Want to use Alert Dialog components in your web page? Then why not try some of the dialog boxes from the examples below. If you are well aware of what dialog models are then you can skip the introduction part and jump to the examples. But if you are new to alert dialog Components then you might want to learn more about what they are and what they are used for.

Alert dialog are not like any other other message dialog. They are mostly used to give some interactive notices. Users can just close simple dialog boxes but alert dialogs are a little different as they need response form the users like accept and decline. When dialog box open you need to respond to it instead of just closing. Without any response the boxes can’t be closed There are many places where you can use these kind dialog boxes.

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Collection of Different React Modal Alert Dialog Libraries and Component Code Snippet

Some of the most common places to use these kind of boxes can be :

  • Terms and conditions
  • Urgent messages
  • Invites
  • Feedbacks
  • Activate/ Deactivate options

As you must have some knowledge about alert dialog boxes by now. Use of different codes such as leastDestructiveRef can manage the problems which can destroy tour entire work. Using these kind of dialog boxes can reduce size that can be taken on the web page by making it popup and disappearing after the use. If you see the example below then you can have much more clear idea about what it is and where can it be used.

1. React SkyLight

Using advance dialog boxes can sometimes be not what you seek. This is rather sample dialog box used for simple message. If you are working and then have to send message urgently then theses kind of boxes can be used. When you send them all the users will get some notification in their site and you can send them the information they might want to look at.

Demo/Code | GitHub

React SkyLight

2. Boron Alert Dialog

Now moving towards a little more interactive dialog boxes. In this dialog box you can see how simple it is but at the same time it represents simple interaction such as closing the box. It can be a stepping stone for those who are new. You can convey simple message such as important updates in the website done recently.

Demo | GitHub

Boron Alert Dialog

3. Modali Alert Dialog

As you can see it is a little more advance than the other dialog box so far. You can send messages which can be erased if the user is not interested. As there are two options cancel and delete you can easily say that user can either ignore the message or choose to delete the message. It is simple but something that can make the work much more simple.

Demo | GitHub

Modali  Alert Dialog

4. React aria modal

Let us assume that you are using some kind of offer provided by the website and want to activate them. But once you activated that offer you don’t want it anymore. Then you can simply press the deactivate button and deactivate the service. These kind of boxes are usually made with the help of JavaScript and CSS codes.

Demo | GitHub

React aria modal

5. React PopPop Alert Dialog

If you have something urgent message for the users and you want that message to send immediately. Then you will have no problem using this kind of dialog box. As there are many option depending on the length of the message. You can select the message length and then just send the message to your users.

Demo/Code | GitHub

React PopPop Alert Dialog

6. React dock

This is not some usual kind of dialog box you see everyday. These kind of boxes are mostly used to design the front-end. It can place the boxes according to the user need and desires. There are options like position, visibility, speed and more.

Demo | GitHub

React dock Alert Dialog

7. Dialog element – React component

If you are developing contents which gives some information to the user then this is the one you might want to use. As you can see it is more colorful than other simple dialog boxes.

Author: Ibe

Dialog element - React component

8. React Alert Dialog Modal

Taking the full screen sometimes might be the case you may want. For example if you are making a huge content such as terms and conditions then you may need more space then your usual dialog boxes. Then you can use this kind of boxes to improve your content.

Author: claydiffrient
Demo\Code | GitHub

React Modal

9. React Popup box Alert Dialog

Boxes that give you some idea about the web pages can be something that you may want to use. Well with the combination of CSS and JavaScript you can achieve these kind of dialog boxes. They are simple and easy to use. In short they can make the dialog boxes much more responsive.

Demo/Code | GitHub

React Popupbox Alert Dialog

10. Easy react modal

Only the use of text in the boxes can be not as satisfying as you may think. As sometimes you may have to use pictures in the boxes as well. For those kind of need you can use the box below. For example if you want to describe a content then it would be much more easier if you can simply add a picture and describe it.

Author: Phil

Easy react modal

11. React Awesome Modal

Different models needs different kind of animations. Well in this dialog box you can do just that. With more than just one animation you can edit the boxes as you may want it to be. It can simple fade in but if you want it to fade in with animation like fade from left or right you can easily make that happen.

Demo/code | GitHub

React Awesome Modal

12. Simple responsive modal for react

Use of little JavaScript and CSS you can make more dialog boxes for your website. Well this is just another example for the dialog boxes. For example if you want to just send message in form of boxes such as patch notices then you can do just that without any additional space.

Demo | GitHub

Simple responsive modal for react

13. React Drag Drawer

Having some popup boxes in the window can sometimes be annoying. If you feel the same way then why not try the options given below. This is the perfect way in which you can make dialogs appear in whichever direction you want. To sum up you can say that they are like drawers in which you keep your contents.

Demo | GitHub

Drag Drawer

14. React Modal Example

Use of different codes such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML you can make some amazing dialog boxes. For example you can just see the box below.As you can see that you can use these kind of boxes to make your terms and condition pages.

Author: Ben Gardner

React Modal Example


Alert Dialog can be used in various places from small messages to the user agreements. In other words you can use boxes like these to make your website be more interactive and save more space in the website. most importantly you can use these kind of boxes almost any where you think ins better for your website. Further more it can manage lot of in the website which gives more space for your other contents. Meanwhile the other pages struggle to manage space you can do that easily because you will be using boxes like these. To sum up you can say that using dialog boxes like these can not only make the website more responsive but also save a lot of time and sapce for the developers to develop contents.

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