Programming language are those formal languages which are basically used in order to store various information and use those information as output later on. All the programming language has a unique set of passwords which computer understands which allows the computer to make decision based on its own accord.

As we know programming language started from early 1800 to the present date. It is used for all the minor and major functions are performed within the computer system. Programming language are not only used in one part of the computer but on all the components from small to big. This is how the devices get instruction from the user. Without the help of programming language it is not possible to run our devices. Programming languages are just specification of algorithm which are notation for writing programs.

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If Hardware are the heart of the computer then software are the brains and programming languages are the veins which link software and hardware. Without programming language their will be no way to control the link between software and hardware. A programming language is just computation on a machine which is just used for three things Input, Process and Output. It is obvious that programming language is not as same as the human language and is only made for computers to understand.

Before computers only understood only 0 and 1 but now development of programming language is growing to fast it will be easy for everyone to read. Now in today’s date we have so many programming languages which can change the face of programming world. Let’s discuss some of them today.

1. Java

Java is a well known programming language which was created by developer known as James Gosling in 1991. It is most used on mobile applications, desktop application, web applications, database connection and much more. It can be used on different platform such as microsoft, windows, mac linux and other os. As java is very easy to learn and simple to use it is earning its reputation as one of the most used programming language in the world.


Java is an open source and free to use programming language which is secure as well. It is considered to be fast along with being powerful. As it is one of the most popular programming languages it has huge community support which means more developer. As java is platform independent it make the developer work more easy as the developers dont have to work only from on device and they can work from any devices. It doesn’t matter if the device you were working on is not with you you can finish your work from anywhere.

2. Python

Python like other programming language is high-level programming language with changing semantics. It has clear syntax which make it to be understood by developer much more faster. It is so simple people using other programming languages have transferred from other programming language to python. This has shifted the entire programming field upside down.

Python Programming Language

Python is used for web development, software, system scripting and on mathematics. It can be used to develop web application on various servers. This language can not only be connected to the database system it is also change read and modify those data. It can be treated functional way which makes the execution process faster.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most important component during the production of programming language. It is very easy and used in front-end development. Due to its popularity most of the social media sites, business websites, schools/colleges use it. It is used to program the instructions of the web pages. With the help of javascript we can easily give behavioral instruction to the web pages.

Easy to learn programming language is something most of you may think might not be possible but once you are introduced to this language trust me you will have another opinion. With the help of this language we can easily change HTML contents, HTML attributes, HTML style or css and many more. With the help of this we can also hide and show elements in html with some basic codes like (getElementByName(“try”).style.display =”block”;). Simple codes are used to make web pages.

4. PHP

PHP which stands for Hypertext preprocessor which is all-purpose programming language. It is also known as scripting language. This language can be used on any servers as long as it is connected to the internet. It is specially used to create pages that are written on HTML. It is on the list is most because it can generate more contents on dynamic page.

PHP can easily collect all the data from the data and create, open, delete and close file of the server it has been connected to. PHP is also known for its ability to send and receive cookies from various other websites. Along with the ability to add and delete data from server php can even encrypt data of the webpage. pHp can run on various OS such as Windows, Linux Mac and many more. It can also support wide range of databases.

5. C/C++

C is one of the oldest programming language and is considered to be the base of all the programming language. Most programmers may be expert on Java, Python, php but they all starred form c and c++. Even today when some high-level performance is needed then.

C/C++ is a procedural programming language. Developed by Dennis Ritchie. in the development of os in mind this programming language was developed. Due to its low memory consumption, easy style and it runs on all high end to low end machines is the reason why C/C++ still have been on the top list even after all these years. If you have programmed C, Java, php, Python, or any other languages most of them have so much similarity with C. But when it comes to C++ it might be a little different as some syntax are different but gives basically the same idea.


Ruby is a programming language which was created by during 1990 in mid japan by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Unlike other programming language ruby was not created for working it was created to have fun while programming. It’s main goal was make software understandable to human first and computer second. Ruby is growing rapidly as we speak.

As we know that ruby is dynamic language which was developed in order to make the programmers work fun and let then know what is going before the computer. It is in this list is not just because it is user friendly but due to its rails framework which is full-stack web development framework.


Swift was the creation of Apple Inc at 2014. Although this app is only used to develop mac or ios apps as it is native to Apple Inc. It is very friendly if you are new to developing mobile apps. It is related to ruby and python because developer were inspired by those programming languages.

There are other languages which require more lines to code for something simple. This is also something that triggered the swift developers to make something easy and more user friendly then Apple introduced the world about Swift. There are very less Swift developers because it only allows apps to be made on apple devices. But it is very easy to learn .Their is small competition market to the new developers learning this language.


SQL which stands for Structured Query Language is a programming language which is used to operate databases. Specially used to store manipulating and retrieving from database using special language. SQL is very simple and make the maintenance of the database much more easy and simple.

SQL is something that c and c++ users can understand faster. As most of the terms are related in c and c++. According to a survey done by Evans Data Corporation out of 19 million in this world 7 million uses SQL for maintaining database. Due to its simplicity it makes the work much better option for database management.


At last I would like to say that even though there might be more than 100 of programming languages yes you heard me right 100 of other programming languages the languages above are the best. Using new languages might be challenging at first but once you learn them you will find them much more easy and fun. Because programming languages can make almost everything possible. With few lines we can destroy entire economy of a country or make something that will help all those who need help.

Programming language are the most challenging thing for new computer students but once mastered their is no other carrier path that you will choose. Some of my honourable mentions are C#, Objective-C, Shell and others.

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