Today, implementing sounds and audio on webpages has become much easier with the HTML5 <audio> tag and the Web Audio API. The <audio> tag is simple and easy to use. And unlike Flash, it doesn’t require a plug-in to be installed in the user’s browser or computer. Meanwhile, Web Audio API is the latest and most modern way of including audio in a webpage. Web Audio API uses the JavaScript API for processing and implementing audio into the webpage. It works alongside the <audio> tag to provide more efficient audio processing and playback. There are many JavaScript audio libraries available that work alongside the HTML5 <audio> element and the Web Audio API.

For over two decades, we didn’t have a proper way of including sounds and audio on web pages. In the beginning, only background sounds could be played by using the <bgsound> tag. The <bgsound> tag was only supported in IE and no other browsers at the time. Later, the <embed> tag would allow developers to embed audio files into the website.

This allowed audio other than background sounds to be included in the WebPages. Flash became a huge success for embedding multimedia content on the web when it first arrived. Flash uses the same <embed> element to include flash contents into the webpages, but with more features. it is a multi-browser multimedia platform.

Best JavaScript Audio Libraries Collection For Designer

It requires a plugin to be installed on the user’s web browser or computer. Flash remained a popular multimedia embedding tool for over a decade.


The use of Flash is being deprecated day by day. New technologies have arrived. And, it is better to use these new technologies and take advantage of the new features.

Here are some of the best JavaScript audio libraries for better audio implementation.

1. Howler

Howler Best JavaScript Audio Libraries

Howler.js is a pure JavaScript audio library that uses the Web Audio API for sound processing. It features automatic audio caching, modularity, fade and seeks controls and many more.

Howler is also a cross-browser library supporting all major browsers. It has an HTML5 audio fallback option for older browsers.


2. Sound JS

Sound JS provides a simple API for web audio implementation. It supports Web Audio API, and HTML audio elements and also has a Flash fallback option for older browsers.

Sound JS also provides a mechanism for audio preloading through PreloadJS.

Source Code

3. Sound Manager 2

Sound Manager 2

Sound Manager 2 supports the HTM5 audio and Flash audio. In absence of HTML5 audio support, it fallbacks to the JavaScript-to-Flash feature of the Flash plugin.

This feature is only available in Flash 8 or higher versions.


4. Timbre Audio Libary

Timbre.js is an objective sound programming library. It features various sound effects like vibrato, tremolo, and wah effects.

It claims to be a next-generation web audio processing library.


5. Audio.js

Audio.js - Best JavaScript Audio Libraries

Audio.js is a simple JavaScript audio library. It uses the HTML’s default <audio> tag for including sounds.

It also provides a flash player to emulate the <audio> functions for non-supporting browsers.


6. Wavesurfer


Wavesurfer.js provides customizable audio waveforms for audio visualization. It uses the Web Audio API and HTML5 Canvas.

Wavesurfer only supports modern browsers that support Web Audio. In older browsers, it uses the HTML audio element but without graphics.


7. jWebAudio

jWebAudio is a light-weight audio library aimed for web games.

It provides both JavaScript and jQuery versions of the library for personal preference.


8. Annyang

Annyang - Best JavaScript Audio Libraries

Annyang.js is a lightweight speech-recognition library. It allows the users to control the website through voice commands. It also supports multiple languages.



HTML5 and Web Audio API are new technologies. Discard the old ways. Use these technologies for including audio and sound on your web pages. JavaScript is dynamic and provides efficient methods for web development.

JavaScript engine is more reliable than HTML embed tags and Flash. It provides far more advanced ways for better audio implementation and processing.

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