React markdown editor is an important component for web writers allowing them to write contents in normal text style while displaying it in structurally valid HTML format. The markdown editor makes it easy for writers to prepare contents without much prior knowledge of html, css or js.

The sole purpose of a markdown editor is take the equation of html syntax out of equation for users. Its content that the writers should focus on the designing part should be left to the designers. The alternative to HTML has now been with us for more than a decade now. Even the word press platform offered a great markdown editor to deliver this content in a beautiful layout without which writers had to go on for extra designing classes.

React Markdown Editor Component Examples with React JS (Code and Syntax Highlighting)

Markdown editor has become a popular choice to deliver contents for webs. Among a number of markdown editor you may have a hard time finding one for you. This article is dedicated to save your time on same by bringing you a collection of react markdown component with code and syntax highlighting.


In this post you’ll find a number of markdown editor that you may want to try

1. React Renders Markdown Components

We have a react markdown as a pure react component for automatic conversion of text to html format. The editor uses some special characters such as # for header, * for list and others. You won’t have to open and close all tags for the effect however there is some exception. Like a blockquote tag needs to be opened and closed with contents inside the tag. However, the this tag comes under exception as it contains different display mode for different html setting.

React markdown editor with split view

Download from GitHub

2. For Editor

The markdown editor is for writers and editors requiring frequent changes to content in an easy way. In addition there’s no need to remember all special characters that respond to specific html tag in this editor. This because the editor offers a set of component that are inline with tags. This means if you want a header content just click on h1 tab which will insert symbol for same. Similarly, other tab component present in this react markdown are for other header size, inserting image or link and save options.

Editor for web writer

The editors don’t have to rely on these tabs due shortcut keys function. The js markdown editor supports popular copy, paste, cut, undo and redo actions for efficient editing. Finally, within built-in preview option its easy to checkout the layout before finalizing the content.

Download from GitHub

3. React SimpleMDE Editor

The user friendly editor is like using a Microsoft word. We all are familiar with the word tool that we have been using since we started to use computer. With a number of features word has become a popular tool for document creation and editing from local use to professional level. However, for web writers sadly you can’t work on MS word to deliver contents. But no worries since we have a markdown editor of similar layout and functionality.

simple markdown editor

Due to its simple and common interface people won’t have a hard time getting started with it. We have a number of quick options that boost our content preparation. Along with buttons for html tags the editor offers auto save function on refresh so that you don’t have to worry about losing data.

Download from GitHub

4. React Markdown Previewer

The online editor provides a preview as you go on the writing process. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you forgot and mistakenly used other tags or symbols since you can keep on trying until you find one.

react markdown editor with preview

You will need to go through some examples of content written using this editor to get understanding of symbols. Alternatively, this may take few practice to master. Its the matter of choosing between learnability and easiness for you to go for this react markdown editor.

Demo | Code

5. React markdown component

You will get a light weight and highly customizable react markdown component in this package. Along with this it supports a number of react libraries so that you can write the contents a natural way.

markdown editor component

With split screen view for editor and preview along with a number of custom tag definition you may become a writer turn designer soon enough.

Download from GitHub

6. React Markdown Editor

Unlike other react js markdown editor we have seen a while a ago, this one offers a cool and default style that’s fairly popular these days. Plain text rarely attracts anyone while you can’t put all content as header. This will be simply overwhelming.

Markdown Editor

Remember how shops cleverly market their products during some sales by cutting the previous price and showing a deducted price. We all know the logic behind that but the layout is eye catching to be honest. Similar effect can be achieved with just a click for this editor.

Download from GitHub

7. React.js Markdown Editor Component

Like a number of markdown editor we have seen this one has a similar layout with number of default clickable buttons with split view for editor and preview.

Editor Component React

Its simple to use and reduces to html level content into somewhat natural writing. However, it still uses some tags that you may provide manually or from menu tab that appears in the editor as well.

Download from GitHub

8. Rich Text editor

Mega draft is a rich text editor built on top of Facebook’s draft.js. It offers a nice default base of plugins and extensibility. While most of the react markdown editor either offer a tab view for easiness or want you to work with reduced tag components, this one offers one as per your wish. The side bar is customizable. You can disable it if you think its distracting you or enable it when necessary.

Rich Text editor

Along with block wise rendering of beautiful media components, you don’t have to keep on searching for particular line for editing purpose. Each component should you choose to keep in different blocks is possible with this js markdown editor.

Download from GitHub

9. React medium editor

The medium editor comes with a number of editing options to choose from. You can even get the relevant html format after writing in a natural language if the feature is helpful.

medium editor

The multiple editors are different only in terms of text style so its only the matter of what font style you’re comfortable to go with. Similarly, a non editable preview is present so that there’s no room for effecting the source content from desired output.

Download from GitHub

10. Codemirror

The last one on the list today is markdown editor similar to a notepad. So like a notepad for this react markdown the layout is simple and its you who are in full control of the content.


You will have to work with few but simple special characters itself in this editor. If you have a prior experience of working with other editors then it won’t be an issue for you.

Download from GitHub


There are a number of editors with majority of having similar layout. These layouts were intended for a majority of web writers standing in between raw html and natural language. It entirely depends on which level do you consider yourself to currently be. You can go for a high level editor if you’re a beginner or you may want a sense of control while writing from relatively low level editor. Either way, we hope you were able to find the one best matching your needs.

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