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12+ Best JavaScript HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor

WYSIWYG simply refers to What You See Is What You Get. Javascript HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor is the editor similar to the other editor but in this type of the editor, the user can get the output of the program or code at the same time of coding. That means, with the built in function, we can get the output of the code before completing the code. Using WYSIWYG, we can directly build a layout of the webpage even if we do not have enough knowledge of the code. That means, we can directly work on the UI even if...

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10 Best Android App Development Frameworks

Best android app development frameworks provides a set of functions and features to the programmer. Framework is the collection of built in functions that are useful to the programmer while programming. It is important to use various kinds of functions while we code. They make the programmer easier to code and implement the codes. We can discuss a list of such frameworks to develop an android app. All the frameworks provide the same type of services. It provides a necessary tool so that the programmer does not have to worry about the issues that may arise during the period...

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Best JavaScript Code Syntax Highlighters

We normally see highlighted text in some websites. Best Javascript Code Syntax Highlighters perform the same function of highlighting the text in web sites. The javascript codes are available to us, which helps us to highlight the syntax or text in our website. It not only makes the website look but also prevents misunderstanding of the codes. Therefore, with the help of such javascript highlighters, we can make the contents of our website look good and amazing. Generally, we link the javascript code in our style tag in head section. After linking the code, we can see its effect...

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400+ Bootstrap Buttons Design Code Snippet

We see various type of button in websites. The design of the buttons matters a lot to make the website look good. Generally, we see button in Forms. Bootstrap Buttons Design Code Snippet provides a set of designs of the button to implement it in our website. What the coder must follow is the selection of beautiful button design and embeds its code into the form by him. This simple logic is required. We can find the codes on internets and we can simply add them into our website. But what we must take care of is, we must...

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Best Websites to Learn Coding Online Free 2018

It is not an easy task to start code immediately. We must follow various steps before we start coding. From a number of Best Websites to Learn Coding we can select any of them and simply follow the instructions given in the website. Once we follow those steps, we can learn coding online. It is not so easy to understand the instructions from the websites. So, one must have some basic knowledge of coding and programming. Learning to code has not been so easy before these websites were not available. This has been possible and easy to the people...

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