Using Notification and popups on your site or application is a demonstrated method to pull in the consideration of clients to your pamphlet, pages in interpersonal organizations, or to call for some other actions to which you need to push your perusers. A few clients may detest and overlook pop-up and notifications, however, this doesn’t make them less powerful, right? Furthermore, when appropriately arranged, they will work effectively. Luckily, presently there are sufficient notification models, so you never again need to think about the specialized parts of creating a web asset. So for today, we present you some of the Top and best collections of JavaScript Notification alert design for your users to get message beautifully where some of these Example uses libraries such as Alertify JS, Notify JS, Noty JS and more.

Dexterously utilized popups and notifications are presumably the most ideal approaches to pull in bulletin endorsers, to sell items, and to for the most part get your message noticed. However, they’re so annoying! The issue is that they are now and again dreadfully prominent and clients do despise it when bombarded with consistent popups. This is the reason you do need to find the right harmony between using popups for marketing purposes and keeping your visitors upbeat.

Collection of Javascript Notification Design Examples with Source Code

The following models will be powerful towards creating notifications both outside of an application or a website, yet additionally within it. That implies you can do dynamic changes to the manner in which capacities report back to the client, using cunning and intuitive notification gadgets.


In any case, the below models are free and they offer a lot of inspiration for UI/UX design thoughts. So without any further ado, let us head into the discussion. Shall we?

1. Javascript Notification Badge Design Example

JavaScript Notification

Notification Badge is the most important part of the webpage. You have probably seen notification badges somewhere, such as on eCommerce sites, and Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So in this example, you can see there is a bell icon right at the center and some buttons below it.

There are a total of four buttons – Increase, Decrease, Set 100 and Set 0. If we click on Set 100, the notification goes full. The Increase and Decrease button increases and decreases the number of notifications respectively. Likewise, if we click on Set 0, all the notifications disappear.


2. JS Notification SVG Icon Animated Bell

JavaScript Notification SVG Icon

If you are searching for CSS Notification Bell Icon Animation, by then you are on the right spot. This notification alert is present to you with the objective that they will reliably get informed for the latest updates. In the event that you investigate this CSS measured you’ll see it looks marvelous.

Other than this doesn’t give a specific “feeling” so you can use it for a warning, success, or just basic enlightening messages.


3. JavaScript Notification Cards Animation UI Design

JavaScript Notification Cards

You must have seen this awesome kind of notification message mainly on Instagram and Facebook. A list of notification appears which includes the activities related to you and your specific social friend. As soon as you hover over any of it, it contracts down.

Also as it contracts, two icons are present which resemble ‘Delete’ and ‘Archive’. On clicking any of them will let the notification to disappear.


4. Notification Animation Bell Noty JS

JS Notify Alert

This is yet another amazing bell icon animation example by Jonatan Sosa. At the top, there is a button with a round corner and a bell. As soon as you click on the button, it contracts down and the notification appears as a notification badge which increases as you click on the button.

Also, a ringing animation is seen in the bell icon. Before and After pseudo elements utilize in the design for the styling purpose.


5. Notification JS Web Bell Icon Example

JavaScript Notification Web Bell Icon

This is quite similar to the previous example. So in this design, an animated bell icon is present in here with a notification badge in it. This implies that you have one unopened notification. At the point you click on the bell icon, a notification box appears. As this is a demo version, there is no content in it. So you need to add it manually.

If you are a developer and want to alert the users in an appealing way, give a shot at this design.


6. JavaScript Stripe Notification Animation

JavaScript Stripe Notification

This is yet another animated example to notify the users. Here, the notifications are present inside a card structure. Stack of cards is seen in the design which appears one by one with a fading animation. The main topic, date, and contents are present here. If you are running a news portal site and want to display the headlines in an appealing way, you can make use of this design.

If you want, you can also add navigation arrows to slide the notification cards. For inspiration, have a look at our Animated Arrow CSS Effect Examples.


7. Responsive JS Notify Example Code Snippet

Responsive JS Notify Example

The free Notify JS runs on vanilla JS and lets you structure custom notification message.

What’s more, this pen by Mauricio Allende takes notify to another degree that you can use with any page. Snap either the “Show success” or “Show error” buttons and check the lower-right corner. This is a typical method for taking care of notification since they’re unpretentious yet they despite everything get the message over.


8. Clean And Simple Notify Javascript

Clean And Simple Notify JS Example

Examine this notification example for a clean and simple approach to deal with your alert messages using Notify JS. This one has exceptional colors and styles. Each of the buttons has a different shade and also differs in functionality. They simply drop into the page from above with an obscured haziness and assume control over the screen.

You can also design something fundamentally the same as all alone without too much exertion. In any case, why reinvent the wheel?


9. Notification Alert Bell JS Example

JavaScript Notification Alert Bell

With a fundamental onclick strategy, we can trigger this notification model running principally on JavaScript. It has a genuine fundamental design and a couple of essential highlights. There is a bell icon along with a button that says ‘Increment Notifications’. On clicking the button, you can see an increment in the notification badge.

This leaves a ton of space for enhancements in the UX in the event that you need to grow the notification model for your site.


10. Noty JS Free Notification Alert Library

Noty JS Free Notification example

Noty JS is a library similar to Notify that makes it simple to make alert – success – mistake – warning – information – affirmation message as an option with the standard alert dialog. Every notification is added to a queue.

Noty JS can also be put anyplace on your website and you can customize the text, alert notification animation, speed, buttons and substantially more with its alternatives in the API.


11. Notifications Dropdown Animation

JS Dropdown Alert message example

Yet another good looking Notification example by Fauzan Khan. Dropdown impacts are really in a trend these days. The designer has thought of the same in this one as well. Here, there are two sections i.e. one for the header part and the other for the main content part.

In the header, there is a Search bar, notification bell icon, and a message box. The notification appears with a dropdown impact on clicking the bell icon. The unopened one covers up with a dark shade. Also keyframes property is used for animation purposes.


12. Dark Mode Notifications with Source Code

JS Dark Alert message example

Dark mode has ended up being such a prominent thought, that Apple’s up and coming iOS 12 programming update will unite it out of the container. In the event that you think about ios, you can see how the notification messages in this demo definitely look like that of ios one.

This is an enjoyable little notification box made by Gabrielle We running on CSS and JavaScript, so it requires some degree additionally coding information to make a plunge and change.


13. Growl Style Notifications For Web App

Growl Style Notifications

This one is a colorful Notification model by Hampus Persson. Each of the notification appears inside a small rectangular box. Each of them differs in shading. At the left of the box, there is an icon that indicates the specific notification. As you hover over the box, a cross icon is also present which on click collapses the box.

The designer has also imported the fonts from Google Apis. Hover selector is used to select the particular element when you place your mouse in it.


14. Velocity js Notifications Message Notify

JS Notify Alert message example

Notify JS is a straightforward, adaptable, adjustable JavaScript(Jquery) notification module similar to Noty that permits to show an alert message of different kinds to your end clients. You can see a button with round corners right at the center. The button uses round corners which is with the help of Border radius property. As you click on it, the notification pops up at the right side of the page.

You can also generate multiple notifications at a single time. To close it, you can either click the cross icon or wait for it to disappear on its own.


15. JavaScript Chat Bubble Notification Example

JS Chat bubble Alert example

As the name refers, this is a Chat bubble notification example. A blurred background is present in this design. A circle is seen right at the center with a notification badge on the left. The notification likewise appears as a tooltip. Unlike the previous one, this does not use any libraries such as Notify JS, Alertify JS or Noty JS for the alert message.

Before and After pseudo elements is utilized for the styling purpose. Also for the animation, CSS Transform property is used.


16. SVG Toggle Funky Notification

JS SVG Toggle Funky Alert

As the name refers, this is a funky Notification example. This is a wonderful little notification alert box example using HTML, CSS, and JS. A box is present with rounded corners which presents you the notification. A heart icon is also placed at the right which interacts on hover. Click on it to generate a beautiful dynamic animation behind the notification box.

Another cool thing is that you can switch between the background shade. There is a toggle button at the top which slides to the left and right on click. You can choose your preferred shading.


17. JavaScript Android Music App Notification

Android Music AppNotification

As the name implies, this is a notification example for Music application. With a dark background, a small music player is present right at the center. The notification does not appear on just a single click, You need to long-press it to see the notification.

A proper animation is used to show the notification. The flaw in the design is that the same notification shows up on clicking anywhere. So you need to tweak the codes around to make the design fully functional.


18. Javascript Notification, Alerts, Modals

Notifications, Alerts, Modals

This is a Notification example using CSS and JS which you can utilize for your Navigation Bar. Instead of texts, only icons are used in the design. On a clean white background, a black theme box is present to showcase each of the four icons.

Among the four icons, the star icon is used to show the inside content in a box structure. The box appears as a tooltip that showcases the number of views, comments, and notification.


19. JS Notification Design Web Example

NotificationDesign Web Example

For the last one, this is an animated JavaScript Notification design example that needs no click or hovers impact. You can see how the bell icon beautifully slides to the left giving a view of the toggle switch button. A ringing animation is present which indicates that a new notification has popped up. Also, the design is fully responsive. So you can expect the same design in other gadgets as well.



Thus, investigate the referenced Notification example above to empower you to utilize their functionalities using HTML, CSS, and JS.

Some of these also utilized libraries such as Notify JS, Alertify JS and Noty JS for the alert message. They genuinely are a magnificent method for alerting the users about a certain activity. So utilize the highlights and installation tips of these models to harvest off a portion of the incredible advantages they offer!

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