This generation of website comes with different multimedia options. Website owners as well as the users prefer to have as much multimedia resources as possible. However, they prefer to have them without any additional headache. If you want to listen to music or see a visual content and then comes a pop up asking you to install different plugins to continue then how would you feel? You don’t want your web visitors to feel the same. Thankfully, gone are days for Flash and Silverlight plugin due web standardization and react audio player component. In addition to react native audio player there’s UI that needs attention as well. Therefore, making music player selection somewhat difficult.

The popularity of website and blog are on peak today because they are considered as one of the effective medium of expression and a business park as well. With audio players in the website these can be delivered efficiently. Moreover, audio player provides a unique look to the design while providing additional resources. Designers are looking for more ways to make website interactive and audio player comes under same category. For this very purpose we have brought a number of great music and audio player solution that are free, open source and amazing at the same time.


10+ React Audio/Music Player Components Example Code Snippet

The following are the 10+ react music player components. They are freely available on GitHub with source code for learning as well as implementation purpose. Make sure to go through all so that you can choose which one suits your project the most on the basis of features, customization options and other.

1. ReactPlayer

The first react music player that we going to discuss on offers a wide range of playing options. You just need the url of the source whether that be from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion or a local file. Simply paste the URL, load the content and then enjoy the show. Since we have a frame available, the react native music player is not just limited to audio player. We can also call it a video player or simply a media player.

React music player demo

There are a number of react audio player component available for the demo. Talking about the features of the demo music player, it supports play/pause function using the screen. However, we have an addition stop & pause button along with a handful of other controllers. Along with these buttons we also have a number of information labels such as duration played, duration loaded, volume, remaining duration etc. The react demo is completely for learning purpose as there are a a number of functionalities but lacks a proper audio player UI for implementation. You can fill in that gap and get a cool full featured media player for your project.

Download from GitHub

2. React music

We continue our list of audio player with a native music player that we have seen in the form of earlier version of windows media player. The react audio player consists of only a frame and play/stop button as UI. This is useful for scenarios where we don’t want to complicate anything and just let the music flow.

React native music player

To get things going you can clone the project from link below and install npn. From the demo folder you can create your own playlist. For more on development and working mechanism we request you to go through the documentation.

Download from GitHub

3. React Soundplayer

React sound player example is one of the popular audio player layout we see in the music streaming sites. The native music player uses API from SoundCloud however, it is also possible to create the music player without it. This requires passing the source information from the necessary props along with other meta information.

Popular web audio player

We have a simple play or pause button with volume indicator and controller and a progress bar. Small and effective react audio player UI. Further, we can play any of the music from the playlist. So, the music player can go straight into any project as a music player in current state itself.

Download from GitHub

4. React Audio Player

We have a react native audio player which can be controlled by from keyboard. These control keys are same as the one that we use in our audio player like spacebar to control play and pause, right and left arrow to move from current playtime. Alternatively, we can mouse wheel to achieve the same. Furthermore, three dots symbol allows downloading the music/audio.

Simple audio player example

Considering the music player UI size, it can fit into any available space in the website. However, don’t just place it in any corner as music player can be hero for some sites. What I am trying to say is its a simple decent and small music player which fin return will enhance the features and offerings of a website without occupying too much of space.

Demo | Code

5. Customizable HTML5 Audio Player for React.js

The customizable audio player we have here is a ready to use web audio player for react.js. It is highly customizable in the sense that you can set the theme as per your necessity or change the functionalities. Three different types of audio player are present in example. The first one offers a live streaming option accepting comments from the users. It is similar to the comments you see on Facebook live and YouTube live in this media player too comments appear in a transparent manner. The messaging action is embedded within the player itself. Second example is same as just discussed but without comment function. Finally, a minimized audio player occupying space next to non.

Customizable HTML5 Player

The audio player is already in a ready to use state if you’re happy with the present offerings. However, animation option is the next thing in line for this media player. You can either use as it is or enhance the functionality to the open source project. To contribute or learn more follow the link below.

Download from GitHub

6. React Audio Component Example Project

While most of the music player appear to be a small part of the web application, this one stands out to be self sufficient. We have the cover photo for music occupying majority of screen size and functional actions aligned vertically on left. However, not all functional buttons are available in the demo. They maybe here just to show idea of what can be done. So repeat mode, sharing option and giving a like to the music might be the enhancement. However, people may confuse the current volume control with progress bar due to horizontal alignment.

React Audio Component Example Project

The audio player works for both desktop and mobile version. Moreover, the react music player UI is very suitable for a great music player application. For development of your own, install npm and launch localhost on browser. Read the necessary documentation for complete tutorial.

Download from GitHub

7. Responsive Media Player

We can consider this react audio player as a iPod version of the web. The layout is very simple with just play/pause button available for users. Additionally, spacebar supports play/pause function.

Responsive Media Player

The react audio player is built using webpack. Talking about other features of the react native music player it is responsive and dynamically reads ID3 tags. A common use of this music player can seen in iTunes with high resemblance. Its like a simple interface asking users whether they want to play music or stop it hiding all other complexities. You better keep a watch on this media player with enhancement features including playlist option, progress bar, more key control and so on.

Download from GitHub

8. React H5 Audio Player

This react native audio player is a universally compatible music player supporting all modern browsers. In doing show the component of music player appear consistently on all browsers. Further, the layout uses flexbox design with no additional dependency while being mobile friendly.

React H5 Player

There’s also an additional for developers to overwrite the react native music player component. Further details on how to from the link below. The react audio player component available to user is only limited to pay/pause and progress bar. Making it simple and easy to implement.

Download from GitHub

9. React Audio Player

The react native audio player that we are going to discuss next is a light weight wrapper around HTML5 audio tag. The audio tag allows inclusion of multiple audio source for playing locally or for streaming services. Further, the native audio player provides the control to the user for music player while providing an easy to use react audio player UI.

online player library

The react audio player component comes from including the package in the HTML5 header. A number of react native attributes are available for the development. Detail explanation of the attributes can be seen on documentation.

Download from GitHub

10. React Jinke Music Player

This react player offers a number of audio player component as you see in the image below. While the image doesn’t show the complete set of components initially for the purpose of space maintainability. The component on the upper section show admin settings while a wide bottom interface is the actual music player. It is a common interface for many audio streaming sites.

player components

The music player offers different functional buttons from basic to advance. The basic actions include simple progress bar, play/pause and next/previous option while some additional buttons contain theme change toggle bar, caption option along with playlist menu. The UI is designed properly to show its a proper music application.

Download from GitHub


Music player are great addition to website in terms of functionality as well as appearance. We have seen a majority of examples above occupy minimal space mostly on the bottom providing amazing layout while not disturbing rest of the content. Similarly, they can be customized as per necessity to match the website’s theme.

So here we have it amazing components of react audio player to allow you start making music in or site or start from the scratch for your own beats by Dr web designer.

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