There are many things you can find and sell in the online Facebook market. You can list anything, from items and vehicles to properties, in new or used condition. However, can you post a job on the Facebook Marketplace, though?

The job market is very popular everywhere since people need it for a living. Unlike goods, its demands won’t get low.

And since FB Marketplace is very popular and can be used locally without any cost, posting a job is even easier.

Unfortunately, this platform isn’t ready for this market yet. You won’t be able to post a job like other goods on your Facebook.

However, since there is more to this, let’s discuss everything about posting a job on Facebook Marketplace in this article. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to select a category on FB Marketplace if interested.

Can you Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot post a job on the Facebook Marketplace. In fact, besides Job Ads, you cannot use this feature anymore.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot publish job vacancy posts on Facebook. You can easily do so by making your own post and publishing it as usual.

Even in FB Marketplace, you may be able to list a job as an item. However, this isn’t recommended and can get you banned.

Facebook Marketplace is primarily designed to sell local products or items within a location.

That’s why it allows you to easily change the location and set a fixed radius for searching.

So, compared to other e-commerce platforms, you will find items near you (used or new) quickly.

This feature is also very helpful in job marketing since people mostly want to find a job near their location.

However, since it isn’t the focus of this market and can easily mess up the platform, you can’t do that.

Therefore, maybe creating a post yourself and posting it on the related page, group, etc., can help you with this.

What can you Post on Facebook Marketplace?

In general, you can post items, vehicles, and properties on the Facebook Marketplace. However, inside them, you can choose from about 30 categories when making a listing.

So, you can post any physical goods that are sellable online on this platform. Of course, you can also sell services if you want.

Just create a new listing, choose one of the options, and select a category of your product.

It includes sports and outdoors, home and garden, clothing and accessories, electronics, video games, pet supplies, health, beauty, vehicles, properties, rent, and many more.

Overall, you can post physical goods, digital products, services, housing, events, free items, vehicles, tickets, rentals, etc., on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook?

Since you cannot post a job on the Facebook Marketplace, you can only do so on the business page.

However, Facebook has also removed the job-creating feature on their page.

Hence, to post jobs on Facebook, you need to make the post manually. This isn’t that hard, and it is easier to modify the design as you like.

Just search for a job post format on Google and make a post using it. Use free software like Canva to make a good eye-catching banner.

Finally, post your job on your page or other related pages that you have joined. You can also easily boost your post for better reach with little money.

Why can’t you Post a Job on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot post a job on the Facebook Marketplace because of the different focus of this platform, better user experience, dedicated posting, different target audience, and quality control.

The platform that is good for selling products may not be good for job hunting. The audience for this category is entirely different and is hard to target on the same platform.

Moreover, since FB is very lacklustre in its Marketplace control, controlling scams may become another challenge instead.

Why can’t you See Jobs on Facebook Marketplace?

You can’t see the jobs on Facebook Marketplace because this platform doesn’t allow you to post them and is only for buying and selling goods.

So, you can only find such posts on the dedicated page or via advertisement. However, don’t just believe every post on Facebook and your research before trusting anyone.


Can I create a job posting on the Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot create a job posting on the Facebook Marketplace. Instead, create a post in a suitable format and publish it as an Ad or on a page.

How to post a job on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t allow someone to post a job. However, you may still be able to post it as an item. But this option isn’t recommended and can violate the community guidelines.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, though you cannot post a job on the Facebook Marketplace, you can still publish a post in a professional format.

Remember to do your research and boost your job vacancies if necessary. Also, try other platforms like LinkedIn dedicated to this factor instead.

Overall, hope your confusion is clear. Let’s also learn more about Facebook Marketplace tips if you have time.

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