Are you going to build a website? It is one of the most important marketing tools in this digital world. These day most of companies or institution have their own website. Websites works as great medium for promoting your business as well connecting with the people.

Nowadays building a website is very simple compared the early ages. There are lots of tools available in the internet through which you can build advance website easily. While building you need to keep concern of different factor like website should be user-friendly, secured, fast and so on.

15 Reasons To Build Your Website With HTML

Website can be built in different way. You can build it by using tools or by coding HTML as it depends upon the types of website. Here are the 15 reasons to build your website with HTML.



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Full control over your website

The reasons to build your website with HTML is that it gives you full control over you website which other tools might not provide you. You have full control on design as well as functionality of website. If you are great developer you can control your website on your own way.


HTML is simple and Easy

One of the main reasons to build website with HTML is that it’s very easy to code. There are not any strict rules that need to be followed during coding. The basic thing that you need to know is the uses of appropriate tags at appropriate place.


HTML is supported by almost all browsers

Website build in HTML is compatible with almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and lots more. All the elements and tags used for building HTML websites are recognized by the browsers.


Support multimedia

The website build with HTML supports different form of multimedia like Image, music, sound, animation and more. You can select the multimedia content that is going to be added statically to display on the web pages.


No maintenance is required

You don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your website once it is created. As the website build with HTML are static website. So you don’t need to install any updates or keep the backup of any content.


Best option for small and static website

If you are building small and static website where you are not going to change the content regularly, then building it with HTML is best selection. The HTML website is static website which is once build and not changed frequently.


Loading time of website is fast

The websites build with HTML loads comparatively fast. The reason behind fast loading of website is that the HTML website has a static content and it doesn’t need to download any dynamic content to display on the web page.


Customized your website any way you want

Another reason to choose HTML for building website is that you can fully customized your website any way you want. The only requirement is that you need to have perfection with the HTML codes. You have no restriction on customizing your website while building with HTML.


No updates is required

Apart from dynamic website, the website build with HTML doesn’t need any updates because there are no plugins installed in website that need to be updates. All the content in HTML website is static and can be manually changed if necessary. So with HTML build website you can be free from disgusting updates.



In the term of security HTML website can be better option as websites build with HTML are individually coded. So it will be difficult to hacker to find the loopholes in the website and hack your website. To prevent the hack, the website should be coded by expertise.


Hosting is Cheap

Hosting for static HTML website is cheap compared to that of Dynamic website. You don’t need to pay any extra charges for plugins and backup for the static website but if you build dynamic website you need to pay some extra charges for hosting.


Works with low requirement

The website build with the HTML runs with low requirement. It actually doesn’t need a server with PHP or MySQL installed in them because most of website are basic. They can easily run in low resources that come with the cheap price.


Indexing is Easy

Your website build with the HTML can easily be index by the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The reason behind the easy indexing is that the HTML website contains the only static code i.e. HTML, CSS.


Build adaptive websites

You can create a websites that is adaptable with most of the device with different screen size. If you are good at coding the HTML codes you can easily create the adaptive website which runs smoothly in different screen size devices.



Another reason to build the website with HTML is it Flexibility. It provides you such flexibility that you can make every page different in the website. You can individually design each pages accordingly which might be difficult with other tools.


In conclusion, Building the website with HTML has equal advantage as building with other tools. In fact they cannot be compared as both of them are equally useful. The above reason show that HTML website are still being used and will be used in future as it have different scope which cannot be compared.

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