Basically speaking submit button is like signature to the contract agreement. Its final piece of the puzzle that confirms that you did everything well to impress the users. However, the final step in form of submit button still requires some effort in form of bootstrap css and html. There may be a number of input type that you have asked and now require proper handling with button effects. As many needs that many submit button examples. That’s what we’re discussing in today’s article.

If you thought you’re only getting some color change effect as animation for the submit button then let me tell you there’s more in our disposal. That doesn’t mean we have brought only complicated set of examples but rather its a equal combination of both. Therefore making this article suitable for beginners as well as professionals. Whether that be for asking input type or final submit action here’s what we are bringing on button article today.

20+ Amazing Animated HTML CSS Submit Button Examples with Source Code

Submit button is useful in a number of ways. Being a gateway to some feature or finalizing the process it may be simply asking users to comment or share their offering or submitting an online application form. Nevertheless you are here because you felt the need to create an amazing submit button for your web application. Therefore, we brought an amazing collection of html and css submit button design that in collaboration with other components or standing alone shall serve to some degree of inspiration.


Here’s your way to more than 20 animated CSS submit button examples along with few taste of html and javascript waiting for you.

1. Arrowed HTML and CSS

We start the first one on the examples of css submit button with an animated hover effect. Although submit button are like confirmation check mark, with this bootstrap button it feels like it is providing navigation. Why wouldn’t one feel the same since its the animation of arrow. One of the unlocking option for our smart phone involves swiping towards right. This seems to be the inspiration for the submit button with similar effect on hover.

arrowed css submit button

Demo | Code

2. Responsive Email Submit

The following example of bootstrap submit button shows that maybe with just 10 pixel height the email input type requirement can be fulfilled. In our previous article on CSS subscription form design we showed efficient ways to accept email from users. While this one focuses on gradient submit button, it still shows a very easy way to do the same.

email input submit button

Demo | Code

3. Animated Submit Button

There are multiple ways to indicate the completion of submission task. Loading a new page with confirmation message is one of the way and another way with animation is here with us below. You might have guessed it. Its the combination of loading icon followed by a tick icon. This completely takes away possibility of submitting duplicate information as you don’t have any option left for submitting. Besides the background color transformation of submit button with bootstrap css serves for current selection indicator.

animated submit button with css

Demo | Code

4. Send Button Transforms into Birds

Looking for some cool animation examples for submit button? Trust me this ones pretty cool with button transforming into birds as indication of action completion. You don’t even have to click the button with similar actions seen on hover. All the component of the submit button transforms into birds while leaving a feather on top of text that says done.

submit button transformation effect

Demo | Code

5. Submit Loader with HTML and CSS

If your site offers multiple submission functionality and therefore can’t afford to completely disable the submit button we have a bootstrap example just for you. In this one we see just change in background color for hover effect. This includes transitioning to background color while maintaining visible border layout. Besides that the submission button has no effect on the html button itself but offers a CSS effect. Loading button with tick mark seems to be designer’s favorite with same being offered here. What’s amazing is that the loader after completion is the border for tick icon that slides up to get its position.

submit button with tick mark animation

Demo | Code

6. Animated 2 States Submit Buttons

A good website and web application layout is not the one that only considers things going in right way. It also requires to deal with things making it robust in every possible way. Almost every examples of css submit button we saw were about successful submission or just a simple animation. No this one though. With this bootstrap submit button you can get the form to deal with both successful and failed action. Its very simple. If all things are okay and aligns with your form validation show the green tick mark else a red sign of error. Moreover, a shaky effect for error helps users to notice things didn’t go their way and then perform action again.

submission button with success and error effect

Demo | Code

7. Button Loading Animation

If you want to try slightly different loader animation for your submit button while using minimum html, css and javascript code check this one. Its better to have a number of options for best possible choice. Many loading examples focused on filling a circular boundary but maybe you’re a fan of linear progress bar. As a combination of both we have the following bootstrap submit form that spins two curved arrows which symbolizes synchronization along with color filling on background. A number of ways to indicate loading progress followed by tick mark on completion.

spinning submit button

Demo | Code

8. Submit Button

Its an example of flexible submit button. The animation effect is simple and fairly straight forward. The polygon submit button without any loading effect compresses into a circular complete icon. Besides that its only a hover effect for selection indication and a rotating effect while rendering completion icon.

submission transformation

Demo | Code

9. Animation Submit Button (CSS and JavaScript)

The following example is just a slight alternation of previous example of submit button. The only difference comes in the form of loading effect that was absent in the previous one. The loading action starts as the submit button is clicked and is there for a while before rendering the tick mark within the same polygon shape. Therefore the button goes for transformation from polygon that squeezes to a circle and the finally back to polygonal shape. A lot of transformation to go through within short period of time.

multiple button transformation

Demo | Code

10. Submit Button Concept

It might feel like a rewind but its again a slight alternation to the example of bootstrap css submit form that we just saw. From start to finish there’s not much different. That means this button also goes from a polygonal submit button to circular loading effect and then back to polygon shaped interface with tick mark. So what’s the difference? Just the duration of loading effect that we see in the middle. So if you’re input data type is huge or for whatever reasons if you feel the process will take a little time then give the users indication for same with this button effect.

slow loading effect

Demo | Code

11. Animated Submit Button

Hover to indicate the interest in submission action then click to finalize it. That’s what all submit button try to deliver without any textual content. It is exactly what this animated submit button does. It does so by inclusion of hover effect that shows arrow icon replacing the submit text in the button. This acts as asking for confirmation whether user wants to proceed forward or not. It might be difficult to decline such a beautiful submit button and therefore the finalization is done by rendering of tick icon as in other examples.

submit button examples

Demo | Code

12. Submit Button Effects

Even the login action takes some time to verify the credentials. That makes the room for loading action while verification goes on. It involves disabling the submit button by converting the button into a loader component. The circular loader component doesn’t indicate the loading action using its border but linear filling inside that. This bootstrap submit button seems to be highly supportive for asynchronous action. I don’t think we need to bring another spotlight on asynchronous action however we just want to say that it will improve the system performance.

login button

Demo | Code

13. Confirm in the Button

Just hold for a moment and think the scenarios where submit button is useful. I believe most of you might have thought on form submission, some money transfer action or even a delete action. So, mistakenly clicking o those actions can be extremely pricey. Two step authentication or confirmation came into practice to avoid same scenario. That is, this button example don’t just start action on a click but offers another confirmation button choice before proceeding saving you from disaster.

confirmation button

Demo | Code

14. Submit Button Loader

This is the third time you’re seeing this polygon to loader and back to polygon. However as we said for each one this too is just a simple alternation. Again the alternation comes under loader action with varying speed. With code for each of these examples available, you can test for yourself which method is the most efficient for you.

animated loader

Demo | Code

15. CSS Submit Button Hover Effects

Here’s a number of hover effects for your submit button. These effects range from simple slide down, left, right or top to curtain effects. With so much of varieties you can offer interactive effect even before additional loading and confirmation icons. Not just for submit button but the effect suits as a selection indicator for any labels of website whether that be a static one or menu component.

sent button examples

Demo | Code

16. CSS Submit Button with Loader

Another example of css submit button with shape transition effect. Again like last few times this one is slight alternation in loading effect. This time its the discrete filling of dot components rather than continuous filling on a circular loader. Besides this almost everything else is same. Its just a personal preference that whether continuous or a discrete effect suits your website’s theme.

transition effect for submit button

Demo | Code

17. Submit with Micro-copy Status

Flipping animation effect is one of the attractive means to indicate changes without any transformation in the button shape. So for those who would like to stick with uniform button shape while including the loading effect and confirmation message, this one is for you. As we said its a flip effect so a click to the button flips to get sending text which is loading effect and finally rendering done message. Besides these the button also exhibit the real life click action like pressing a key in keyboard by small transition in its position.

flipping button effect

Demo | Code

18. Button Interaction JavaScript

There’s no input for getting loading effect for the button type however it exhibits something similar. This is because the animation involved on button click is its rotation and transformation into done icon. Since rotation effect is one of the popular loading action we get the same vibes.

rotating button type

Demo | Code

19. Send Button with a Transition

Paper aeroplane is one of the icon type for sending input data button. So literal meaning is that the button is responsible for transitioning input data type from one point to another. To see this more visually you can set the aeroplane in motion as you click on the button which is exactly what you can get from code available below. As the aeroplane icon flies there’s safe landing of done icon to indicate completion of action.

aeroplane button type example

Demo | Code

20. Organic Button with CSs and JS

Another one in the list of transitional submit button examples. As in all other examples of submit button, this one has a alight alternation on loading component. The loader component that we have here is like a blinking action. That is we have a ring layout with varying width that indicates the loading action is going on. The advantage of having such loader is that you don’t need to specify what percentage of work is completed. It works for quick as well as long loading action. Besides that the submit button and completion indicator are of different color to indicate different type of input submission stages.

organic button type

Demo | Code

21. 3D Submit Button HTML CSS

Missed 3D buttons? We thought you did so we decided to includes examples of 3d submit button as well. However, this is a single set of css submit button since 3D effect implies on all of the no matter which one you click. I didn’t mean if you clicked on sign in another button will also have the same effect however it looks as if they are sharing same base whose foundation is not very strong. So if click on a button, the entire base seems to be pressed with usual click effect on the selected button.

3d button type example

Demo | Code

22. Submit Button

Button shape transition seems to be a popular choice among authors of submit button examples. Yes, you guessed it right its again alternation in the loader.However, its not the speed or style of circular loader but completely different loader. By now you might be expecting the submit button to squeeze into a circular one on click since we went through few of them. Its not the case here with a linear loader appearing on click and finally the complete icon. CSS and JavaScript code for the html submit button available from link below.

linear loader for submit button type

Demo | Code

23. Submit Button Concept

Since a majority of examples on html submit button dealt with transitional effects, we end the list with another one. Polygonal submit shape to circular loader and then back to polygonal confirm icon. This might be the fifth time if I am not wrong that we’re dealing with almost identical html submit button. However each one comes with slightly different loader effect so in this one you get a circular that rotates a partial arc within the boundary. Since the component is always partial it doesn’t have to deal with percentage of task completed or left. So, you can take the calculation issue out of your head.

loading submit button type

Demo | Code


Hence those were some of the cool effects that you can achieve for submit button using bootstrap CSS and HTML. There were some contribution from JavaScript as well but we think they were not so complicating. We tried to cover on a number of effects from 3D to transition or rotating. However we are aware that there are more effects that are simply stunning. We will surely cover on those topics in the near days to come. Till then you can check on our other examples on button and front end components. Have a nice day!

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