Over the past couple of years, the one programming language that has been successful in gaining popularity is JavaScript. The reason behind it is that JavaScript is most widely used in web applications and is preferred by front-end developers. Although there are a lot of alternatives to JavaScript such as TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart, and so on, all of these fail to supersede JavaScript.

Even though JavaScript was only limited to the development of the front-end in the past, the rise of Node.js has made JavaScript boundless. With the help of Node.js frameworks, JavaScript can be used in front-end, web servers, desktop applications, embedded systems, databases, and so on.

In fact, the main aim of Node.js is to increase the speed of web application development by providing basic and fundamental functionalities only. It is quite generous to know that a lot of big companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Netflix, PayPal, Yahoo!, Walmart, etc. use Node.js. If you are thinking about joining the gang, here are the 5 Best Node.js Frameworks in 2022:


Node.js Express

Node.js Express

Node.js Express or simply Express consists of features that assist in building very powerful web and mobile apps as well as APIs.

Extension packages or plugins can be written in Express easily and be used quickly. Express is similar to Node.js but the codes are very less in comparison to Node.js.


Sail.js – Node.js Framework

sailsjs - Node.js Frameworks

Whether it is a minute scale chat or a huge web application, Sail.js (node.js mvc) is an ultimate solution as it comes with features that can build anything. It also makes database work easier irrelevant of what kind of database is being used.

You can transform from SQL to MongoDB easily without any issues.


KOA – Node.js Frameworks

KOA - Node.js Frameworks

KOA handles flow control, and error handling and omits callback issues with the help of generators. It consists of a modular approach and allows the user to write codes in their own way to make them robust.

The use of KOA is trending right now as developers can write the code their own way due to its flexible features.



Meteor - Node.js Frameworks

Meteor assists you build web and mobile apps through JavaScript. It has only one API which is utilized on both, the client and server-side.

You can make connections with anything with the database through its DDP protocol. Even though it has its own stack, you can make your own choice regarding the technologies. With Meteor, you are ready to go.



Derby.js - Node.js Frameworks

Derby.JS consists of Racer, a data synchronization engine, that assists in swift data sync amid database, sever as well as browser. It works with Meteor, Mean.io and Mojito, mongo DB and Redis.

If you wish to make your application faster and more flexible, Derby is the best choice. Even though it has the capability to rule the full-stack Node.js frameworks. Its use is decreasing in the past years.



Node.js is the ultimate choice if you wish to run JavaScript code outside of the browser but on your server. With the help above mentioned top 5 best Node.js Framework in 2022, you are ready to build any robust web and mobile application.

Thus now, you no longer have to use any kind of third-party app or web server, tools, or technology in order to build an app as the many available Node.js frameworks assist you to build end-to-end web apps that are real-time.

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