Single page website design is on rise these days because of the simplicity ,ordered distribution of contents and one click for navigation. On top of that one page navigation menu seems to offer flawless flow of website while maintaining high efficiency. With examples that we have to offer today you may not even need to get involved with single line of code. However you’ll require to be familiar with html for putting up all contents as per your need within the pages of one navigation menu. Moreover some knowledge on CSS, JavaScript and jquery will be a plus so that you can customize the one page nav menu to some extent as per your need.

One page website design is easily the simplest one in terms of navigation behavior for the users. You don’t want your users to get lost after finally getting into your website. In other words, I meant to say whatever you have to offer needs to be seen easily without digging up much. This is one of the most discussed topic while coming up with user experience and user interface design. With single page navigation option one task seems to be down and dusted.

12+ Best One Page Navigation Menu Scroll with CSS and JavaScript Code Snippet

We have handpicked a number of one page navigation menu designs and proper navigation option for all html pages. You have access to all codes that are mostly based on javascript and CSS so that you can customize them if you feel necessary. We believe you’re here because you have been somewhat influenced by one page design and benefits that come along. To help you more on that our article today has been dedicated for one page nav menu with a number of jquery scrolling behaviors.


Here’s the list of best one page navigation scroll menu with CSS for your next website design.

1. Easy One Page Scroll Navigation

The most popular layout for single page website is one that offers navigation to each section of the page. After this you don’t need to create a separate page for contact nor for your portfolio nor anything else. Its all in the single page that’s one click away from access. Furthermore, these navigation menu within one page act as indicator of current content.

single page navigation example

Being one page website you can easily scroll through the contents so the navigation menu for all html pages is just optional. Whether you choose to scroll or get quick access from navigation menu, the end result is the same. This means that even you don’t directly interact with the one page navigation menu the javascript code makes sure that selection effect is on.

Demo | Code

2. One Page Scroll Navigation with CSS Transforms

If you wish to add some extra navigation effect for your web pages then we have a slider effect for you. We covered a number of examples on react image slider in our previous article. If you thought that its only image slide that you could obtain then you’re wrong. This is because we have a live example of using slider effect for page navigation.

Flip effect for one page nav

Its a one page navigation menu in the sense that you don’t have to reload the website while redirecting from one page to another. However, it seems that this one is the mixture of completely different and unattached components. The navigation option that we have here are the dotted indicators. Therefore, one thing that this jquery one page nav menu may lag is header indication of current content. However, seeing what the content its not something you can’t live without.

Demo | Code

3. Easy One Page Scroll

The following example is the combination of one page navigation menu and the classic react tab headers. Seeing the tab components it maybe confusing at first if its a multiple page site. However, that’s only a trick. They serve the purpose of navigation as well as selection indicator.

one page nav menu with tab header

The principle is pretty same as all the javascript one page navigation menu. Its different effects that these one navigation menu show for all the html pages. In this example of single page navigation we have an auto react toggle button that acts as another selection indicator. So its on when you scroll through or navigate to that content as well as sets off automatically as you move on to next content.

Demo | Code

4. One Page Navigation CSS Menu

For this single page navigation option you’ll need to specify a primary layout. I don’t if there’s anything called primary layout but its a term that I made up which you can call as a base layout. So its basically a layout which will always reside there and other layouts just appear on top of each other. To make things more clear let me give a close real life example. You might have seen logo of a football team in their ground. Its not a standard but do it anyway because that signifies the venue. Its something similar.

one page navigation with css

So having said that you can choose your company’s logo to appear in the base layout. Hence everytime you navigate to next menu your users will see the logo during transition period. Rest of the effect is fairly simple with swiping in and swiping out the individual layout. With navigation menu coming on side we feel that you may want to check on side menu react components more in details.

Demo | Code

5. Custom One Page Scroll

What I like about this jquery dependent one page nav option is that it’s very smooth. It is atomic in nature which means that either you’re having full view of a single section or no view at all for that section. Therefore you don’t need to apply full mouse scroll to reach next content page, just a gentle one and there you are to the next page. Its something the author considered really well for good user experience.

custom single page navigation menu

Since its a free source code available to implement into your project, feel free to do so. Not only that but all the examples that we have here are free to implement. Its a free store of single page navigation menu that we have here for you.

Demo | Code

6. One Page Scroll Sticky Nav

Sticky header came in handy for normal web navigation menu while its a must for one page navigation. Since being a single page navigation you have only two options for navigating which are scrolling and navigation menu. While scrolling does the job finely its not necessary to scroll through all those content in the way if we know exactly what we’re looking for.

sticky header one page navigation

Besides that we recently discussed that the navigation option was really smooth which requires just a gentle scroll to reach other content. However, its not what’s always required in the menu. For those who wish to allow users to stay in the middle of two contents for comparison or any other reason, this is the effect that they are looking for.

Demo | Code

7. Simple jQuery One Page Navigation Smooth Scrolling

Offering each content in different color is a trend for one page navigation menu these days. It is because each one reflects on their own topic with good color combination. In this example we can see only plain colors used; however transitioning between one page to another gives a freshness effect as we are moving from one color background to another. You can even use gradient colors if you are more of a color lover for this jquery one page nav option.

different color single page navigation

Maybe the entire content and navigation header name being the same thing author didn’t feel necessary to indicate the current selection. However we suggest you to include that because its not always that the content clearly indicates the header. All it takes is few lines of customization in javascript and CSS code for this one page menu and hence you have a proper nav option.

Demo | Code

8. Scrolling Nav Demo

Talking about the scrolling effect for this one navigation menu, its following the inertia of motion. Its not that you click and boom the content appears in a speed of rocket. For navigating to all html pages with one navigation menu requires just a second of patience which is absolutely worth it. Even when starting a motor car it generates enough power to get going. I don’t think you have seen a car that starts with 100 km/hr speed. The effect is same as that. Even though its not necessary since we can twist and turn javascript and jquery code of the one page menu to get the nav effect we desire, its pretty cool to include that.

single page navigation menu examples

I almost forgot to talk about the colors for this navigation menu. Well there’s not much to talk about either as you can use just two colors in alternative pattern to get a cool layout. Alternatively you can always use the mix of a number of colors as per your desire.

Demo | Code

9. One Page Nav

After going through a number of examples on one page navigation menu let’s hold on for a while and lets revise all. Don’t worry I am not asking you to go back through all one page navigation option one by one but rather we have an example that’s combination of most of previous javascript and jquery nav menu.

one page navigation menu with multiple options

For navigation you can always scroll through all html pages or achieve one click result. However, you get two options for menu navigation. One is always lively header menu and another is dotted page indicators. Since I just mentioned the inertia of motion I don’t think I need to take you back to science class. All I want to say is that it includes the same effect. Therefore this example of single page navigation is the combined result of most of the features if you’re looking for a single solution.

Demo | Code

10. Simple One-Page Layout Smooth Scrolling

If you want smooth scrolling stick with the header navigation menu, with scrolling its not much of a smooth that I can tell. Only because you need to scroll completely to reach the next content. The effect involves scrolling through all html pages if you wish for navigation between one menu content to another while having a number of contents in between. Don’t worry its not that painful either.

smooth layout while navigating

The example also gives another idea to implement the color combination that’s gradually darkening. This means as you navigate through more depth more dark background colors you’re going to get. If you know any exact implementation of this effect please comment down below as for now I think it might be pretty useful but can’t say exactly for where.

Demo | Code

11. One Page Scroll

There’s only dotted indicator present for navigation but thanks to hover effect we can tell the header of the content. Therefore making it different from other dotted navigation option that one not only for navigation but for selection indicator as well. So now you don’t have to guess content location. However it may just be little effective then header menu in terms of content location.

single page scroll

If the limitation that I just mentioned is not an issue for you then implementing this one page navigation menu can save an entire header space for you’re content. Now your visitors can seen more contents at once thanks to it.

Demo | Code

12. A One Page with Two Nav Menus

If you’re in need of a website over night then this template is just ready to be implemented with overriding of just few image and text contents. Its not a single page navigation you’re getting here but amazing set of parallax text animations. Not to mention you can choose navigating with header menu or simple dotted side indicators. A simple navigation option with few line of javascript code that I have been asking all one page navigation menu to provide for all of their html pages.

scrolling with parallax effect in one page nav with jquery

Although scrolling is present as a navigation option, it doesn’t create the effect to same extent that one click navigation does. While sliding the image we also get the appearance of text in a different speed as a part of parallax effect. This effect can’t be seen on reverse navigation for current example. However we have the code which is just a click away so give show some of your skills in jquery for this one page nav to make it perfect from every direction.

Demo | Code

13. Fixed Header Scroll Effect for One-Page Sites

Although the contents are being displayed by scrolling downward, you won’t feel the same. What you feel is that you’re occupying a fixed position with all contents sliding across. Actually you don’t even feel its sliding across. More of a sudden rendering of next content as you go for the navigation.

header scroll effect for one page nav  menu with html and jquery

This is a new inclusion to number of one page navigation examples that we have seen. New as well as different in a sense. It is because almost every other single page navigation menu showed some transition effect whether that be quick or smooth. However, you don’t feel any transition effect. Its just a sudden change that you may want to implement as a indication of your quick service.

Demo | Code

14. Pure CSS Single Page Vertical Navigation

Even if you’re mouse or mouse pad is broken you don’t need to worry on if its going to impact your user’s experience. Its not because you have the apart from scrolling towards navigation menu we have another way to navigate. That’s using keyboard keys. You thought we missed on that didn’t you?

one page nav menu option for all html pages

So what you’re getting with this one page menu is only CSS codes no javascript to be seen anywhere around. Besides I don’t need to mention how much easy keyboard navigation is going to make for user experience since it might be easiest and preferable means of navigation. Above all auto generation of page using jade and sass is among the features that we’re getting.

Demo | Code


Considering that users who click to your site are humans, its not a crime that they could be lazy or seem unimpressed within few minutes of navigation. However, as a page owner its necessary to deal with every possible types of visitor you are going to have and try to convert a majority of them. With simple and clean one page navigation option we believe its one of the foundation to do so.

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