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30 Interesting Expense Manager Mobile App UI Design

The goal of each and every individual working in a office is to save up enough to fulfill their needs. No body works just to pass a time except rare case. It is very much important to control on ourselves while saving money from our income or some other money coming source. One has to maintain many things to save up from their income. To do so, there are many mobile apps, which can help us to track our expenses and savings from our salary or income. But what if we cannot access the application on itself. Therefore, here...

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E-Commerce Admin Panel Dashboards UI Design

The two components while designing a website for E-Commerce are the user panel and the admin panel. We often call them front end and back end. Front end simply means the UI to display to the users and the back end, simply for the admin to post or make necessary operations in the website. Generally, the designer who designs the website has the knowledge of elements that he needs to insert in the user’s panel and in the admin’s panel. Therefore, here we will be talking about the E-Commerce Admin Panel Dashboards UI Design. Dashboards for the admin are...

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30+ Interesting Pricing Table UI Design

Website nowadays contains various details on them. The elements that website contains are generally the text that simply provides us some knowledge and other elements may be images, videos, sounds etc. People these days shop online with the help of mobile applications and websites. The payment takes place online. The items that are displayed on the products are show in various designs. Therefore, here we talk about the Interesting Pricing Table UI Design for the products that are displayed online. It is not always the case; the client can find or locate the price of the item they want....

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20+ Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples with Source Code

The purpose for designing a website is to entertain a user of that website. Designer designs the web site using various elements that catches the eyes of the viewers. It is not an easy task to design the website beautifully. It takes a lot of time and effort to design beautiful website. Many elements are considered while designing a website. Among those elements, canvas is also one of them. Therefore, the topic of discussion here is Awesome HTML5 Canvas Examples with Source Code. Canvas is a graphical element that we can use in our website. The use of canvas...

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