When it comes to an event that is probably important to us, we all worry about the reminder for that event. That is, nobody of us wants to miss those important events just because we could not remember the date or we simply forgot the day. If you are wondering, why am I telling all these things, then the answer to this question is all about the events and their reminder. Yes, we are simply talking about Simple Event Calendar with Javascript.

Events can be anything. They can be meeting new peoples, meeting with the colleagues and visit someplace or anything that is important. It is obvious that such events are not to be missed in any case. So, these calendars here helps us to remember these events no matter we forgot them.

Simple JavaScript Event Calendar Design Examples with Source Code

They simply provide us the notification or simply remind us of our upcoming events. These functions are commonly used in mobile phones also. But, here we are talking about the event calendar for the web.

So, it is obvious that we use these event calendars on a website or some web applications. these calendars can be designed using various methods. They can vary in size, shape, color or functions.


Here we have a list of such event calendars that we can use and let out users use them from our website. They have their codes and they are free to use. They are as follows.

1. Simple Calendar with Json Events

Simple Calendar with Json Events

Code and Demo

2. FullCalendar – A JavaScript Event Calendar

FullCalendar - A JavaScript Event Calendar

Demo and Download

3. Event Calendar Widget

Event Calendar Widget


4. Vue Event Calendar Example

Vue Event Calendar

GitHub | Website

5. Responsive Event Calendar

Responsive Event Calendar

Code and Demo

6. Simple Event Calendar With JavaScript

Simple Event Calendar With JavaScript

Download | Demo

7. Calendar Flip Animation Concept

Calendar Flip Animation


8. CSS Only Colorful Calendar Concept

CSS Only Colorful Calendar Concept

Code and Demo

9. JavaScript Event Calendar Design

JavaScript Event Calendar


10. Event Calendar for Javascript

Event Calendar for Javascript


11. Kevin’s JavaScript Event Calendar

Kevin's JavaScript Event Calendar

Download and Demo

12. Calendar Material Design

Calendar Material Design

Source Code


Hence, from the above discussion, we came to know about the Simple Event Calendar with Javascript. The use of javascript is done in these calendars. They are generally used to mark the date in which event is kept or to bring some effects when we press the date to see the event for that date. The procedure to use this calendar is also very simple.

We do not need any additional knowledge to use such calendars. The process is to simply choose a date and simply add an event for that date. After that, we can simply see some kind of mark on that date in which the event is added.

Therefore, this is all what we can discuss in the Simple Event Calendar with Javascript.

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