Imagine how life would be without calculator now. Every one would have to be a mathematics expert in that case. Thankfully we have multiple forms of calculator made up of different library for example react that provides a number of component to make a functional as well as user friendly app. Calculator app has become so common that almost every learner seek for tutorial to build a project on same using react or other platforms.

You may use calculator for a range of tasks. It maybe to keep track of your expenses and income or calculating bill amount while picking up groceries or even to do your assignment. Because of day to day use even android and iOS devices provide a calculator app among packed set of applications. This has made people use more calculator application on mobile or web rather than physical calculator.

12+ Fantastic React Calculator Examples/Components With Source Code For Your Project

Today we have brought a collection of more than 12 calculator examples for you along with demonstration and code. We hope that these examples with help you to move forward with your project. These calculators are functional with basic perspective only. However, you can enhance it to operate more scientifically after going through basic tutorial.


Let’s get started with examples on react calculator as below.

1. React native nw react calculator

For this react calculator you don’t need to work on separate platform as a same code offers the same solution. Whether that be web, desktop or mobile application it runs smoothly on all. Should you require to keep track of calculation history then also the calculator has provision for that. Only when you explicitly decide to remove the calculation history the display gets clear. The history area has a fixed allocation so it depends on calculation result that how many previous history can fit in.

React calculator for web, desktop and mobile

Moreover, the calculator supports recursive calculation so that you can easily perform a sequence of calculation. The calculator depends upon a number of libraries and tools for styling, organizing and packaging.

Download from GitHub

2. React Calculator Google Android

As a beginner in programming subject you might want to develop you skills by working on a react calculator project. A majority of students will consider a simple calculator app as their first few react or other platform projects. While doing so its better to take inspiration from default calculators that we get in android devices. Unlike web version of calculators they efficiently utilize the space.

react calculator example

However, the component does’t allow to perform recursive calculation by just using equals to sign for this example of react calculator. As a matter of fact clicking the equals to sign consecutively results in it functioning as clear sign.

Demo | Code

3. React Calculator

A calculator with memory is what we all need. Although, scientific calculators we have been using allows us to store data under some variables it stills lacks the ability to trace back. With this component of react calculator you can roll back to any specific event of previous calculation. This is really helpful to recheck if your calculation got wrong in somewhere middle so that you don’t have to start all over again.

react calculator example

The gradient background makes the layout beautiful in itself. Above all, this is how a web calculator should look like. A majority of web calculators or initial calculator project on react fails to provide proper space for its component. There’s no rule that you should occupy the entire space if its available. Just use the space good enough for user to handle their input and you’re calculator is good to go.

Demo | Code

4. Simple React Calculator

The simple react calculator comes with a mix bag of interactivity features. With this said the numbers don’t visually respond except for appearing in the output display which can be enhanced. You don’t want your users to get confused when they are working with similar digits. A simple pressing effect would be a great inclusion to what looks like an already amazing calculator.

react calculator tutorial example

Lock status on mathematical expression does justice over the previous defect as users will easily know which action is currently under selection. Above all even if you pick a wrong expression, you don’t have to clear the input and work again. You can simply pick another operator that overrides the previous selection.

Demo | Code

5. React Calculator

I’m so used to this layout of react calculator since the calculator app installed on my phone is of same layout. This calculator example covers almost all features of previous react example along with addition of few component. They are inclusion of modulus function and sign inversion for first digit to work with.

react calculator for mobile

While we can’t deny that we might have to work with negative numbers right from the beginning. However, subtracting the number to work with from zero and getting negative sign can be upsetting. So, why not simply add a sign inversion button and make calculation even more easily. This is a functional component that you should consider while building a react calculator app as your projects since its logic is simply multiplying the result with negative one.

Demo | Code

6. Simple ReactJs Calculator

The layout of this calculator is same as a flat calculator that you’ll see in a number of whole sell shops. Having a common usage in whole sell market, the calculator serves the function of basic mathematical calculations in form of plus, minus, multiply and divide operations.

react web calculator

A whole seller’s calculator may be the physical layout explanation while its also well suited for floating gadgets on desktop home screen. This allows you to quickly calculate if your business demands so removing the hassle of round trip to calculator time and again.

Demo | Code

7. Calculator

The simple react calculator app occupies the entire available screen; however there’s no slight feeling of getting overwhelmed. With a clear distinction between operands and operators, users don’t have to a lot of work to find one. Besides, with standard layout it makes things more easier.

Calculator example

Current selection of operands and operators is is represented by a blue boundary around the block. It may vary from users to users whether they like the layout for this or not. However, creator seems to be determined not to overload this react calculator example.

Download from GitHub

8. React calculator

I think the best way to describe this react calculator is an example of responsive calculator app. Responsive in the sense that if the digits on display is beyond initial limit the size decreases to fit in. Therefore, whether it be a long or short digit you can always have proper focus on it.

calculator ux

Talking about the layout it is similar to a real life pocket calculator along with circular buttons. The react calculator app partially supports the keyboard input. You might not be able to provide all input from the keyboard but what you can do is press enter if you repetition of current digit. Maybe on next release of this react project we will get a full keyboard friendly app.

Download from GitHub

9. React Calculator Standard

This react calculator has a standard label attached along with its name. I let up it up to you to decide whether is it justified or not but what I can provide is some of its features. So, this react calculator provides essential arithmetic operations and expression builder along with rewind feature to check on all expression history.

Calculator Standard

With this example of react calculator, its very easy to correct your mistakes. Expression history makes it easy to evaluate previous calculations while there are two clear buttons. If you want to clear entire expression you can do it or simply clear one at a time for small mistakes.

Download from GitHub

10. Calculator Reactjs

A calculator with great user interface to work with which allows you to create an expression rather than automatically showing the result on every click. Because of this feature, the display itself serve as the evaluation tool to check the expression.

Reactjs number type

A question may arise to you that if this example of react calculator allows you to build the expression as long as you like, to what limit will it hold? The answer is it doesn’t hold.This is the beauty of online application. Since it is responsive the display stretches as long as you like. However, you may not want to build a long expression if you choose not to confuse yourself.

Download from GitHub

11. React JS Simple Calculator

By name this project of react calculator is simple. However, the layout is unique with respect to other react calculator tutorial we have seen before. Its like a cover consisting of operators and operands wrapped over a container with display screen and equals button.

React JS Simple  cal

Unlike few examples we have seen the result is displayed at header with expressions being displayed as sub header. By that it should also be clear that the calculator supports expression building. If you’re looking to build a react calculator like this you can find the tutorial from link below.

Demo | Code

12. Calculator

If you’re looking for a complete backend logic tutorial on react calculator then this example might not be for you. However, if its the front end tutorial for react calculator then you have come to right example.

Calculator examples

In order to design a similar layout you will have to get your hands dirty with CSS grid. While for backend logic you can go for test driven approach or any that you’re comfortable with. Either way I can assure you that its going to be a complete worth.

Download from GitHub

13. React Loan Calculator

The only exception of the react calculator among all example that we have seen today. While every other example is a basic calculator that we may use on day to day life, this is one useful widget. The logic and all formulas are in built so its only the amount and time input that you need to provide.

The application will be useful for all banking and other agencies that deals with loan. Simply include this in your site and the users will find out themselves what the cost is going to be. Moreover, banks can boost their low interest rate scheme with it.

Demo | Code

14. Basic Calculator

The basic calculator example supporting all five basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo is a good choice for your first react project. The calculator app has a simple react UI along with brackets so that you can build even a complex expression with it. You don’t have to consider the BODMAS rule for yourself because of this feature. This is a major advantage over other react calculator example.

Basic Calculator design

With support for basic operations as well as inclusion of history and brackets option, this react calculator stands out among many others. It won’t be an easy task to built such application. However, you can find the tutorial on this react calculator from link below.

Download from GitHub


Calculator might be a core component of your website or you can include that as an utility tool. Either way it will engage users within your website so that they don’t have to look for a 3rd party application. The examples we discussed on dealt with a number of calculators ranging from a basic daily use to installment calculator for banks. So, tell us what calculator would you like in your amazing website or application?

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