Having a spotless and well-organized website route is key in designing a powerful UI. Drop-down menus are incredible for locales that have numerous degrees of substance chain of command. The commonplace design example of a drop-down menu is that when a client floats over the parent route thing, a submenu of route things shows up. Dropdowns are one of the most significant pieces of an intuitive website. Right now a wide range of kinds of drop-down navigation menus utilized in websites everywhere throughout the web for your route design motivation. So we have gathered a list of probably the best free JavaScript/JS DropDown/Drop down menu example. Every one of these layouts is simply inspirations, which you can utilize for your site.

Dropdown navbar or button models are utilized for different purposes on the website. Dropdowns can be utilized for basic choice determination (like in structures) or for tremendous menus (like route bars in online stores). Dropdown menus give simple access to menus, choices and route join.

They also add to the usefulness and show to a website. Dropdown menus are a basic yet amazing segment of a website. Design your menus with CSS and JS to make magnificent dropdowns.

Collection of JavaScript DropDown Navigation Menu Examples with Source Code

Overwhelming web over five years back and inciting some blended emotions in developer and designer networks, the dropdown menu is a legitimate arrangement that is perceived by everybody and utilized regularly.


I hope you will stay till the end of this article. So let us get started!

1. Simple JavaScript OnClick Dropdown Menu

Simple JavaScripot OnClick Dropdown Menu

This is the very first example of the JavaScript Dropdown menu in this collection. There are a total of 4 menus with a white background. Nice hover effect is present to let the users know which one is being highlighted.

There is a total of two menus which has sub-menu and are indicated as Dropdown 1 and Dropdown 2. If you want you can also add sub-menus to all of them.


2. Stripe Style Dropdown Menu Design JS Code

Stripe Style Dropdown Menu Design JS Code

As the name refers, this is another stylish dropdown menu. With a gradient background, the three menus seem like it floating. Simply hover over the menus to see the sub-menus. The dropdown menus also appear as a tooltip.

A bigger card is used to showcase the sub -menus inside the menus. So do not worry if you have bigger contents to show, this one is surely going to help.


3. Responsive JavaScript Flat Horizontal Menu

Responsive JavaScript Flat Horizontal Menu

In case you need a simple, flat, horizontal menu with icons in it, you can have a glance at this once. With a dark background, the menus are placed horizontally. Just at the left of the menu, the icons are present to indicate the respective menu.

Some of them have a dropdown impact and some of them does not. But all of them has a hover impact to let the user know which one is being highlighted.


4. Dropdown List JavaScript Menu Code Snippet

Dropdown List JavaScript Menu Code Snippet

This one is another example of a JavaScript drop-down menu where you need to pick one from the list of the user. In a neat white background, there is a select box with an arrow facing downward. As you click on it, the arrow faces to its upper side and you get a list of users to choose from.

Likewise, you need to hover up and down to slide through the different items from which you select. In case you feel it difficult, adding a scroll bar can help.


5. JavsaScript Flat Horizontal Navigation

JavsaScript Flat Horizontal Navigation

Background image plays a vital role in getting the attention of the user. But hey! we are talking about Dropdown menus in here. So as said, at the very first glance a beautiful background is present which has a navigation menu right at the centre. At the left of the bar, you can add your brand logo.

The arrows to the right of the menu indicate that it has more to show you. Simply click on it to see the sub-menus with a dropdown impact.


6. Dropdown Menu with JS and CSS Code

Dropdown Menu with JS and CSS Code

Here, the designer has provided multiple choice for the dropdown menu example using JavaScript/JS. In the left, you have a Hover menu option. As you hover over it, the sub-menus appears on its own. Likewise, a toggle menu is present at the right which you need to click to see the drop-down menu.

The toggle menu uses JavaScript in this one only to collapse the menu when the user clicks anywhere outside of the menu.


7. Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 and JavaScript

Dropdown Menu Using CSS3 and JavaScript

This one is a colorful impact. In a dark background, different color shows up as you hover over the menu. It looks like a checkbox but instead of a tick mark, the color is filled up in it. The color you choose stands out at the main top header.

The design would be great if the background color changes with the same color you choose.


8. JS Dropdown Menu jQuery Example

JS Dropdown Menu jQuery Example

Dropdown Menu jQuery is a quick and clean looking menu design model. This design encourages you to use the space carefully for a different substance. In the event that you wish to give an interruption-free condition for the substance on your website, this menu design will be a decent decision.

A nice hover impact is present for the menu. The menu with an arrow on it shows sub menu in a drop down impact on hovering. A speedy growing liveliness is utilized for the menu unfurling and collapsing activities. Navigation menus like this can be gotten to effectively from any piece of the website.


9. Nice JavsScript Dropdown Menu Snippet

Nice JavsScript Dropdown Menu Snippet

This is a nice and simple version of the dropdown menu. Hamburger menu are really trending nowadays. Each of the website has it atleast at one of its side. Also in this one, the hamburger menu is present at the left and an arrow is present at the right.

As you click on it, the arrow moves downward which presents the sub menus with icons. You simply need to click at the button again to close the menu.


10. Custom JS Dropdown Nav Menu Design

Custom JS Dropdown Nav Menu Design

This one is much more similar to the above one. Just the difference is the use of beautiful gradient background in here. The menu appears out beautifully as you click on the button.

The menus are designed sagaciously so they mix with the other component on the page. With the popular components, smoothly enhanced visualizations of this menu give an easy to use design.


11. Awesome Animated Dropdown Menu

Awesome Animated Dropdown Menu

If you want to add a wonderful visual effects to your settings, then have a look at this one. An amazing ripple animation continues its impact present at the right side of the button. As you click on it, the contents appears on a tooltip like structure. You have to click on the button again to close the menu.

So if you like it, use it for your website menu design.


12. CSS Staggered Animation Dropdown Menu

CSS Staggered Animation Dropdown Menu

This one is yet another example of JavaScript Drop down menu which gives you a list of items to choose from.

As you float over every sub menus, the picture on the right changes. It additionally looks staggering with the semitransparent foundation. By accepting this design as a base you can also make your own handcraft with various activity impacts.


13. Drop Down Menu List JavaScript Example

Drop Down Menu List JavaScript Example

Here’s another fundamental JavaScript drop down menu list example that hopes to blend even more typically into each organization. This also relies upon progressively straightforward tones with a plain dull and white concealing arrangement. In any case, it also uses JavaScript to fortify the select menu all through view.

It works by concentrating on a covered data field that demonstrations essentially like the select field.


14. Slick Dropdown Navigation Code Snippet

Slick Dropdown Navigation Code Snippet

In case you are making a website related to Health, then you might think of adding this dropdown menu for your navigation which uses CSS and JavaScript. As you hover over the menus, the sub menus appears which covers up the entire screen. So in case you have more menus to show, do not worry and make use of this concept.

The only sub menus related to the one we are hovering at gets centered and the rest of the others fades out in the background.


15. Solution for Long Drop Down Items

Solution for Long Drop Down Items

Are you worried because you have a list of items to show inside your menu? Chill, because after looking at this one, you will never feel the same like before. Simply hover over the menus and see the sub menus which you can view by hovering the mouse up and down.

The red background also matches with the design giving an awesome vibe.


16. JavaScript Simple Drop Down Menu List Item

JavaScript Simple Drop Down Menu List Item

This is yet another simple yet beautiful JavaScript/JS drop down menu list concept which includes both icons and text. The use of gradient colors never disappoints.

The menu design in here is fast and smooth so the clients will appreciate utilizing this menu design. By making a couple of changes in accordance with the design and changes to the code, you can also without much of a stretch utilize this design on your website or application.


17. Flat Java Script Navigation Menu Code Snippet

Flat Java Script Navigation Menu Code Snippet

Flat Navigation is a boxed website menu layout which you have seen a ton in development website formats. Instead of taking an on a level plane completely extended website menu bar just a piece of a space is taken. In this menu style, you have the choice to include your logo moreover.

This kind of menu layout also best suits for websites with fewer web pages. The flat navigation website menu format additionally underpins drop-down menu choice, in the event that on the off chance that you have to show all your subcategories likewise to the client.


18. Responsive Bootstrap Mega Menu

Responsive Bootstrap Mega Menu

This smooth and straightforward mega menu code over CodePen, made by Martin Stanek and is responsive. Furthermore, interactive which can undoubtedly change in your original page where the menu it makes is fairly alluring and contends.


19. Bootstrap Dropdown Slidemorph Menu

Bootstrap Dropdown Slidemorph Menu

If you want to sub-menus and you are running out of space, at that point this one can come handy for you. So at the very first glance, you can just see a setting icon which on click opens up the sub menus.

Also, the sub menus have more menus to show. This one is really amazing and can help you to save your screen space.


20. Simple JS Dropdown Nav Menu Example

Simple JS Dropdown Nav Menu Example

Created by Stefan C. this pen is a high-quality example of a JavaScript/JS Dropdown menu. You can place your brand name on the left side of this menu bar and on the right side, there’s a menu icon clicking which open ups menus including drop-down menus.

So the menus contain links and drop-down menus that also contain links. This kind of nesting of menus is pretty useful. This way, you can put your menus in different categories.

So there will be different categories of menus. Also by clicking the menu icon again, the menus collapse.


21. Responsive Greedy Navigation Design

Responsive Greedy Navigation Design

What for you will utilize this format I don’t have the foggiest idea, yet I do realize that it will add a dash of polish to your task or application. Regardless of whether only for presentational purposes or in a genuine website, execute this example anyway you see it fit your thought best.

The alternatives are there, at the tip of your fingers, and you can likewise modify the look however much you might want.


22. Dropdown with Rotating Caret

Dropdown with Rotating Caret

As the name refers, the designer has presented us a rotating Caret. Caret is the ‘^’ symbol. There also are different dropdown menu designs in here. One is at the navigation bar and then the other two as a button.

When you click on any of the menu, the caret smoothly rotates up to show the sub menus. Likewise, the caret rotates downwards when we click it again and the menu collapses.


23. JavaScript Side Bar Dropdown Menu

JavaScript Side Bar Dropdown Menu

Last up we have is a sidebar menu. Alongside the drop-down menu, Sample Sidebar by Hojjat K likewise includes additional room for text and other contents. There is a space to add your brand logo at the top left. Likewise you get a search bar which makes it easier for you to search any item.

It accompanies no concealed charges, promptly accessible for you to make the most out of it. So level up your online nearness with a clever expansion of a fascinating sidebar.



Try not to pass judgment flippantly. What’s more, don’t succumb to the misinterpretation that the size of the hamburger button directs the measure of data holed up behind it. Little pigeons can convey extraordinary messages. What’s more, dropdown menus resemble those little flying creatures that conceal colossal bundles, yet with menus in them.

Keep in mind, nothing constrains you in space. You can also utilize a small sideboard, yet the whole screen and even a page. Likewise, all the models above work properly from the front end. So you need to take good care of the backend part.

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