Colors are the most important and strong tools for any artist and designers. Its the correct use and mix of colors that brings things to life. Any tools that web designers use has high chances of containing a default color picker. That may do the job in most of the cases while there may also come time when they need some additional features on top. With react color picker, you can take your html, CSS and JavaScript containing website and native application to a next height.

There are multiple ways to get a color for your designing project. Designers may go on a test based approach to find a suitable color while there’s also possibility that you have to bring inspiration from somewhere. Maybe its an upgrade of existing website requiring same theme color. So what would you do ? take screenshots and inspect later or just have a functional react color picker along your designing tool? We bring you a list of tools for same rest is up to you to decide.

12+ Best Color Picker Component and Libraries For React App

We have surfed through the internet and brought to you 12+ examples of react color picker using html, CSS and JavaScript. Feel free to go through the demo and customization to check out which one suits you the most.


Here is the list of examples that we have brought to you today each unique in their own way satisfying a varieties of needs.

1. React Color

If you’re looking for a simple select and go react color picker rather than having to select the color then apply then this is this this native tool might be helpful. If you’re unsure of exact color you can always scroll through the ocean of color options. Alternatively, if you are a color expert and know exactly what you want then you have the option to just enter the RGB and other values.

React Color

The example shown here includes the application for popular Photoshop software to custom post background colors in social media sites. With over 13 different pickers there’s high chance of getting result you are looking for or you can also make one using block components.

Download from GitHub

2. React input color

Maybe you’re working on a number of division and components on your website. Having a color picker for each division in the form of a drop down input reduces the hassle of shifting from colors back and forth while simple editing. For each division the color picker stores the color which can come handy.

input color

There are two different types of color pickers in this example. One consists of main color samples in a block of components while for other you need to slide through to get color of your need.

Download from GitHub

3. Material color hashing

The material color hashing example creates a dynamic background color change effect for every key length. Its a great tool for dynamically coloring UI components such as badges,icons and other. Moreover, it creates a great look ensuring verification process.

Material color hashing

Website and web applications are very interactive these days with data accepting from users and providing processed result. While validation is necessary to ensure proper format data goes to the system, the change in background for the input interface to red or green can be of great use.

Download from GitHub

4. Colorpicker for React

This react color picker is a light weight tool displaying in RGB or HSL format. Besides manually specifying value for those formats the tool offers a easy slider to specify opacity value. Additionally you can also use manual input or click increment and decrement option for transparency level.

Colorpicker for React

The html color coding information in the picker tool is useful for future or scenarios where you ma be the exact code to process with.

Download from GitHub

5. GradientLab

GradientLab is a gradient picker made with React. The aim is to help designers create a dream website by allowing them to pick pleasing gradient colors quickly and intuitively.


The current draft of the react color picker doesn’t support location adjustment within the gradient. However, there’s an option on the color picker to define javascript function that evaluates and displays on UI.

Download from GitHub

6. React colour wheel

You may be in the impression that color selection tool comes only in a rectangular or linear selection layout. To prove you wrong here is a color wheel example. In addition it brings the advantage that there’s no end boundary to color selection.

React colour wheel

Basically how the css color picker works is that we have an outer ring with main colors. As we select a color the inner ring fills with color of different rgb value to choose from while the core circle fills with the final color.

Download from GitHub

7. Tiny Color Picker for React

The tiny react color picker is a simple tool with vertical slider to choose from a range of colors while having a frame to choose different versions of it. Along this is a horizontal slider to choose on opacity level of the color.

react color picker example

The example shows how a border frame color can be selected from a tool that can reside inside the frame. However, the color picker doesn’t give a manual entering of rgb values so you’ll have to navigate across the color ocean to get the one.

Download from GitHub

8. ReactJS Color Picker

You will need to have a good understanding of colors to use this react color picker since there’s no range of options to choose by default. It requires sliding and adjusting rgb value along with transparency level to get the result.

slider color picker example

The layout is very simple and can be placed on sidebar of the application as easy selection method. However, due to its feature that we just discussed on it requires some practice to get to right color in short time.

Demo | Code

9. React Color Picker 3

The layout for this react color picker is similar to paint application of windows. It must be among first react native color picker you have come across. The layout is as simple as it gets with rectangular selection frame. The primary colors are distributed across two rows while relative rgb selections can be done from upper layer.

simple react color picker

You can choose to hide the color picker as well. This enables the efficient utilization of space in the designing tool.

Demo | Code

10. React Color Picker

Of course the designers are admin of their own web site. So wouldn’t inclusion of some controller like UI components be great addition? You’ll get a DJ like feeling having the control on entire music system of the club with this javascript color picker.

full control react color picker

The circular slider lets you choose among the primary color with two vertical sliders to adjust contrast and color levels. Additionally, html color code along with final color preview can be seen in the css color picker.

Demo | Code

11. Color Changer ReactJS

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter might not have thought that their user base would be designers or artist. Yet their layout is beautiful despite the fact that majority of layout is based on user specific contents. This is possible because of the simple option to choose layout and colors from color picker that doesn’t require any prior designing knowledge. However, there’s one condition that user should have the ability to decide on one.

react simple color changer

No slider, nor navigating across multiple color types nor entering rgb value. You just click the button for color you like and its done. Fairly simple and effective way to present any contents.

Demo | Code

12. React colorscales

The next example that we are going to see is a geographical application in itself. Besides you can choose color representation on the basis on some distribution density. The toggle color selection button provides a range of predefined color set to choose from. You wouldn’t want population distribution to be represented by blue color family nor rainfall distribution by red colors. So, its better to have a range of color selection on the basis of requirement.

React color picker for maps

Additional tools that we have are are a quick screenshot, zoom, resize, editing options that appear on hover. Extra UI features that designers can consider for their application.

Download from GitHub

13. Color Picker BY Suhail Abood

This color picker removes the entire hassle of selecting each color code in css for your website design. In addition, this react color picker tool is really helpful for learners trying to learn native website designing using html, css and javascript. Instead of remembering a series of complex hex color color you can simply select a number of color ranges for quick implementation.

Color Picker

For simplicity and being a learner focused tool there’s no manual rgb selection option. If you’re looking for a simple solution of color selection then you can start with this and then move along to more customizable tool to test your creativity.

Demo | Code


Color picker tool is a must have tool for any design related task. Any design starts with selecting a proper color. While you may have to play with a number of colors before finalizing one, the tool should provide easy options to do so. Most of the examples we have discussed today is intended for designers from learners to experts. Since they are available in an open platform don’t hesitate to give them a try.

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