We are back again with another set of menu examples. However, these are not similar to previous ones. During a course of period we brought menu styles for side bar, header, as a dropdown, along with toggle button covering over 100 examples. However, there’s one type of menu examples that we may have missed; that is circle menu option with pure css. Using bootstrap and a number of other css frameworks we can get a circular navigation menu for unique display on our website. Don’t worry if you’re a half moon fan than a full moon fan because we also have a few examples of half circle menu thanks to css ofcourse.

Firstly menu should be understandable and on top of that if the navigation appearance and behavior is amazing then user experience can be up to the roof. Animation for this must be quick and in a manner that reflects on the message application is trying to convey. Then comes the part when you choose the matching colors, item selections matching the theme of your website. You won’t want to over complicate things in the name of styling so that it becomes difficult to navigate within the menu itself.

Amazing Collection Of CSS Circle Menu Example With Source Code

So after surfing around some examples of circular, radial, half circle we brought 20+ examples on bootstrap circular menu mostly based on pure css. However, these are just the idea that you can get inspiration from. There a number of more styles and navigation behavior that can prove to be better than these. You can add your own fix of styles and functionality after going through examples below.


So let’s not keep moving around a circle and get straight to the point with 20+ examples on pure css circle menu.

1. Warp Drive! A pure CSS 3D Radial Menu

The layout is arranged in a structure that is similar to sunflower however, this menu is not for any religious occasion. The circle menu achieved from css is a cool example of visuals that you see in movies relating to some advanced technology.

radial css menu

Whether that be for a normal website or a simple application, the circular navigation option we have with css creates an amazing vibe within the viewers. Moreover, the menu floats around the screen for dynamic effects.

Demo | Code

2. Circular Menu

We saw a number of toggle menu examples. Mostly were a rectangular menu container. Not this one though. Its a menu that spreads like an arc similar to dancing peacock. Alternatively if you like more movie reference its like the magical shield of Doctor Strange, well not quite the styling but in terms of appearance.

corner circular menu for navigation

Demo | Code

3. CSS Gooey Menu (Version 2)

If you have been following our post regularly, you must have seen this example under toggle menu. There you can find 3 more circle menu examples designed using pure css only. However, let me just explain a basic here. So initially we have a comparatively large toggle button that splits into a number of other circular navigation menu with css hover effects. Its basically like electrons in some orbit of an element.

bootstrap circular menu example

Demo | Code

4. CSS radial menu

The following is one of the examples of surprise box that you want to put for your clients in the form of pure css circle menu. This is because the circle and half circle menu are triggered from hover action on css toggle menu. The example shows five menu options with most important in the circle and other as arcs around the circle. Furthermore, if you would like more menu option you can reduce the arc size and add more to it. Companies with circular logo can use such for navigation while highlight their company image.

pure css menu examples

Demo | Code

5. Pure CSS Circle Menu

Bold your viewers with a spinning googly like css circle menu we have here. If you tie a stone at one end of rope and swing it then you get the effect that this circle effect is trying to produce. A good inclusion for viewers to allow them navigate to your other sites from header or footer.

circular menu with toggle button

Demo | Code

6. Gooey Menu Using CSS and SVG Filters

You’re web layout is your face infront of the viewers and let’s put a smile to that face shall we. This is yet another example of toggle button splitting into a number of circular navigation menu linked with each other. Animation being the king for this menu style, you get addition 3 types to choose from link below.

fission styled menu

Demo | Code

7. Colourful Flower Popup Menu

Menu should influence the mood of viewers. Why would you want sad viewers reflecting from plain menu when you can play with a number of colorful components. With same thing in mind the following example of pure css menu renders different components in a circle for navigation along with distinct css color for each.

colorful menu example

Demo | Code

8. Circular menu with pure CSS

A cool implementation for this circular menu struck my mind just after a glance at it. Since the layout is like a half circle menu, somewhat similar to analog speed display for motors, some css customization and we have a cool theme for related website. Not only for navigation menu but maybe some amazing utilities such as roulette wheel if your application requires, can be designed on the basis of same bootstrap circular menu.

roulette css menu examples

Demo | Code

9. Circle Menu With CSS3

While a number of examples on menu styling shows each menu component as a separate part, we have a solution if you’re looking for something else. With example as below the navigation menu component appear as a integral part of the entire layout. This is because they appear as a free floating component aligning themselves perfectly with background content.

css menu examples

Demo | Code

10. Radial / Circular Menu Concept

Would you like to have another cool alternative for you editor’s component? Check out the example below which shows how to make your editor cool. Not only editor but a range of applications can be made with this layout. Another example that strikes from looking at it is food menu in the dinning table. So, if your application is something related to food, a few css code here and there and you get a circular navigation menu rightly meeting your needs.

circular menu for multiple components

Demo | Code

11. Pure CSS “Spin-out” Menu

Remember the antique rotary telephone from the past? If you like that layout, we have something that might be of your interest. The css menu where components form a series of circles around a core in spin out fashion. The core can be the parent company logo around which all child companies that comes under appear. This already shows the authority over the market. Alternatively, use the style to showcase services and products around company logo so you tell everything without even telling anything.

rotary telephone example with css

Demo | Code

12. Circular Menu Navigation

Okay so I think we have covered a lot on website menu. Now let’s talk about navigation menu for mobile phones such as below. Apple has inbuilt control panel to navigate through a number of features. While I don’t think there’s something inbuilt for android however surely you can make a number of such menu. Just a click and you have access to your favorite applications. You don’t have to create shortcut for each application and populate your home screes. This is because all will fit under a single toggle button.

navigation menu for mobile

Demo | Code

13. Circular NavBar

Whenever we see a toggle button at some corner of the page, we imagine only a sliding rectangular menu option. However, this one is an exception while offering menu as a layer of waves. In science textbook you might have seen images of different layers of atmosphere. Here you see different layers of css menu components like a cropped image of concentric circle.

bootstrap circular menu example

Demo | Code

14. Circular Menu CSS

A css menu similar to the direction signs in a traffic point to indicate that you have services covered for any direction. Basically its the same feeling as standing in traffic point and looking for directions in either way. The css animation comprises of spinning effect that forms a half circle menu. You see some travelers spinning in a map to find out their next destination, your tours website can do something similar with this circular css navigation menu example. A feature full of suspense that your clients maybe looking for.

circular bootstrap css menu

Demo | Code

15. Rings Navigation Concept

Menu are like sun. They warm your website or application and gives light to navigation options. Among all examples of css circle menu this one went a step ahead to implement exactly the same in the form of a pure sun. The toggle menu expands to form a layer of menu components differing in terms of darkening background color. You can click anywhere within the layer for navigation or alternatively shorten the selection window by customizing css for this bootstrap circular menu.

bootstrap circular menu example

Demo | Code

16. Animated radial / circular menu

The animated circular menu is for designers looking for menu components that align perfectly with background without any disturbance. This is because of the fact that none of the menu component has a dedicated background layer. They are just like a normal widget and app shortcuts we have in our mobile device.

circle menu css examples

Demo | Code

17. Circular Menu, Navigation, Hamburger, Material

Let’s continue from exactly where we left in the above example. Not all want their menu components to align with background. Some prefer it having distinctive nature. So with this circular navigation you can group a set of apps of similar nature like browsers under a single toggle button. Talk about management and styling at the same time.

pop up css circle menu

Demo | Code

18. Circular Spinning Menu

Another cool shortcut toggle menu option with bootstrap to hold up all your useful and favorite apps within a circular navigation menu. The animation effect is similar to rotating screw coming upwards that is, increasing in size before finally settling. Because of its ability to bring all applications together within a circle menu, the theme made out of this css menu will be among good examples.

apple circle menu style with css

Demo | Code

19. Widget spinner

Your website or application is a galaxy of your creation and each offerings that you have are lets say planets. So, why not create navigation menu on the basis of same layout. That’s exactly what’s done in this menu example where as you hover the core toggle button each menu components spin out from inside and finally continue slow orbiting.

widget spinner

Demo | Code

20. Circular links menu (responsive)

Worried how your main menu layout looks like on different screen size? Don’t worry about that just focus on the functionality because the responsive design is covered up by this circular css navigation menu. Whether you stretch or squeeze the screen, the menu adjusts according to the need in order to remain visible. Therefore the half circle menu is always there for the viewers thanks to clever css coding.

Orbital links

Demo | Code

21. Radial menu

The bootstrap circular menu is like a wrist band containing many beads. While there’s no exact relation between then in terms of functionality, this menu offers grouping of a number of components under single toggle button. Not each component magically appear in the layout as below. You get a spinning effect in clockwise direction. This means that if you compare from a clock perspective the ones between 6 and 12 label slowly move away from core comparatively.

bootstrap circular radial menu

Demo | Code

22. Circular menu

Another fission menu effect in the list. So, its basically the toggle menu that shrinks while each component appear one by one in clock wise fashion. This type of styling is suitable for application offering contents on the basis of different level. Such as an application offering IQ test on the basis of different levels. In this way, you visually instruct the users to go in a series of steps for better understanding.

radial circle menu example

Demo | Code

23. Simple radial menu

While couple of bootstrap circular menu dealt this step wise animation of menu components, this one is for more of a equal treatment to all. This is because all the hidden menu components roll out from the core at same pace. Moreover, they exhibit fading effect when close to core menu button. Therefore, it looks as if they are gaining focus or losing focus depending upon direct they are moving.

pure css examples for circle navigation

Demo | Code

24. Circular Navigation Concept

So the final one on the examples of pure css circle menu is a navigation concept like a paper fan hanging in the corner. Its like having a curtains on your webpage. You click on it to expose menu components in an arc fashion with reverse collapse effect.

pure css circle menu examples

Demo | Code


We don’t seem to get enough of menu components because for multiple times we have claimed that menu are one of the most important aspects. This one is another inclusion to the list unique in a number of ways. The examples that we have seen here are mainly implementation on mobile theme for easy navigation. However, inclusion in a website would only be a benefit to it.

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