Loaders or preloaders are joy approaches to keep visitors entertained while waiting for the server processing information. Preloaders are typically designed as moving stripes or blinking circles which are practical yet exceptionally boring. You can cause your website visitors to feel increasingly good by using delightful and interesting loading bars. Today we are going to take a gander at the top and best collection of Loader example which you can use while your page gets to load up to assist you with creating stunning animations accomplished with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. not to forget, all these JS loader example are free to use.

There are various approaches to fabricate a preloader and we will impart some of them to you. Preloaders are generally produced using loading GIFs. These loading GIFs are alluded to as straightforward animations and basic animations are extremely simple to utilize and very popular among visual designers. In addition, another route is to utilize a loader which additionally a popular decision among developers. They use CSS animations to fabricate preloaders. Other popular preloaders are the following: javascript preloader and SVG preloaders.

Collection of JavaScript Loader Design Examples with Source Code

Moreover, in this post, you can find incredible and interesting loaders that you can utilize. Then again, in the event that you can’t find something helpful, we trust these will inspire you to design and make one yourself.


If you don’t mind, note that all the loaders listed here are animated with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so they ought to have the option to work pleasantly in modern browsers that support properties like advances, transforms, @keyframes, animations, and so on.

1. Javascript Infinity Loader Example

JavaScript Page Loader example

Infinity Loader is a straightforward loader example that utilizes the bubble shape coupled with pure CSS3 animations to make a loading impact. As the name refers to infinity loader, so it goes on and on. If you want, you can also add a button to stop the animation.

Keyframes and other transform property is used for the animation. You additionally can change the size, speed, and structure of the bubbles to suit your necessities.


2. Illuminati Rainbow JavaScript Loading

JavaScript Illuminati Page Loader example

The Illuminati rainbow loader is practically inspired by the renowned Illuminati triangle. This colorful JavaScript loader is a combination of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It has a color changing impact, the photo dream will give visitors a reasonable picture that the webpage is loading.

A pulsating impact is achieved using the Keyframes property in the CSS code. You can use this to amaze the viewers.


3. Play Fill JS Player Icon Loader

Play Fill JavaScript Page Loader example

The Play Fills CSS preloader is likewise a JavaScript loader which can be utilized on any website. This animation is a play button design that is loaded up with red colors to indicate web pages are loading.

This is most particularly appropriate for the business in the entertainment industries, for example, music, films, webcast, radio/TV, etc. Check the links underneath for a demo before downloading it.


4. Animated Web Page Preloader with Anime.js

Animated JavaScript Page Loader example

The Animated Web Page Preloader with Anime.js is a JavaScript loader which has 4 colored rings. These rings come in rainbow colors, they move over the screen creating a loading impact.

This will likewise get visitors into consideration on your website. It is straightforward and pleasant, look at it using the links beneath.


5. JS Percentage Loader Example

JavaScript Percentage Page Loader example

Percentage Loading Example is a delightful loader with the percentage counter. Along with that, a linear progress bar is also present. After the percentage touches 100, it stops and then you need to reload the page to see the impact again.

It is helpful for visitors to know when the webpage finishes to stack. Additionally, the source code is perfect and can fit on any website.


6. Glitchy Loading Indicator Code Snippet

Glitchy JavaScript Page Loader example

The name itself is simple, glitch impact is present in this loading animation. In the default design, the glitch impact is very intense. The letters jumbled up and a “Loading…” text is seen which goes on and on.

In case you are using it on an expert website, at that point you need to downsize the impact a smidgen. The CSS3 and Javascript give you a lot of chances for legitimate tuning of the design.


7. Loader Example Make with Pure JS And CSS

Pure CSS and JavaScript Page Loader example

This Loader Example is another attractive and straightforward preloader that can serve any website. The loader turns counterclockwise. Inside, you can see the percentage which again repeats from the beginning after it reaches 100%.

The magnificence of this straightforward JavaScript loader can save visitors on your site enough for the page to load contents. This will definitely brighten up visitors and furthermore support their desires for your website.


8. JavaScript Animated Text Type Loader

Animated Text Type Page Loader

Animated Text Type Loader is an exciting interactive animation impact. The letters spin and comes back to the original state, which looks gimmicky and alluring. You can also see the change in shading. You can utilize this kind of consequence for your blunder pages, to keep your clients entertained until your website is back online.

To make this interactive text animation impact, the developer has utilized both CSS and Javascript. In spite of the fact that the code content is somewhat intricate, it is worth the final product.


9. Velocity JS Loader Animation

Velocity JavaScript Page Loader example

This loading animation is a strong component that can be utilized on any website. It comprises a small circular structure that spins up to form a square letting the site visitors know that the page is as yet loading from its server.

Not just that but the shadow impact also follows the animation. The text inside as well grows and shrinks according to the structure size.


10. Javascript Load Design

JavaScript Load Design

This basic animation is one of the best to be on this list. The small dots keep appearing following a fading animation, it fills in as entertainment for visitors to a site who are waiting for pages to finish loading. It also very well may be fit on sites that need to stand apart with a touch of liveliness combined.

Also, media queries is used in the design. So you can say that the design is fully responsive and works well on all screen sizes.


11. Simple Loader JS Example

Simple JavaScript Page Loader example

It doesn’t get a lot more straightforward than a Loading text with dots. Also, that is unequivocally what you’ll find with this design made by Alex Tkachev. It’s a super essential code piece, and the loader is a genuinely incredible sight.

It’s not one of the smartest designs in this list, however, it carries out the responsibility. Remember this in case you need a fundamental loader that will coordinate any website.


12. Logo Loader Example in Javascript

Lego Loader

This loader is a need for those in the kid’s business as it is inspired by Lego. It comes in bright colors that will definitely draw in guardians at whatever point they are surfing through your website. It is a combination of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

So on the off chance that you are run a kids’ school, daycare, sell youngsters’ toy, garments, etc, at that point you should include this Javascript loader on your website since it would pull in guardians to stay while your page loads from the server.


13. JavaScript Division Website Loader

Division WebsiteLoader

The loading animation that Ubisoft’s The Division utilizes when the website stacks another page. Be that as it may, they utilize an animated gif. This animation utilizes Canvas and JavaScript.

It is an amazing component that can prove to be useful for that couple of moments when your page loads. Look at it using the links beneath.


14. Prism Loading Screen Animation

Prism Loading Screen Animation

The prism loading screen ought to remind one of the LinkedIn’s experience for photos. The loader remotely looks like heavenly bodies that are moving in space with the main component in the center which might include a corporate logo.

The loader could fit for businesses that work with international customers, for example in the B2B sector.


15. Animation Loading Chicken Swing SVG

Loading Chicken Swing SVG

Inspired by a pet store TV promotion and figured it is amusing to quicken as a loader. Utilizations keyframes, transform and transform-origin.

As entertaining as the swinging chicken preloader using JavaScript, it can likewise lure visitors to remain for a couple of moments before your page content to load up. This loader can be utilized by businesses in the entertainment industry to put blesses the essences of their visitors, for example, advertising offices, marketing, motion pictures, magazines or any business that needs to accomplish something extraordinary.


16. Mobile Google/Tumblr Style Loader

Mobile Google/Tumblr Style Loader

Inspired by the colorful standard in Google Now and Tumblr’s portable application. This JavaScript loader comprises of sliding hues to the left and right sides, which make an appealing impact appropriate to show during page load.

It can undoubtedly be altered to change the colors to your favored decision. It also very well may fit on any site to show imagination and to keep visitors entertained on the site.


17. Loading Progress JS Design

Loading Progress JS Design

This excellent loading bar was designed by Kaushalya R. Mandaliya and it is an intuitive loading animation that shows the loading percentage. The design is spotless and likewise, its magnificence lies in its straightforwardness. It is an extraordinary progress bar gif that would fit right into any website.


18. JavaScript Loader Concept Code Snippet

JSLoader Concept

This loader is in reality extremely adorable with bright colors. The loader looks much like a gameplay. This consists of two circles where one circle throws a small circular structure to another one and it expands and the same goes on. This is a beautiful way to show visitors that a page is loading.

If you are running a gaming website, then you can make use of this loading animation. This is adorable, straightforward and exciting enough to save restless visitors to hang on for a second before the site contents load.


19. Website Loading Screen

Website Loading Screen

A gearwheel loader with a flash icon at the front embodies development and intricacy and could be fitting for businesses that showcase machinery or repairman parts. Likewise, some slanted lines keep running down the screen.

it is most likely a decent method to keep the user connected with you while your web pages are loading.


20. Simple CSS/JS Loader Dots

SimpleLoader Dots

In case you are in search of a loader, this awesome and fun loading animation is definitely worth considering. It is easy to set up, eye-catching, and enjoyable to take a gander at. This uses Dots animation to engage the users with its bouncy animation.

Another huge in addition to is that is can be effectively incorporated into any website and fill its need for an incredible loading animation. This example of spot shapes and loader animations go through CSS and bit of JS.


21. JS Pure Loader Example with Source Code

JS PureLoader Example

With a light touch of straightforwardness, the expanding and contracting animation with the use of different shades makes loading less boring to visitors. The loader is fitting for practically any kind of business with its general animation, and it should keep visitors diverted while waiting to arrive on the landing page.


22. Javascript Loader Example with Steps

JavascriptLoader Example

As the name refers, this one is a JavaScript loader Example with steps to let the user know for how much more they need to wait for the page to load. A red mark is used in the design to show that the specific part is completed. There are no animation or visual impacts in the design. But you can add them in split seconds.


23. JS Loader Animation Concept Example

JS LoaderAnimation Concept

The only JavaScript loader example which you can control by clicking the button. As you can see, a loading animation is present which goes on and on. Also, there are two buttons which implies ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’. If you want to stop the loading animation, click the ‘Stop’ button. Also, you can again play it on clicking the ‘Start’ button.


24. JavaScript Loader Example100% Percentage

Loader Example100% Percentage

This is an amazing example of a JavaScript loading screen that grabs your eye for a considerable length of time for the remainder of the page to load. It delineates a page vertical line that keeps going on along with the percentage that you can’t resist the urge to look for a minute. Furthermore, a minute is actually everything necessary…


25. Simple Website Page Loader Example Vanilla JS

Simple Website PageLoader

This is yet another example of a JS loader that uses percentage rate to show how much progress is needed to complete. A loading bar is also present which fills up with an increase in percentage. After it has finished loading, a new page opens up to show the content. The design is also responsive, so it works well on all screen sizes.


26. JavaScript Module Loader Example

JavaScript ModuleLoader

As seen, this uses a wonderful blob structure which afterward slides to the top to bring out the next page. These visual components using JavaScript indicate that website page and resource load from the server before bringing up the total webpage. For some who as of now use preloader bundles, it gains building your own ground loaders simple.



A ton of developers have designed these loaders and put them for nothing on the internet for the individuals who wish to utilize them on their websites, however finding the right ones for the following task is where the challenge is. That is the reason we have assembled a far-reaching list of the absolute best preloaders to assist you with making a decision.

The above JavaScript loader example are working perfectly from the Front End. You simply need to alter them to make it fully functional.

So on the off chance that you are working on your own website, for somebody or an association, at that point this list of JavaScript loaders is your vital aspect for finding the best components that will keep visitors on your website while your page gets load up.

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