Drag and drop has become a popular component for webs these day. With various emerging frontend frameworks it has never been more easier than this to design and add multiple components for websites and applications. React drag and drop is one of those component coming under reactjs library. Shortly known as react drag and drop i.e. dnd you get a number of custom draggable components under custom layout thanks to javascript.

There are plenty of drag and drop component to go for. While most of them may seem similar at the beginning its more beneficial to go through all examples given to get a better insight. Each of them may serve a different purpose with different functionality. Since most of them are compatible with modern browsers it won’t be any issue after you make a selection. However, choose wisely for a step towards best version of your website.

20 Awesome React Drag and Drop (DnD) Components Library and Examples

Today we are dedicated to bring a well designed and easily manageable component for your amazing project. Be it from easy file upload to custom content management we tried our best to cover a wide range of use of dnd for majority of website and applications.


With these 20 react drag and drop components you can create a highly customizable and animated web application. Let’s get things going on reactjs dnd with example below.

1. React Beautiful Drag and Drop

You might have seen applications of sticky note where you can create a series of notes. You can easily make the note but what if you want to sort them in some priority or any custom order. By default you get sorting on the basis of date but this reactjs drag and drop option provides you the ability to put it in any order. The dnd provides this ability along with a number of react features such as container with scrollable making proper space utilization, lazy loading for faster load and many others from link below.

React drag and drop list

Download from GitHub

2. Rich React.js drag-and-drop example

The ones studying this article may not have experienced this for themselves but if they have a child then their mobile may contain such javascript drag and drop app for their kids. The app allows taking different shapes with different colors and accepting them with their matches only. Like if you take a triangle then you must insert in triangle shape container only. Similarly, here we have a reactjs drag and drop that either accepts one of color, both or none.

Reactjs valid drag and drop example

The layout and functionality offers a tutorial of its own for users. Most applications if not all have provision of different field for different data types. With this drag and drop it becomes easy for react application users to understand which field is for which component. Besides, application doesn’t even allow you drop the wrong data type to wrong field. This results in full validation of data type.

Demo | Code

3. React dragula Component

The next drag and drop component is like a address indicator on apartments. You can easily take out and insert another component without having the rearrange order of rest. The draggable contents can be replaced on any position of the react container. Moreover, a faded preview can be seen while navigating the draggable content so that you have understanding of the final react application layout early on.

Dracula drag and drop using reactjs

Download from GitHub

4. React dropzone

We get bored by traditional browse files option where we have to start navigating from desktop all the way to final directory. Why should we take all the burden when its most probable that we have that file already open in our local directory. Even while writing this article I got the image directly uploaded from its source directory. This has made preparing this and other articles very easy for me. All thanks to javascript drag and drop feature on word press.

Files drag and drop using javascript

Download from GitHub

5. Drag & Drop Grid Layout in React

Our mobile phone is highly customizable these days. Mostly the home page changes periodically as we prefer app shortcuts as easily accessible option. The app preference may change in a while so what we have is easily draggable layout . This allows the app to be placed anywhere within the screen. Rest of the apps either having to shift up, down left or right will do according to new adjustment.

Grid view react drag and drop

Demo | Code

6. React wrapper components for smooth-dnd

The javascript drag and drop component we have here is a fast and light weight library for react. It comes with sortable feature and many react configuration options covering many dnd conditions. Moreover, the animation effect depicts the real time picking and dropping feeling. The component is not only for user interface of users but for administrator of system as well. This is because of customizable drag and drop forms for simple and quick editing on backend level.

react draggable list view

Download from GitHub

7. React sortable hoc

With react sortable hoc you get a set of higher components to achieve a touch friendly and animated sortable list. The list can be of varying size, on multiple lists or appear on a grid style, this react drag and drop deals with all of them. The animation runs on 60 FPS with drag handling, auto scrolling along with touch support. For further enhancement on user interface there’s option to work with visualization libraries.

React sortable drag and drop component

Download from GitHub

8. DragDropContainer and DropTarget

Are you looking for developing a new game for children like a quiz game or similar requiring them to identify items on the basis of their category? If your needs are similar then you should definitely try this one. Along with attractive icons set, the drag and drop component becomes simple to implement.


I have another usage for this react dnd if the previous one didn’t justify your needs. Consider a restaurant application from waiter or user perspective where you give order from the application. Surely there will be a number of food items to choose from and we have seen a number of menu with images to boost the chances for ordering. So imagine having a layout where food items show up with icons and you can customize your food order on the basis of priority list wouldn’t it be great?

Download from GitHub

9. React Sortable Tree

We have covered an entire article on react tree view component previously. Now let’s talk about its customization for even more benefits. It provides a deep insight by quick overview on child and parent components. While the overview is okay what if you encounter some error and want readjustment. Will you keep track of complete source location from where you copy the file get to destination location and paste it or simply drag it at the instance you notice it. Second option seems to be much better and that’s what is done here.

React Sortable Tree

Download from GitHub

10. Sortable

Sortable is javascript library that provides draggable contents on drag and drop list for reordering. The dnd component requires no jQuery with support to many frontend frameworks like Angular, React, polymor etc. Its also suitable of applications requiring drag and drop between multiple lists. In addition, being a part of CDN you can easily import this library that brings a load of features like smooth animation, advanced swap detection along with modern browser compatibility.


Download from GitHub

11. React DnD

Thinking of making an amazing chess game with touch support? Check the below example to know how can you achieve that. Similarly, from the link below you will find about common patterns to use react dnd, usability and flexibility aspect of library and a set of test cases.

React DnD

Download from GitHub

12. React Draggable

The react draggable library is the wholesale of react drag and drop requirements. You can find any reactjs drag and drop component to match your needs. While in the previous examples we saw adjust in a vertical container or any position within the container, this one offers criteria for moving them. It may be allowing only horizontal dragging or dragging within a fixed boundary or dragging only with handler. Only problem is that you have to choose the one that suits for you while rest of the solution is here within.


Download from GitHub

13. Sortable and resizable Drag and Drop For react

The react drag and drop reminds me of some table that usually reflects on positioning on the basis of some criteria. For example, a premier league application containing position table that dynamically adjusts according to the points or a stock exchange board showing companies with highest growth that may change within a minute.

Sortable and resizable Drag

Download from GitHub

14. React anything sortable

This react drag and drop library will actually prove that you can sort anything. Whether that be an image, dynamically added contents or vertical scrollable contents they all are handled by this react dnd. There’s no external dependency except for react while it also supports touch feature for implementation on mobile applications. You also see the result in a string order for full descriptive nature.

anything sortable

Download from GitHub

15. Dragger layout system with React style

You remember the post where we discussed on react charts and libraries for amazing visual results and dashboard. We look forward to enhance that layout by providing additional feature to rearrange those components to the best of user satisfaction. A simple mobile device comes with highly customizable layout for our satisfaction then why shouldn’t a business application be the same? After all the applications are here to make our day to day process simple and if we can customize them to our best comfort, we should do the same.

Dragger layout system

Download from GitHub

16. Droparea – HTML5 file Drag and Drop component

Droparea is a Facebook upload like layout that allows multiple contents to be uploaded simultaneously. Whenever you try to upload a series of photo in Facebook photo album or send from any other communication application there are multiple containers to upload photo. This allows all at once upload action. Besides these you might have seen online converters that allows multiple files conversion at once like image to PDF converter.


Download from GitHub

17. React Drag & Drop example

With react javascript drag and drop code you can create draggable contents that helps to easily manage your website. If you create a static website that may server its purpose only for a few duration of time. Whereas, a dynamic website allows customization to meet any emerging requirements. For example, the below layout is like a FAQ section. You should arrange it in accordance with how it easily sort user query. This may involve frequent rearrangement of questions as per user feedback. So you want to go to html code for editing or use a react js drag and drop to manage them as a draggable component.

Drop example

Demo | Code

18. Simple Drag & Drop with React DnD

The simple javascript drag and drop that we are going to see here is for any dynamic task management application. Task management requires initial planning using calendar which we have seen in our previous post along with its tracking. By tracking we mean its different status such as done, successful, failed, redo and various other. So you require a dynamic addition along with on demand change in categorization. Dynamic addition comes from simple plus react icon and draggable component which can be simply picked and dropped to desired category container.

Simple Drag & Drop

Demo | Code

19. React HTML5 Drag & Drop example

In this example of reactjs drag and drop component the draggable box can be sorted in customized order. For example, a logical game application requiring rearrangement to meet the objective. Moreover, the animation includes a complete final preview of change in state. As you select a draggable component at first the present state’s background turns blue while the transparent version remains under mouse control. Second, if the mouse hover is in correct dropable area it shows box icon else a invalid symbol. With dropable area comes the preview for reactjs drag and drop container.

HTML5 Drag & Drop example

Demo | Code

20. React Drag & Drop List

We conclude the list on reactjs drag and drop examples with sortable list. The animation involves a highlighted drop here label on destined position. This helps to know that drag and drop action is going to succeed and gives preview of final list of react application. Besides this if you try to drop the draggable content outside of the react container, javascript will show an invalid icon. In fact, you won’t be able drop it outside of the prescribed area. Therefore, this sets a valid traversal path for users.

React Drag & Drop List

Demo | Code


Content management is the core characteristics of any website of application. Whether it be for user side or admin panel content should be customizable in terms of view for the best of their satisfaction. We hope after this article you have found best drag and drop for your website to give it a more dynamic look and functionality.

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