The purpose for designing a website is to entertain a user of that website. Designer designs the web site using various elements that catches the eyes of the viewers. It is not an easy task to design the website beautifully. It takes a lot of time and effort to design beautiful website. Many elements are considered while designing a website. Among those elements, canvas is also one of them. Therefore, the topic of discussion here is Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples with Source Code.

Canvas is a graphical element that we can use in our website. The use of canvas is generally done to add up the graphics element in the website. The graphical element means, that can be some kind of effect or animations that we can use in games, movies or anywhere.

Collection of Amazing HTML5 Canvas Examples with Source Code For Web Design

Use of canvas brings a lot change in the looks of the website. Canvas catches the eyes of the viewer and no matter how many elements are there in the website, the user’s eye firstly goes to the canvas because they are simply awesome and beautiful. Various ways are there to make a canvas. They can be made using various shapes, texts or colors.

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Here we have the list of some best examples of canvas that we can find on the internet for free and we can even use them in our website to make our website look awesome. Therefore, the Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples along with their codes are as follow.

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Abstract Canvas Visualization

Abstract Canvas VisualizationCode and Demo

Rainbow Rain

Rainbow RainCode and Demo

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Rainbow Octopus on Canvas

Rainbow Octopus on CanvasCode and Demo

Tearable Cloth

Tearable ClothCode and Demo

HTML5 Canvas and Javascript Fireworks Tutorial

HTML5 Canvas and Javascript Fireworks TutorialCode and Demo


LightningCode and Demo

Drawing with Text

Drawing with TextCode and Demo

Matrix Animation Using HTML5 Canvas

Matrix Animation Using HTML5 CanvasView Code and Demo

Good Burger

Good BurgerView Code and Demo

Kushagra Agarwal’s HTML5 Canvas Particles Web Matrix

Kushagra Agarwal's HTML5 Canvas Particles Web MatrixSource Code

HTML5 Canvas Isometric Cube

HTML5 Canvas Isometric CubeCode and Demo

3D Particles to a 2D Canvas

3D Particles to a 2D CanvasCode and Demo

Rain on HTML5 Canvas

Rain on HTML5 CanvasCode and Demo


BomomoDemo and Download


AsteroidsDownload and Demo

ARENA5 – HTML5 game by Kevin Roast

ARENA5 - HTML5 game by Kevin RoastDemo and Download


ConstellationCode and Demo

Image Particles

Image ParticlesDemo and Code

TV Static Noise Effect

TV Static Noise EffectDemo and Code

TV Static with Canvas

TV Static with CanvasDemo and Code

Pomodoro Clock

Pomodoro Clock

Canvas Particles

Canvas ParticlesDemo and Code

Hence, from the above examples, we may have known about what canvas actually is and how can they be used in the website to make the website look beautiful. It is not an easy task to add such canvas in our website. It takes a lot of time to design them. More than designing, it takes a lot of time to imagine the canvas and only highly creative persons are capable of that. Considering that thing, we have added the html5 canvas examples with source code so that one can simply use them in their website.

Therefore, this is what we can understand about the canvas and how they are used in the website to give a dynamic look to the website.

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