Twitter is one of the most have social media platforms to keep track of various happenings. It is more so since Elon Musk is reforming it. Hence, you may want to add the Twitter link to your Facebook page.

Since there are many types of visitors on a page, some may want to connect with you on Twitter since they are most active on that platform.

So, by adding the related link to your Intro, you can re-direct them to your other account.

All you have to do for this is to copy and paste the link to your About section at the appropriate place.

Hence, this article will teach you to add the Twitter link to your Facebook page, along with a few additional tips. Meanwhile, you can also learn to add the service area on your Facebook page while at it.

Can you Add a Twitter Account Link to your Facebook Page?

Yes, you can link/add the Twitter account to your Facebook page. In fact, you can add most social media accounts to your About section easily.

Users are able to add YouTube channels, link TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, add WhatsApp, etc., on the business profile. So, adding a Twitter link is no big deal.

Once you add the Twitter account to your page, visitors can see it on your profile in the Intro or Details section. It will appear along with its icon so they will know you are using this platform.

Now, a person can tap that link and access your account in an app or browser easily.

Of course, to add the another social media link to a business page, you must have Admin privilege. This is true for editing any info on the About section.

Remember, a Twitter link on your profile doesn’t mean both platforms are truly linked. It just allows people to view and access your other account manually.

Besides this option, you can also use the CTA (Call to action) button feature on the FB page to add the Twitter link. However, showing it in the Intro is still better than creating a separate button.

Why Link/Add a Twitter Account to the Facebook Page?

Adding a Twitter account to your business page allows you to increase engagement, manage your time more effectively, introduce your brand on fresh platforms, and promote both accounts simultaneously.

Additionally, it can also act as an Analytic tool. You can use both platforms to calculate the insights and audience engagement.

Likewise, it will help you develop a strategy for your content because you will know what type is popular on which platforms.

How to Add a Twitter Account Link to a Facebook Page

Adding the Twitter account link to your Facebook is a fairly straightforward process you can do using a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Just make sure you are an Admin of that page since you need enough permission to make edits on the About section.

So, let’s look at the process below, and you can choose to follow whichever based on your device.

On Mobile App

You can go through the step-by-step procedure below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to add a Twitter account link to your Facebook page.

1. First, use your credentials to sign in to your account on a Facebook or Lite application.

2. Next, go to the page where you are Admin and open the profile.

3. After that, select the “..see your about info” link from the section below your profile picture.

4. Now, tap the blue Edit” button on the right side of the “Contact info” header.

5. Then, hit the “Add social link” button below the “Social links” heading.

6. Next, tap the drop-down menu on the left side and choose the “Twitter” option.

7. Now, you can type your Twitter profile link in the “Account name” field.

Your profile link is in the format “” So, if your username is “Kakashi,” you should type “” in that input field.

You can also copy and paste the link if you want. Just go to your Twitter profile and copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your web browser.

Note: You can also add a website to your Facebook page from the option right below.

8. Once you fill up this form, hit the “Savebutton from the bottom of that screen.

Finally, go to your Intro or look below the profile picture on your page profile. You should see your Twitter link along with its icon there.


For users using a computer or laptop, the following step-by-step guide below allows them to add the Twitter account link to the Facebook page.

1. First, go to your Facebook page profile on a desktop web browser.

2. Next, open the “Abouttab from the horizontal menu.

3. After that, click “Add a social link” below the “Add a website” option.

4. Now, click the drop-down menu on the right side and then choose “Twitter” from the list.

5. Next, type or paste your Twitter profile link in the “username” input field.

It should be in the “” format.

6. Finally, press the “savebutton below to update the information.

Now, refresh your page profile and look for the Twitter link in the Intro section. The URL should appear with a bird icon. You can click on it to see if it is active.

Note: You can also add a CTA button with a Twitter link on your business page. For this, you can use the “Contact Us” or “Learn more” button. However, keeping it in the About section is still more reasonable.

How to Share a Twitter Tweets to a Facebook Page Post

You can share the tweets of your or someone else’s on the Facebook page easily.

To share tweets, go to that post and click the “Shareicon at the bottom right corner.

Next, select the “Share post via..option on the menu and choose the “Facebook” icon from the list.

If you have opened your page account on the application, it will immediately appear as a new post. So, edit and publish it as you like.

This method won’t work if you don’t have a Facebook or Lite app on your device (Mobile phone or PC) and are using a browser.

So, press that “Shareicon from the lower right corner again and press the “Copy link to post” option instead.

Now, you can go to your page, create a new post and then paste that link. Finally, publish it by tapping the “post” button.

People can now click the address to view that post on Twitter automatically.

How to Disconnect Twitter Account from Facebook Page

You can always remove your Twitter account from the Facebook page if you change your mind. Here’s how to do this using different devices.

Using Smartphones:

For this, access your page profile and tap that “..see your About info” text below the profile picture.

Next, hit the “pencil” icon next to your Twitter account link. After that, tap the “crosssymbol right next to the URL to remove it.

Finally, press “save,” and you successfully disconnect your account from the business page.

Using PCs:

To do this using a desktop web browser, go to your page profile’s “About” section first.

Next, click the “pencilicon next to the Twitter URL and remove all the links from the input field.

Finally, hit the “savebutton to delete the Twitter account from the FB page.


Why can’t you connect/add Twitter to your Facebook page?

You cannot actually link Twitter to your FB page account. However, you can add your profile URL to the Intro or About section of your business account. But you must be an Admin to do this.

Can I add a Twitter button to the Facebook page?

You cannot add a Twitter button to the FB page. However, you can use a workaround by using the CTA buttons like “Contact now” or “Learn more” on the page profile.

Can I connect my Twitter account to my Facebook business page?

Yes, you can connect your Twitter account to your business page by showing its link on your Intro or About section. People can click that link to access your Twitter account easily.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, using a Smartphone and a PC, you can add a Twitter link to your Facebook page.

After doing this, it will appear on your About page, and people can tap it to access your Twitter account directly. However, do check if the URL is working properly.

Overall, that wraps up this tutorial. If interested, let’s also learn to add business hours to the Facebook page.

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