Before there was only a 2D view for 2D mobile and computer screens. However, with the passage of time, it failed to meet the emerging needs. As simple as the 2D view is to generate, it can be head-scratching when it comes to getting a 3D perspective view for some. You are adding an extra dimension to just simplify things but it comes with some price. Things to consider while implementing 3D representation is the use of CSS 3d transforms and mathematical manipulation using JavaScript. Web developers have a powerful tool with them these days in the form of a css3 transition. Different 3D CSS and JavaScript perspective view examples here will exactly show the same.

CSS adds a beautiful layout to web applications. They were designed for styling rather than adding dynamics to it. However, there are multiple props and CSS tricks that help to get cool features for the web.

Collection Of 3D Perspective View Transforms Examples With CSS And JavaScript

2D is gone past and 3D is on its good pace after virtual reality and augmented reality. However, they still do make a good impression among users.


Animation, content delivery and many more comes from using css3 transition and math tricks in JavaScript. Check 10+ examples on achieving 3D perspective view for your next web design:

1. 3D Perspective Example

3D perspective view

Have you ever thought of how an art exhibition would look like in a website? Well if you can’t come up with an image just look at this masterpiece view. As the name suggests you can achieve perspective view by hovering from the central region.

This means hovering over left will push the left part of the image backward bringing the right portion a bit forward. Similarly, hovering right, up and down will give a similar effect.

The image is retrieved from a certain URL so it will most likely work on different images using the same code. Most of the big electronics companies use such a view while unveiling their flagship phones. You may have seen it during the first look latest Samsung galaxy phone or iPhone.

Demo | Code

2. CSS Perspective Transforms

Perspective Transforms

This example of CSS3 transformation is a continuous rotation of a cube having different colors for different faces. Unlike previous 3D perspective view this one doesn’t respond to any mouse hover. It an infinite loop of automatic cube rotation.

Additional features for this 3D perspective example includes ability to control focal length and zoom. Using slider for the focal length you can set from what distance would you like to see the transform. Moreover, you can set the focal length small enough to view the transformation from the inside.

While focal length slider can effect on only boundary, zoom slider effects entire content of the 3D perspective example.

Demo | Code

3. CSS 3D – Perspective Example

Computer screen using css perspective

CSS3 transition example allows you to create a good graphics of computer screen that you may probably see in many basic computer-related articles. The perspective example doesn’t provide any option to change the view in UI itself however, CSS code contains the related setup under stage division. It is present very early in the CSS3 perspective code.

Title and the layout itself suggest that this could be a very good element for blogs and magazines. The text content on the screen gives the impression of a live 3D demo of some simulation while some may even wonder if this is an actual photo of an old computer screen taken from some perspective angle.

Demo | Code

4. 3D Perspective View Design

Perspective View

The 3D transforms by Author Jérémy Heleine were designed for another online educational offering course on HTML,CSS perspective view, 3D transformation and so on. The item in the demo is a prism which rotates in a predefined axis but responds to a mouse action. You can change the direction of view of the prism by selecting any point in the screen and releasing it on the desired location.

The CSS code only defines the height, width and position for the demonstration screen rest of the magic comes from JavaScript. The 3D perspective example makes the use of multiple math functions and attributes to achieve the prism rotation effect.

Its implementation scope may vary from the modeling of real-life construction projects or video games. Moreover, it may come in use for simulation stuffs to study different physical phenomena or cause and effect for some actions.

Demo | Code

5. 3D perspective card XY

 3D perspective card

The 3D perspective card XY is like a window in a wall to see the world. Like a window allows you to see through the wall unlocking the vision obstructed by a wall, this one 3D perspective example contains a window card. Only the screen provided by the card allows you to see the part of the image hidden.

The card responds to the mouse hover action. Moreover, it maintains a shadow background according to the card movement. This gives the impression of some teleportation door we see on the screen thus appearing if the card holds the path to the world beside.

A good implementation of this 3D transforms would be the ad campaign of a camera-based product.

Demo | Code

6. Smooth 3D Perspective Slider

Smooth 3D perspective slider

I believe you understand the power and importance of slider in any web page. How about increasing that power and significance by adding a 3D perspective view? Sounds cool idea doesn’t it.

The 3D perspective example offers the image on the main background while the majority of its size contains the same image with more focus and perspective effect. The indicator itself represents the indicator for changing the image.

Moreover, the change of image comes with a great animation effect. These effects include taking the top and bottom caption back and bringing the new caption in sliding fashion.

Demo | Code

7. CSS Perspective Example

CSS Perspective Example

We just went through the use of perspective view in slider and the next one brings the use of perspective view for the gallery. This CSS perspective example shows the categorization of image tilting in only one direction.

This feature will be a great addition to contents for the sidebar as it will only tilt in the direction of the main content. This indicates the welcome gesture to the visitors.

Further enhancement to this 3D perspective view would be showing the contents of the album in some scattering animation on clicking it. It is an entirely CSS3 based transition as only CSS and HTML are responsible for perspective view with no JavaScript code.

Demo | Code

8. CSS 3D Perspective Tool

3D perspective view example

Another example of a CSS perspective view with perspective control slider available on UI itself. The slider allows the perspective view to range from 100 to 2000 pixels.

This kind of perspective view are easily found for sliders contents adjacent to the main content. Playing with the perspective slider may remind you of native video games using such posters and graphics.

Mostly games such as football, wrestling containing audience graphics holding some kind of posters or banners have used this sort of perspective view to adjust according to the focused content’s movement like a cricket ball, football players, etc.

Demo | Code

9. Pure CSS Perspective Boxes (Animated)

 Pure CSS Perspective Boxes

Have you played any mobile games that dealt with animated boxes? For example Town City where you would build a house using cranes. Cranes would hold a floor of the house in the form of box and we were required to drop each floor above another getting a building in the process.

If you didn’t get this example just consider a 3D chess game but imagine box instead of all the characters. It will be sufficient to describe the offering from this CSS3 perspective view.

The example is a mini-game in itself with controller like buttons to change see the perspective view from up, left, right or bottom. However, it doesn’t support the extra mouse trigger for changing perception.

Demo | Code

10. Perspective Camera 3D

3D modular view

The perspective camera 3D is a sphere made up of multiple triangles. The triangles are transparent with only borders visible initially. However, hovering results in the selected triangle to contain a background color. The sphere is in an auto motion mode so triangles position can automatically change.

The modular pieces of 3D perspective camera is most commonly used in google map or google earth. The modular piece represents different countries, continents or oceans.

Company with multiple branches can implement this design in their find us or contact us section where within a single map the can indicate their locations. Moreover, upon click could open information on providing direction to the destination.

Download From GitHub

11. Perspective vue

Perspective vue

Kids this is why you should love math as the author says you can implement simple and cool 3D environment using simple mathematics. 2D graphical representations can even done using 2 lines of code but representing the same 2D view into 3D can become a headache. However, if you think math is fun and can find relation for the proportion of dimensions you can easily achieve the result as shown below.

In this example we can see the relation between a 2D football ground and a 3D version of the same. You might have seen the 2D view during early days. However, you are most likely to see the later 3D perspective version on current applications.

What author is trying to show in this example is how 3D transforms occur. In other words, using mouse pointer (football in this case) on 2D ground shows the respective reflection on 3D view.

Download from GitHub

12. CSS 3D Transforms

CSS 3D Transforms perspective example

Take a cube then color it if you want to specify top, bottom dimensions. Now add CSS 3D transforms element to it. What you get is exactly what you see in this example of a 3D perspective view.

A 3D cube can be the first thing to start from while learning 3D CSS transforms and perspective views. Using CSS to rotate and get amazing effects will make you hungry to learn more. For working with cube you need to define 6 faces in CSS and define rotation along the z-axis.

The opposite faces require to have opposite transform values in order to achieve this. Lastly css3 transition shows the animation effect between rotation states.

Download from GitHub

13. 3D-perspective Carousel for jQuery / Zepto

perspective css3 transition example

Do you want your website to deliver so much in just so little? If you’re looking for web design where you don’t want your visitors to go to the depths of the earth to find something then this design might just be for you. Using perspective carousel you can provide information on your content within a fixed height.

Imagine if you had to maintain a table or list structure to show this one how long and ugly the page would look whereas this one looks so eye-catching.

Some NGO/INGO working on animal protection already look to be users for this type of design. Moreover, not exactly the same but based on same principle you see key information of cricket match these days during its broadcast.

Download from GitHub

14. CSS3 3D Perspective with Source Code

css3 perspective view

The epic star wars intro text animation is based on moving the text along y-axis while making some orientation with the z-axis. The text converges slightly towards up making it look as if the text is following a plain escalator.

You can try this css3 transition perspective view along with scrolling and sound effects. Likewise you can follow our previous post on star wars text animation for more.

Demo | Code

15. 3d Perspective Spheres

3D perspective example with css3 transition

You’ll reach the multiverse with this example of a 3D perspective view. You can’t decide whether this effect gives you a vibe of some small as an atom or something large such as an unexplored galaxy. So you can decide yourself what the scope of design is.

Modeling of solar systems, atom level contents or even a cool screensaver can be achieved using css3 transition. Perspective view example has a predefined animation effect and motion. However, the rotation responds to mouse hover as if you are spinning a globe using a mouse.

Demo | Code


We are about to enter the second decade since the CSS transition was introduced. From the labs of apple and safari, we have come a long way with support for almost all browsers and modern digital appliances. CSS3 transition adds a great effect to anything attracting users.

We hope the article helped all web designers and trainees get to look at various perspective effects. Now since you got started to basics of perspective view on the web or might have even enhanced the skills on you, we look forward to cool web designs and animation effects from you.

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