In the modern world of digitization there’s ocean of data and information yet we prefer to get them in very little time as possible. The concept of visualization became popular because of same reason as people tend to prefer pictures and videos over text. There maybe thousands of very important data but its the matter of how you can show them effectively. React chart libraries maybe the answer to this question. With react chart libraries come a number of react graph, html5 and javascript charts to visualize data with respect to multiple subject. Today we shall discuss on a number of javascript chart library which are ready to use and also customizable as per requirement.

Gone are the days when software used to be manual entry and output only. Today’s generation demands software to be as much intelligent and automatic as possible. For this it requires to have data analysis capability and when analysis is involved graphs and charts come along.JavaScript and HTML5 charts from different react libraries are emerging as powerful tools to achieve this. They represent the data in a user friendly, attractive and pleasant manner which not only gives information to users but also adds an appealing factor for user satisfaction.


16+ Best Collection of React Chart Graph Libraries and Components For Developer

You may have trouble on from where to start for charts and graphs inclusion to your site. In your aid we have come up with a number of best libraries which are easy to use with customization option if necessary. We will try to illustrate as much as possible regarding the react library features under the following topics. However, we suggest you to look into documentation of respective topics if you wish to properly implement the charts on your application.

Here we give to you 16+ best collection of react javascript chart library for amazing interactive and beautiful html5 charts and graph.

1. React Charts & Graphs for Web Applications

The react chart libraries offer a number of different types of html5 and JavaScript charts and graph for web applications. Within a minute you can add the infographics on your web application. Line chart for step wise evaluation, area chart for study on a range of data, bar diagram for easy comparison and many more you just need to name it. The JavaScript chart library goes well with different frontend frameworks and server side technology making it friendly choice for all platform.

React Charts & Graphs for Web Applications


2. Recharts

Recharts is among a composable react chart libraries having decoupled and reusable react components. This JavaScript library offers an interactive set of graph and charts which not only visually shows the information but also consists of graph labels. This means for certain points in the graph you can get actual numeric data information for more readability. Furthermore, the graphs don’t magically appear. It consists of animation effects to show the generation of graph which makes viewers understand the nature from the initial situation itself. The JavaScript charts library is flexible enough for customization and passing custom components to become a powerful tool. Furthermore, being a part of SVG elements make the react graph library reliable.

JavaScript chart example

Demo | Code

3. React-vis

React-vis is a visualization library made to work as any react component with high level customization so as to provide industry level expression. The graphs and charts on hover change the background color partially in addition to providing label information. Some examples show that the animation effects om graph make them more like a cool widget. For example, we have a clock like graph that can be used as a screen save or to showcase time within the home page. Business presentation and reflection is just a common example for such react JavaScript charts libraries while such features will be of so much use in scientific study and evaluation purpose.


Download from GitHub

4. ApexCharts

If you’re looking for a cool business intelligent dashboard for your web applications make sure to include these graphs from one of the amazing react chart libraries. Not only for visual representation of data, they can also be useful loader, progress bar and spinners. With responsive queries the JavaScript charts fit themselves as per the device used whether it be a mobile phone or desktop. Plus, you can choose to change the scale from the user interface itself for more descriptive approach and point by point detailing. Additionally the chart library allows dynamic loading of data upon selection for reducing the initial loading duration adding more to the charts interactive feature. Finally, we have customization option as per our preference whether that be theme selection or other styling options.

React chart library example

The current version provides JavaScript and Vue JS chart libraries while react chart libraries are in the making. More details available from the link below.

Download from GitHub

5. Nivo

We have a collection of over 50 components for react graph. These components range from SVG to HTML5 charts. Its built on top of d3 providing easy creation of data visualization applications. While only a few number of react chart libraries offer server side rendering, this one is an exception with fully declarative ability. For this rendering API is easily available on GitHub; make sure to check link below for details and documentation. Other features include responsive nature with graph annotations, graph legends and animation transition powered by react-motion. As already discussed the JavaScript chart library consists of SVG charts, HTML5 charts, Canvas charts along with SVG patterns for great visualization.

React chart libraries

Samples | Documentation

6. Chart.js

The open source HTML5 charts library is a collection of 12+ chart categories with over 50 types of diagrams. For a single type of diagram itself we have a a number of ways to describe data from diagram. You can either choose the smooth or random curvature with no area coverage or inside/outside boundary area. The interactive feature includes slight zooming effect on the current selection with label information. By passing the same set of data you’ll be able to view in multiple chart styles like line graph or bar diagram for visualization as per your requirements.


Samples | Documentation

7. Chartify

Considering the demo only and imagining you are a sports lover; you’ll exactly know where was the last time you saw this type of visualization. In the cricket world cup or other series where a number of overs were presented by such visualization showing runs scored on bottom bar/element in one color while wickets were represented by a ball icon on top. It is an effective as well as customized representation of data for simple understanding for users. This is only one chart example on the basis of first demo there are a number of more examples in stack for this react graph library.

React graph and chart libraries

Download from GitHub

8. Rumble Charts

Rumble charts offer a set of composable components to make any customized charts. Each chart should be defined by a chart tag which also allows to set the height and width of the frame. In addition, it also wraps other necessary components. The rumble charts offer a number of diagrams like a bar diagram whether be individually or in series to reflect on more than one type of factor under same criteria. For example a multi product industry evaluating sales of multiple products for each year will use this graph for proper evaluation. Moreover, cloud graph charts more useful on variation study of some scientific research.

Rumble Charts

Download from GitHub

9. Ej2 react charts

User interactive applications such as weather apps forecasting weather with maximum and minimum temperature detail across a week implements such react char libraries. Moreover, using calendar to specify duration for data makes it easy for users to search anything. For example, gold rate for a 1st of month to 10th of second moth will help economist to analyze it and predict for future change. In this package we get 3 major components namely: Chart, Accumulation chart and Range navigator. There are over 25 different charts with rich features allowing users to play around the chart for till their comfort situation. Next accumulation charts like pie chart, pyramid allows proportional and percentage relation between the comparing components. Finally, range navigator allows to filter large amount of data into small ranges. Mostly useful for in depth study such as financial transaction on a bank account.

Ej2 react charts

Download from GitHub

10. React jsx high charts

In addition to amazing widgets and business intelligent dashboard, we can create an amazing sitemap with this react chart library like discussed on our previous article. While most of the graph based on 2 dimension representation might be confusing to understand in the beginning, use of actual map could be more deliverable. Imagine a multi country industry showing production report. How would you prefer to display it? In a school assignment like x-axis y-axis graph or location wise colorful JavaScript chart? I believe you would prefer the second one due to ability to deliver more on less along with pleasant UI. However, its not only site map chart that’s available. You can also find a number of dynamic, event based and custom filtering and resizable react html5 charts from the link below.

jsx high charts

Download from GitHub

11. React d3 components

The next JavaScript that we are going to discuss on will go good on any mathematical simulation application. Using either HTML5 or JavaScript chart library should be easy with minimal configuration. Its the data that are important and dynamic. So it should be the main point of focus while thinking on configuration as minimum as possible. Till the present date, the chart library offers a set of features like brushes, tooltips, negative axes and a variation of charts as per requirement. The large data graphs can be slided as per screen size allocation with interactive graphs changing background on hover providing label data. Additional charts, animations and charts among few enhancement on process for next release for this JavaScript chart library.

Chart library using JavaScript and HTML5

Download from GitHub

12. React Chartjs

The react chartjs offers a set of charts and bars to compare a number of factors for more than one subject. The example shown below is a radar graph. You see this type of chart for comparing a set of relevant attributes like stamina, sprint speed, strength etc on FIFA game if you have compared two players. Moreover the animation effect shows the data loading from initial to complete data set. Along with this there’s some additional physical effects. To know exactly what I’m talking about see the examples from the link below.

JavaScript html5 chart library

Download from GitHub

13. Victory React Chart Library

With companies and departments such as air bnb, Viacom, USA facts to name a few using victory it can be considered as a popular JavaScript library. It provides easy to use components to deal with complex charts. Robust charts such as area chart, scatter plots and voronio polygons are available for use. They are a complete package on itself however it also offers some flexibility to match custom needs. To start experiencing the JavaScript library on any platform of mobile you’ll need to install victory using npm. The example below shows how an interactive react graph could be a game changer for any application making it to their pamphlet.

Charts for website and mobile apps

Download from GitHub

14. React Chartist

It is a react component on react JavaScript chart library to render graphs and charts as per our requirement. They offer a set of simple line graphs for which you just need to pass data like shown in the image. Its a simple implementation for graphical representation on any react application. You’ll need to provide labels and series of data as a array to render the data content. If its the simplicity and additional graphical content for you application that you’re looking for the go for this one.

JavaScript HTML5 charts code

Download from GitHub

15. Charts and google maps with React

You’ll see this type of chart on different stock market related applications and website. It is not necessary to keep it as a main dashboard component since you can see such example on sidebar of banks, financial sites and so on. This helps the users to get a quick glance of information without much effort. Moreover, the use on google map is a pretty decent way to show navigation direction from one place to another. Continuous graph, slider options and google map chart are few applications for this JavaScript react chart library.

JavaScript html5 charts

Download from GitHub

16. Culturehq React Charts

We have a set of colorful charts like a clip art in Microsoft Office. There are two sets of bar diagram with labels on either x or y axis and diagram on respective axis. Each bars are colorful so that they are easily distinguishable. Moreover, animation effect includes enlightened bar upon hover and clicking shows relative data by firstly disabling the chart as background and presenting data. Clicking on any area outside will release the effect. Another diagram we have is a pie chart with a small line connecting pie chart and related data label information. As we hover over each piece of the pie chart, it zooms in separating itself from other parts. They are simple and attractive sets of charts often used for presentation purpose.

Simple react chart


17. React Google Charts

We have a number of applications for this react JavaScript library. Company Sales vs Expenses area graph, Grades of Students and so on to talk of few as shown in example. Each can be represented by different form of graph as required. Furthermore, there are 3 types of animation styles available. The first one shows the transition between change of data. Its like a means to compare before and after scenario with a set of data showing data at one state and similar set of data for another. The second animation is at startup i.e. the day looks to be loading as the chart appears. Further the chart data can be exported in excel sheet for emailing or keeping records. The calendar chart available in the react chart library makes a good tool for task management or reminder application with data being shown by date.

 Multiple html5 javascript chart examples

Demo | Code

18. Sparklines React Chart Component

Sparklines are the heart beat of react graph and JavaScript chart library because of its appearance. You see the heart beat of patience appearing in some medical device at hospitals, they are similar to these. Dynamic data are received like a flow of wave in the ocean or a musical beat. Moreover, the html5 charts we see for some stock rates, foreign currency rates over a period of time uses such react component. In order to achieve all these you just need to get the react chart library for you project and pass the data as SparkLines data in an array format. Moreover, you can choose the color to fill in the data on basis of some condition. This may be red area for data not matching the necessary criteria, yellow for acceptable range and green for good results. This will make the system more intelligent and informative.

Area react chart

Download from GitHub

19. React Timeseries Charts

The react timeseries charts are a number of html5 and JavaScript charts available to display anything that requires to be shown in respect to time. Some of the examples maybe internet speed over a duration of time, humidity level between daytime etc. In comparison to other react chart libraries this one offers a set of modular charting components. These are useful for building flexible interactive chart. The interactive features comes from pan, zoom actions, brushing for regional selection, graph legends, multiple rows and axis along with a number of graph types. Check the documentation for usage and know how to get started from the link below.

Time series react chart library

Download from GitHub


To conclude the things no matter how much an application is functional from backend, without its reflection on frontend for users, it can become completely useless. Most business applications proudly show some graphs included on their application as a part of their advertising and marketing related cover images. This represents a means for evaluation, comparison and monitoring, a important feature illustrated by simple graph and chart.

It is just a question of which JavaScript and html5 based graph and charts library you’re going to use in your next or existing projects. We hope we were able to assist you for the same question.

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