form. Both Sign in and Sign up option is given to you in the design. Split screens is used in the design. For the Sign in, a white foundation is used whereas for the Sign-up, a red foundation is used. The one you choose slides to the left and the other rests at the right.

You also get the option to sign in through social media profiles including Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. You can likewise reset your password in case you forget it.


2. Snake Highlight JavaScript Login Form Example

Snake Highlight JavaScript login form

This is a beautiful looking Login form example. Without taking much of a space, a login form is present at the center. Two screens are set in here. Left is to show some contents which you can replace it with your own image. At the right, there is a login form.

A wonderful animation is seen on clicking the field. Whenever you click on any of the fields, a line appears with a gradient background which much looks like a snake sliding. A full rounded corner border is applied to the ‘Submit’ button on click.


3. Animated Forms JS Login ANd Sign UpForm

Animated JavaScript login form

This is another expert looking login and signup page example. The creator has figured out how to give both the login and the signup form in one gadget. Amazing progress impacts are utilized when switching between the forms. The changing animation is smooth and fast so the clients won’t feel any slack all the while.

The main thing this lovely format misses is the field validation highlight in the registration form. In any case, it is a little issue, you can fix it without anyone else.


4. JavaScript Login Form Modal Example

JavaScript login form Modal

This login form is likewise a material design based login form with intuitive animation impacts. In the event that you are making a login form for an imaginative website with horizontal navigation choice, at that point this form is the best alternative for you. The registration form is holed up behind the blue fringe. To make the signup form plainly noticeable to the client you can utilize wordings or some other sort of indication.

The form is consummately working from the front-end, you should simply to deal with the backend integrations. In vogue material design hues are utilized in this form and you can pick some other shading you need.


5. Simple Basic JS Elegant Login Form Design Example

Simple Basic JavaScript login form

In this structure, you get a normal and rich clear login structure which you can use on a site. Little liveliness impacts uses for the call to action button and the structure fields. These liveliness impacts give a vigorous vibe to the format.

A suitable establishment nearby the validation elective makes it increasingly phenomenal and straightforward for the users.


6. Login & Register Form Using HTML, CSS And JavaScript

JavaScript login and register form

Ian Pirro built up an enjoyment gradient page with a dull styled login form. The part I like most here is the darker foundation and how it functions incredible with some colorful shades at the top of the form.

Typically designers stick to dim foundations for dull pages, however this one looks fabulous using background pattern which.

Indeed, even the input fields have a touch of style when you center. Look genuine close, and you’ll see shadow features creeping in on center when you hover over the button.


7. Unfolding Login Form Concept Code Snippet

Unfolding JavaScript login form

The Unfolding Login Form is a truly normal method for designers. We don’t consider this to be regularly nowadays on account of the fame of level design.

However I’m as yet an aficionado of this style and it’s the reason this form merits acclaim. The login form page example works completely in HTML,CSS and JS/JavaScript with some perfect form input designs. Yet, it’s the entire page that sticks out, and this is a design you could add to practically any website.


8. Funny Material Transition Login Form Validation

Funny Material JavaScript login form

In case you want to given an interactive form design to your users, then you can make use of this design. This will work great for travel websites as well. The first thing you will notice is the Panda’s eyes which rolls as we hover our mouse anywhere.

On clicking the ‘Username’ field, the tag smoothly moves to the top. Likewise the Panda hides its face on clicking the ‘Password’ field. A shaking animation is present in this design if the field is left empty.


9. JavaScript Flickering Effect Login Page Design

Flickering JavaScript login form

Dim UI design isn’t the standard on the web. Be that as it may, when it’s done well I for one find dull hues to be considerably more enticing. View this dull login form made by Jeff Thomas . It utilizes bright yellow hues for the login button.

It’s maybe one of the most esthetically pleasing forms in this whole rundown without too many blinding highlights. Form validation is neatly present in the design. A flickering impact is present amazingly on clicking the button.

I strongly prescribe testing this out for any dim website. It’ll likewise work extraordinary as a custom login page or even as a form installed onto your site.


10. JavaScript Login Form Shake Effect Snippet

JavaScript login form Shake Effect

It’s constantly amusing to include some animation into your UI designs. That is the thing that this form offers with a brief JS-controlled form animation.

It’s anything but easier to change over this into a working form field despite the fact that the demo doesn’t do a lot. Notwithstanding, you can likewise deal with client inputs legitimately in JS if that is more your style.

In general a pretty darn straightforward design with a not really basic animation. In any case, it ought to be sufficiently simple to repeat given some an opportunity to alter the code.


11. Material Design Clean Animation Login Form

Material Design Clean JavaScript login form

This inspiring login form layout is likewise based on material design. The bright red shading plan and masterful components make this form an ideal fit for the fast food-related websites and portable applications. The bouncing animation impacts are quick with the goal that the client no compelling reason to stand by long for the impact to finish.

As this format is for inspiration reason, you don’t have legitimate fields in the registration form. In view of your prerequisite you can change the form fields in the registration form. Texts are bolder with the goal that the clients to can without much of a stretch read the input information. This layout utilizes the HTML5, CSS3, and hardly any lines of JavaScript. As the coding is shared straightforwardly with you can also without much of a stretch alter this layout.


12. Animated JavaScript Small Size Login Page

JavaScript Small size login form

Animated Login form page using JavaScript is brimming with cool impacts. In case you have just restricted space on your website, using forms like this will be compelling. Another bit of leeway by using this sort of form is you no compelling reason to leave any element and makes client experience part simpler.

One thing we need to remember while making these kind of animation rich component is it shouldn’t require some investment. In this form itself, you can see the confirmation hover loading for over two seconds, which may be somewhat annoying for the clients.


13. Amazing Flat Design Login Form JS SNippet

Amazing JavaScript login form

This is a free, modern and flat login form layout. This form looks cool and is simple on the eye. The form looks remarkable as the ‘username’ and the ‘password’ fields have been set above and below. The shading combination utilized in this format is truly amazing.

Also you can see a pen icon which says ‘Click me’. On click, a registration form appears out/ There’s a ‘Forget password’ link underneath the ‘login’ button, so if the client overlooks his/her password, he/she can utilize this link.


14. Material Design Login Form Ripple Effect

JavaScript login form Ripple effect

This is a basic login form based on material design. At the point when you click on the input fields of the form, you can see a decent, cool impact. The main hero of the design is the ripple animation which is seen when you click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Thanks to the keyframes property in the CSS code.

You can generally change hues or roll out different improvements. In case you like this form, use it today and perceive what it looks like on your website.


15. Beautiful Login Modal Design Example

Beautiful JavaScript login form

This is yet another beautiful login form example. At the very first glance, you can only see a ‘Scroll down’ option. On scrolling down, the login form appears out of nowhere. Split screen is used in the design. At the left, you have the login screen and at the right, a picture is placed.

All the important elements such as ‘Forgot passoword’ , ‘Sign up’ options are given. Once you are done, you can click the cross icon to close the form.


16. Login Page Animation Template Using CSS3 & Vanilla JS

JavaScript login form animation template

A gradient shade always works out no matter what kind of website you are dealing with. Like the previous example, the login form appears as you click on the arrow with a sliding effect. A nice gradient shaded background is used which makes the design look more awesome.

Both Log In and Sign Up option is present in the design. After you are done, click the arrow to collapse the form.


17. JS Website Login/signup Form Animation

JS Website Loginsignup Form

The designer of this form has given you both login and signup forms. In the event that you are looking for easy to understand login form for your portable application, this one will dazzle you. The login and signup forms are set in agreement.

Without taking a lot of room you can show both the forms in agreement itself. The animation impact is smooth and fluid with the goal that the client won’t feel any slack. In the demo, you get just a fundamental outline. By keeping this as a base, you have chip away at the component you need.


18. Form UI Validation Animation

Form UI Validation Animation

Is it accurate to say that you are looking for an amazingly straightforward and cool login form format? At that point Form UI Validation Animation is most likely the right form for you.

Instead of hiring somebody to manufacture a login form for you or instead of writing the code yourself, basically use this form format and integrate the code to your website on the off chance that you like it. Simply investigate the form. Isn’t it magnificent?


19. Web Log In Form CSS And JS Code Snippet

Web Log In Form

This is yet another form example which plays with colors. For the form’s background, a diagonal line is used to differentiate the two colors. At the top is a green color and at the base is a pink color. Both icons and placeholders are used in the design so that the user will have no confusion on filling up the details.

You can likewise toggle the visibility of the password. In case you are not a member yet, there is a ‘Sign Up’ button at the base waiting for you.


20. Sign In Button And Form Popup Concept

Sign In Button And Form

In case you are running out of your website’s space, then you can make use of this one. Simply click the button and the button will expand to give you a login form. Only two fields is present for the Username and Password. After you are done, click the button and you will get back to the original state.

Very simple, modern and will definitely save your screen space.


21. Simple HTML & CSS Login Form

Simple HTML & CSS Log In Form

This is a decent and simple login form, a pen by Glenn Smith. Its form title is ‘Dashboard’ which can without much of a stretch change to some other text. By somewhat modifying the code, you can without much of a stretch customize numerous different parts of this login form, for example, the login button, text fields, and more.

This form has two text fields, a login button, a sign up button a ‘forgot password’ link, and a form title.


22. 3D Animation JavaScript Login Form Example

3D Animation Log In Form

If you love animation and impacts, then this 3D login form is what you are looking form. Without taking much of your screen space, a small card is present right at the center which as two fields for Email and Password.

At the time you click on any of the field, the form changes its structure to a different one giving a 3D impact. The shadow impact is also wonderfully present which makes it look like the card is floating in the air.


23. Material Login Form Design Concept

Material Log In Form Design Concept

This one is a multipurpose login form page design example made using JavaScript/JS. Since it fits for a wide range of website, you get just fundamental choices and components in this form. Be that as it may, never stress, the developer has imparted the whole code to you.

By keeping this code as a base you can make your own custom login form in no time. From the code bit itself, you can comprehend that the labels are utilized appropriately. Working with this form will be a simple activity for developers.


24. Simple Animated Sliding JavaScript Login Page Design

Simple Animated Sliding Login

As the name refers, this is an animated form design with a sliding impact. Split screen is present in the design. You get both the form for Sign Up and Login.

At the point, you click on them, one side of screen displays to show the form and the other shows the image which you can also replace with your own contents or images.


25. Small Size Awesome JS Login Form For Designer

Small Size Awesome JS Log In Form

This is a clean and small login form example using JS with a different shape than the previous ones. You get two fields for the Email and Password section. Likewise there is a checkbox which ask you to keep you signed in so that the password and the email will be directly showed the next time you try to login.

The button fills up with a different shade on hover. Not to forget, there are three small roundabout structure which gives you additional options such as ‘Forgot Password’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Sign Up’.


26. JS Login Form UI Design Example Snippet

Log In Form UI Design

This is a colorful and charming looking login form. The field tag smoothly moves to the top as you hover over the field. Another good thing is that, you get the ‘Register’ and ‘Sign In’ button on the tabs. You also get the option to reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot your password’ link.

Enhanced visualizations utilizes reasonably with the goal that the client can have a superior encounter.


27. Material Design Google Account Sign in Form

Material Design Google Account Sign in Form

If you remember signing in with your google account, then you can relate this one. All the features are included which is same as the Google Account.

Extremely inconspicuous animation impacts utilizes in this design to add a rich touch to the design. The default form design has more space, which you can use to include any additional components in the event that you need. The developer has also made the code structure basic for simpler customization and integration. Thus, you can without much of a stretch work with this format.


28. Simple Form with Social Network Logins

Simple Form with Social Network Logins

This is another simple form structure which gives you multiple options to sign in. You can either fill up the field details or you can simply click the ‘Oh Social?’ link to get access through social profiles.

The design depends on an extremely essential format than can be utilized for various sorts of businesses as it appears that it can fit into any site really.


29. JavaScript/JS Responsive Design Login Form Page

Responsive Design Login Form UI

Switch things up a piece by implying the gradient example to the form itself. Give your clients an interesting encounter by letting them an eye in the entirety of the feel of your login form. This form is also proper for design businesses as the login form itself suggests that the site offers contemporary and current content.

The design is also responsive. So ultimately, make your visitors realize more recall your organization by embedding your logo at the inside.



This blog entry gave you a rundown of the best free JavaScript login page examples. Building a login form won’t take a lot of time. You can rapidly manufacture one for you in case you have front-end advancement aptitudes. Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can rapidly make incredible designs.

Yet, in the event that you need to make a login form that stands apart from the rest, you need to invest a lot of energy. So I propose you use one of the login forms that you like the most from this rundown and afterwards attempt to improve the design. This way, you can also get an incredibly great login form with minimal exertion.

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