Components made with CSS and have the ability to rate any website in form of stars is known as Star Rating CSS. Many people like to call it five star rating or CSS Star Rating. As in this rating system, there are 5 star which represents the quality of the product and is sent to the producers as feedback. When you visit a site and want to rate the product on the site then you can use a rating system like these in the form of 5 stars.

For instance, if you are looking for some product online and you found it. First, you will place an order and then buy the product. When you receive the product you will have to review the product. Which can be done with the help of 5-star rating system.

You can review the product by giving it star according to its quality and the service that the online company gave you. The basic thing you need to know here is that when you buy a product it is good to review the product as you can give the manufacturers the review.

With the help of this review, you can tell the other buyers what are the strong and weak point of the product.

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Collection of HTML And CSS Five Star Rating System Design Examples For Web Designer

When you are a web designer you need to know which one is better and which one is not. There may be some places where you can improve the quality of the website and you can know that with the help of the rating system. This system can be suitable for the various website such as:

  • Online shopping website
  • App store
  • Blogs
  • Search engine
  • Software product and many more

Now let’s look at some examples of star rating system:

1. CSS Simple Star Rating

Simple star rating

Let’s start simple. As you can see in the demo below there are five stars for you to rate. As you give your rating the emoji will change.

When you select the lowest rating the emoji will be sad but as you increase your rating the emoji will change itself according to the rating. A rating systems like these are made with the help of CSS and HTML.

Author: Mert Cukuren

2. Star Ratings CSS Example

Star Ratings CSS

5 star rating is the best system in which you can rate the content of any webpage according to the form of stars. But what if you don’t want to rate in star and want to rate in another way.

Here in this demo, you can see that there are two different ways for you to rate. Firstly you can rate in star and then you can rate in the heart.

Author: Ratings

3. Star Rating Code Snippet

Star rating

When you use 5 star rating system then you will get some amazing rating system. Like in the rating system here there are five stars and when you hover your mouse over the star those stars will stand up.

When you are able to mix JavaScript with CSS then you too can make a rating system like these.

Author: Timothy M.LeBlanc

4. Ratings Inspiration CSS Design

Ratings Inspiration

Rating the content on the website help the developers know their mistake and then help them to correct them. In this rating system, you can see that there are three different styles. Firstly there is the emoji + Rating.

Then you can see two-star rating styles with its own hovering effects. This demo is able to give you more than one option when it comes to rating the content.

Author: Tadaima

5. Rating in pure HTML5/CSS3

Rating in pure HTML5/CSS3

Okay here is something new. As you can see it seems like a simple star rating system at first. But when you start to in this you will see that there are two different things that are added.

A button called reset and the rating that you have given. The combination of CSS and HTML5 makes these kinds of rating systems possible.

Author: Konve Vongsouthi

6. Pure CSS 5-Star Rating

Pure CSS 5 star rating

Having more than one option while developing makes the work much easier. For instance, you can look at the demo below. There are three different examples in which you can make your rating system.

The one that is in the first will show the option in which there is no rating option. Then when you move to the other you can see that there are stars which can be rated half.

The last one is a full star rating where you will find a normal rating system.

Author: Andrea Crawford

7. Rating System (CSS Only)

Rating System (CSS Only)

With core CSS you can make different styles as per the requirement of the website. Like in the demo below you can see that there are four options to choose from.

Here you can make a different rating system but remember that there is no star in it. So if you want star in the rating system you need to change the icon.

Author: Elton Kamami

8. Standalone SVG CSS-only Star Rating Component

Standalone SVG CSS-only

If you want to save your space on the website or have more than enough space for rating then you can choose from here. You will find rating system in three shapes and sizes.

As you can see in the demo below that there are three rating styles one is small the other one is a little big but the last one is the largest of them all.

Author: Damian Muti

9. Rate Star Buttons (Pure CSS)

pure css

Rating with five star is always what makes work look much fun. But sometimes you may want just three-star. So if that is the case then you must try this star rating system.

As you can see that there are three stars on the rating system. First on is for okay the other one is for cool and the last one is for amazing.

Author: Valeriia

10. Pure CSS Star Rating

Pure CSS

Unlike another rating system out there star rating system is one of the most common ones. As you can see in the demo how easy is it to use and how fast is it to make.

But just because it is simple to make is not the reason why it is popular. It is popular because it gives the right amount of rating for the content.

Author: Rachel Bull

11. Star Rating for Email

Star rating for email

Let’s assume that you have a product and you have uploaded about the product online. When you upload the product and customers will buy the product they will give you review.

As they can give you any star and what if you don’t have time to sort good ones with the bad ones. Then this rating system will help you. This rating system will redirect you to the rating given by the buyers.

Author: Maxx Scholten

12. Stars.css with Source Code


If you are thinking about adding a rating system on your website then you must have a clear idea of what type of rating you want. Do you want only rating or do you want rating + written review.

Then you are covered with this example here. As you can see there are two different options for you to choose from. You can choose simple stars only or choose stars and written reviews.

Author: Jordan-Simonds

13. Flat Pure CSS3 Rating System

Flat pure CSS3

CSS3 is always a powerful tool to create amazing animations on the website. Just take the rating system for example.

As you can how the author has made the star rating system with the help of the hover effect and radio effect. This just shows what kind of amazing things can CSS3 make.

Author: Renaud Tertrais

14. Full CSS3 Only Colorful Star Ratings

Full css3 only colorful star ratings

On this rating system, you can see that the stars change color and hover when you select them. When you select the lowest on then it turns red but when you select the top one the color turns green.

With the help of CSS, the author has made something truly amazing.

Author: Daniesy

15. Star Rating System

Rating System

Rating the products is something that we must have a habit of as when you rate certain products the others will know what type of product it really is.

As seen in the example below that when you select a star it shows what was the rating that you gave to the product.

Author: Mirko

16. 5-star Rating Modal with Neat Hover Effect

rating modal with neat hover effect

Rating products with the help of a rating system created by CSS is always amazing. As you can see in the rating example below that the author has made some amazing rating systems in which can you not only rate but submit the rating.

This might be the best rating for those websites with the submit button.

Author: Jeff Francisco

17. Five Star Rating Field with Animated Hover Effect

  field with animated hover effect

Adding animation to your animation is something that makes all the hard work worth it. As seen in the demo below how these stars are used to make the rating process much more attractive.

Although they might be a little lengthy in code but they are worth the extra effort. So is you want an amazing rating system of your website then you should try this out.

Author: Blixt

18. Star Rating in CSS

Star in CSS

Unlike another rating system out there star rating system is one of the most common ones. But when you use core CSS it makes the code much more lightweight and simple for users.

You can see how the author has used only CSS to make such an amazing rating system.

Author: Geoffrey Crofte

19. Star Ratings UI

Star Ratings UI

When you think about the rating system you think about stars. But those stars may not be the same as you might have imagined. Because if you use codes like CSS and mix it with JavaScript then you can get the rating that you might have wanted.

For instance, you can look at the demo below. As you can see here that the author has made the demo with the help of CSS but also added JavaScript to it. That is the reason why this demo looks this amazing.

Author: Jesse Couch

20. Emoticon Star Rating

Emoticon Star Rating

When you are rating and you find the same old fashion rating system then will it look good. That is the reason why you must choose the rating given below.

As you will not only get the rating system but you will also get the emoji that changes as you rate the product. As seen in the demo author has used CSS and HTML codes.

Author: Vineeth.TR

21. Star Rating in Pure CSS

Star Rating in Pure CSS

Rating some products with a simple rating system is not always fun to do. So to solve such a problem why not try this rating system. As you can see there are five stars but what you don’t see it when you select the star it hovers and then it gets enlarged.

When you open the code for this rating you will be surprised. As the author has not even use JavaScript and done all this with the help of CSS and HTML alone.

Author: Christopher Kirk-Nielsen

22. CSS Unicode Star Rating

CSS Unicode Star Rating

Adding animation to your animation is something that makes all the hard work worth it, as a result, you can make the effects look much more amazing.

Firstly you may think this demo must have long code but trust me once you open the code you will see that the code is simple and can be done very fast.

Author: Joseph Fusco

23. Google Play Rating Histogram

Google Play rating histogram

As Google is one of the biggest companies in the world it is obvious that it would be a great source of inspiration.

So why not try the rating system that Google uses. Although it may not be the same but it still looks have that elegant look to it as any other rating but can give your website a familiar look.

Author: Brian Phillips

24. 5 Star Emoji Rating

5 star emoji

At last as a bonus why not look at some rating which doesn’t have a star on it. But instead, why not try this rater in which instead of using star emoji are used. As you hover your mouse on top of the emoji they represent different emotions.

First on your left will represent sick emoji whereas the right one will represent happy emoji with money added to it.

Author: Will Bewley


When you use rating like these you can notice that you will receive a lot of feedback from your viewers and will give you the opportunity to make changes to the webpage accordingly. These rating systems might look not so important at first but trust me they are. As they are responsible to know more about website drawbacks from various sources.

5-star rating system is well known for the rating in apps or videos or even pictures uploaded on the internet. To sum up, the use of a rating system like these will bring not only looks to your website but will also make the website a little more interactive.

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